From 3D To 4D And 5D: Boiling Mix

By Lev

What is the energy weather that awaits us in September? Boiling pot of its very complex stelliums’ vibes mix will produce Mars quincunx Saturn; retrograde Venus; retrograde Mercury trine Jupiter; retrograde Jupiter; Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury; Sun trine Jupiter; New Moon; direct Mercury; Sun trine Uranus; Venus square Jupiter; Sun opposite Neptune; Mars quincunx Jupiter; Sun trine Pluto; Sun quincunx Saturn; Mercury trine Jupiter; Full Moon; Venus square Uranus; Mercury trine Uranus; direct Venus; retrograde Mercury trine Jupiter; retrograde Jupiter; Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury; Sun trine Jupiter; New Moon; direct Mercury; Sun trine Uranus; Venus square Jupiter; Sun opposite Neptune; Mars quincunx Jupiter; Sun trine Pluto; Autumn Equinox; Sun quincunx Saturn; Mercury trine Jupiter; Full Moon; Venus square Uranus; Mercury trine Uranus.

And what are these aspects in more detail?

September 01, Mars Quincunx Saturn

Mars quincunx Saturn from 1 to 3 September can create an imbalance between our sense of responsibility and personal desires. It may lead to indecisiveness and make us feel stuck, irritable and resentful, forcing to find the source of problems and focus our energy on their solving.

Quincunx Mars-Saturn is a tough karmic aspect in which we have to overcome our inner limitations and complexes, while simultaneously restraining anger and irritability. This is the stellium of two absolute opposites, impelling us to learn new reactions to the world thanks to highest aspects of both planets.

We will have to know ourselves, without rose-colored glasses and allowance for future development. We must clearly understand what we are exactly at the present moment, otherwise quincunx Mars-Saturn will create a distortion in consciousness when we consider ourselves more competent than all others, setting them against us with extreme arrogance, or vice versa, will devalue our abilities to the extreme, turning self into servant. It is necessary to avoid acute conflicts, because they can have a long-term negative impact on our future.

September 03, Retrograde Venus

Venus will continue retrograde movement in Leo until September 4. This aspect is important for returning us to unfinished matters and not fully resolved issues, to reach a new level of maturity and stability in relations. And if we have problems, then the period of retrograde Venus is a time to ask ourselves what are the reasons, obstacles, internal blockages and limitations that prevent us from showing creative approaches and realizing the best version of ourselves. Why do we constantly find ourselves in the same scenario or in a similar situation?

Since the energies of the retrograde Morning Star are directed inward and backward, analysis and rethinking, then we can get answers to these questions. It means defeating our inner “demons” before the movement of Venus will be direct again in this sign from September 4. Important topics that we ignored, brushed aside, swept under the carpet may come to the surface, and now they need to be seen and their existence honestly acknowledged. This will lead us to important conclusions and allow focus on what we have to change. We will need a new perspective from which we can analyze our relationships and selves in them. At this time, we can evaluate ties that are based on sincerity and trust, in which we can just be ourselves.

But during retrograde Venus, we should be careful and more distanced. Avoid gossip, assumptions and unverified information, from which it will not be easy to get out. Everything that was built on lies and falsehoods will quickly collapse. It is not necessary to make final decisions and force events. This is the most appropriate time to observe, collect info and analyze that will help us to see more clearly the situation we are interested in.

If we are not sure, it is better not to make a decision and not to act. At such a time, we are often confused, forced to be patient and wait, but in the end, everything will clear up. It is quite possible that some answers to our questions will come later, when Venus turns into a direct movement on September 4, we will have the opportunity to clarify everything that happened within this planet’s cycle.

September 04, Retrograde Mercury Trine Jupiter

On this day Mercury is in Virgo, and the Sun also stays in the same sign, strengthening its energies. Although Mercury formally controls Virgo, which somewhat reduces the negative impact, this aspect will impel us to return to the basics and rebuild our Universe, make everything more organized and efficient, since Virgo accumulates large amounts of information that can be deeply processed.

As a planet of communication, retrograde Mercury can ignite vibrations of confusion. The planet controls our “lower” mind, which is responsible for how we perceive and interpret the info, received from the environment, and how we transmit this data to others. When Mercury is in a retro loop, technical problems are possible, and things can break down at the very last moment. Making important decisions is difficult, because during this period we tend to lose sight of important details, or they come to us in a distorted form, which will subsequently make undesirable adjustments when the planet returns to direct movement.

Mercury trine Jupiter will allow us to better combine the breadth and thoroughness of our plans with detailed studies and analysis of current problems and future tasks. This aspect will help us to correct the flaws by identifying them and showing their absurdity. At this time, it is better to postpone the beginnings, work more carefully with what is there, instead of moving forward. The period of retrograde Mercury is associated with complex aspects leading to deception, but the vibrations of Jupiter will open our eyes to real things. Therefore, it is important not to take drastic steps during this time, but to wait for favorable aspects that will bring success.

September 04, Retrograde Jupiter

The retrograde motion of Jupiter in Taurus will last from September 4 to December 31, 2023. This aspect will help us to weigh our opportunities more carefully and soberly, whether they are favorable, and whether it is worth taking advantage of them. If we doubt and thereby miss the chances, then, retrograde Jupiter helps us think about everything more carefully and start acting. Its energies give us many options where to move. Or, if we do not understand what is happening during Jupiter’s retrograde movement, there will be an opportunity to act when the planet starts direct transit again in January, February and March 2024.

The key question is, what do we want to change in selves and what do we want our life to look like? Retrograde Jupiter is very important in this regard. It will let us know which objectives are important and priority, and which ones should be postponed. And which of these goals are the most promising and achievable. That is, at this time, we will understand how to narrow down the goals so as not to grab everything at once. It is very important to analyze what opportunities we have this summer.

Jupiter in Taurus is a time of tremendous opportunities and prospects. There will be a feeling that all doors and roads are open. It is only important to let changes into our life. If we are optimistic, easily establish contacts, this is the period of maximum disclosure of creative potential and it does not matter what our creativity is connected with. Retrograde Jupiter will help to reveal what we hide in selves, the joy in life that the Soul aspires to, and not postpone the implementation of our ideas for later.

September 06, Sun Conjunct Retrograde Mercury

This is the most dangerous day of the month, when the energies of retro Jupiter and Venus coming out of the retrograde motion are superimposed on the Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury. The power of retrograde Jupiter will affect different aspects of life. First of all, problems will arise for those who will thoughtlessly take risks and will not be able to take responsibility for their actions. Although the problems will not turn into a catastrophe, since Venus will smooth out the negative influence of Jupiter.

But at the same time, the Sun and Mercury will greatly influence communication with others, and it will be difficult for many of us to avoid problems. Such a burning mixture of energies will influence people’s behavior, exacerbate aggression towards each other, as the reasons for conflicts will arise in two counts. It is important to remember this and to remain calm and patient with others.

September 08, Sun Trine Jupiter

When Sun in Virgo trines Jupiter in Taurus, it’s a harmonious aspect that brings happiness, joy, tranquility and a sense of fullness of life. The energies of this stellium endow with freedom, cheerfulness, kindness and strengthen desire to expand horizons, gain new knowledge and experience, promote progressive ideas, open the gift of foresight and forecasting the development of situations.

The vibrations of this stellium have an amazing ability to charge with positivity, self-belief and confidence in a successful outcome of affairs. All issues are solved easily, quickly and fortunate. Sun trine Jupiter gives a lot of energy and the ability to act. Under its influence, colossal forces are felt that lead to significant achievements. And on this path, it is very important to properly direct them so that this power resource is not sprayed into insignificant trifles.

September 15, New Moon

The New Moon in Virgo will also bring energy of confidence, clarity and order not only in things, but also in our thoughts and emotions, especially in the areas where everything is chaotic. On such days, it’s important to be more tolerant of imperfections in this life, trust it and let everything flow its course. This will be the most positive and most influential New Moon of 2023 in a harmonious trine with Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto, associated with growth, luck, influence, and surprises. Considering these aspects, the New Moon can bring such events as sudden successful decisions, important news and meetings, new prospects, growth of authority and influence in our environment.

However, the New Moon will also have a tense aspect – the opposition with Neptune. For many on this day, the topics of lies, illusions and fraud may become more acute. It is important to keep track of such moments and look very soberly at situations, people and circumstances.

In general, it is recommended not to plan important and stressful affairs for September 15, and also to pay attention to our well-being, not to give selves extreme loads, because this is a period of reduced energy and vulnerability. Therefore, it is better not to initiate something new and important – the night luminary will not have enough strength to support our initiatives. This is a time for thinking and forming our intentions, but not for their implementation. The New Moon in Virgo can bring us many original ideas that will be developed throughout the year.

September 15, Direct Mercury

The direct movement of Mercury will begin on September 15 and will last until the end of the month. This is a favorable time to take active action – to implement planned projects, finalize and add new details to them, expand contacts and cooperation that will allow getting a more predictable result.

We could better orient ourselves in terms of fulfilling current and future tasks, find the strength to resolve conflicts and set the necessary boundaries to protect our energy. We may have the sense that we are waking up from a long sleep filled with ups and downs. To feel more rested, as if our subconscious finally got the opportunity to escape from all the turmoil that we have experienced over the year.

September 16, Sun Trine Uranus

The harmonious frequencies of Sun in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus, which this trine activates, are very valuable. Sun affects our individuality, worldview, desires and aspirations. The energies of Uranium back our democracy and originality. The positive interaction of both planets helps to successfully fit into the surrounding conditions, receive the support and approval of friends and play a good role in society.

The energies of trine make us humane, independent and open to everything new. They stimulate aspiration to a future where there is no evil, hatred, injustice and enmity. They give the ability to be a good friend, the desire to spend more time communicating with others, responding to them with kindness, help and support. The impact of the vibrations of this stellium makes us more tolerant, independent and not to impose our opinions on others, allowing them to be what they are. Thanks to the vibes of Sun trine Uranus, many of us will feel relaxed and confident in their uniqueness, copes well with any collective activity. We’ll enjoy working in groups, joint implementation of new projects and performing unusual tasks.

September 17, Venus Square Jupiter

This quadrature will create tension between our desires and aspirations (the energies of Venus), on the one hand, and their social aspect (the Jupiter’s impact), on the other. If we have too big demands, and we want to have more, to be loved more, to get more attention, recognition, things and money, etc., then, the frequencies of Jupiter in tense aspects to Venus all that cruelly devalue. As a result, it’ll turn out that the sheepskin was not worth the dressing, it wasn’t worth making such efforts for the sake of it, and what we got is not so cool.

It is quite difficult to cope with this aspect, because disappointment in many ways, the devaluation of what is comes regardless of whether we wanted it or not. It comes as a given. And, of course, there is a very large field for inner work here, why we have inflated requests, and why we are disappointed in what we receive in the end. Such are peculiarities of this stellium’s vibes.

The energy of Venus governs our ability to hear other people, empathy and the capacity to navigate in society. But it may not be easy when the Morning Star is squared with Jupiter. It seems to us that for our part we are putting a lot of effort, and are in line with everything, but for some reason our relatives and partners don’t meet our expectations, can’t hear us or simply do wrong thing. On such days it is difficult to tune in to another person, to accept someone else’s point of view, someone else’s attitude, someone else’s beliefs, someone else’s authority. Venus square Jupiter will indicate where we are making a mistake and help us draw the right conclusions.

September 19, Sun Opposite Neptune

The opposition of Sun in Virgo to retrograde Neptune in Pisces is also very tense. Since Neptune is a highly spiritual planet, its retro period is the best time when we can develop and widen Spirituality or Divinity in selves, instead of seeking them outside. Lies and illusions, sometimes spread by the low vibes of Neptune, tend to dissipate, and the result may be an alarm signal or a very painful truth suddenly revealed to us.

When Neptune becomes retrograde, it is easier for us to get rid of the most negative attitudes (for example, feelings of guilt) in order to more clearly analyze our past traumas, our karma and our psychological weaknesses. On such days, dreams and psychic abilities manifest themselves more strongly, so this is a good opportunity for Spiritual practice, meditation, clairvoyance or telepathy.

Selflessness and compassion are also fueled by Neptune’s high frequencies. When it becomes retrograde, it is easier to see where our kindness was misplaced and where someone took advantage of us. However, instead of becoming bitter, the best option would be to simply direct our compassion at ourselves, even if we continue to show love and kindness to the outside world.

Having decided to clean out our garden from weeds, we rebuild it in accordance with the aspirations of our Soul, turning our life into a service, and ourselves into a Temple. Purification is necessary for a full life in this world and a clear perception of what is happening. But it is never painless, and often we have to sacrifice not only our hard work as a correction of mistakes, but also to part with the dreams that we have lived for so long

September 19, Mars Quincunx Jupiter

This aspect occurs when Mars is exactly 150° from Jupiter and assumes that we will rise from the lower floor of the planetary energies that form it to the higher one, overcoming inner fears and doubts. Quincunx has a strange vibrational mix of opposition and trine, so we will feel vulnerability and exorbitant ambitions at the same time. If the negative aspects dominate, then they will remind a splinter in the finger, it doesn’t seem dangerous, but it won’t let us live in peace.

Mars quincunx Jupiter, their energies of misfortune or of great luck first of all impact on our relations with society. If we are endowed with a heightened sense of supreme justice, for the sake of which we force ourselves to take drastic measures, then, unfortunately, it often turns out that it was not necessary for those whom we seek to take care of. What scares us the most is that our help could be rejected.

The vibes of this aspect reinforce our authoritarianism, although we make any decisive interventions in the lives of others with good intentions. The problem is that they sometimes seem like that only to us. We try to help, but don’t give a step to our colleagues or loved ones, taking on the solution of their problems. On the one hand, it can be useful, but on the other, it prevents them from gaining their own experience, learning the new, and even more, getting rewarded for their efforts.

During Mars quincunx Jupiter, we are easily and strongly offended, even if our support is very politely declined. It becomes difficult to believe that it is possible to be friends with us and respect us without our efforts to earn a good attitude. Sometimes our bar is so high that we ourselves devalue our achievements, abandon relationships in favor of a career. Having taken one height, we immediately plan a new one, but have no time and power for close ones. Inner self-reliance and refusal of approval from the outside will help us to stop. Then, there will be freedom of choice. Otherwise, we’ll have to seek someone else’s support again and again, be afraid of rejection and suppress self in favor of invented ideals.

In the negative version of Mars quincunx Jupiter attracts partners who try to knock the chair out from under us, depriving of calm and confidence. They may not take our aspirations seriously and doubt the truth of the successes we are proud of. It will continue until we are freed from dependence on someone else’s opinion. It is important to realize whether getting high social status will bring happiness, or whether it closes the need to be a VIP that no one would dare to offend.

September 21, Sun Trine Pluto

The energies of this harmonious aspect will remind us of the urgent changes and will push to take action. The vibrations of Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn will give us the strength for inner and external transformation, creating conditions for the maturation of the new inside the old forms, maximally deepening the morphing force and the demand for the new. The old will continue to rapidly lose its influence, and the new will frighten with uncertainty and instability. We will then be shaken and taken away by the shocking news and events, as if on a roller coaster, and roll back into familiar life, attitudes and habits.

We will need return to the past in order to stabilize ourselves in a reality that is changing too quickly and uncontrollably, and to complete the construction of the foundation on which our future will be built. It will become obvious to us that we are not ready for the new yet and have to add more cement for the stability of our base. Capricorn energies impact on professional realization, which is our fulcrum, and a strong inner core, the ability to take responsibility for choices and decisions, run our life, set goals and achieve them.

At the same time, the energies of Pluto in Capricorn are as strong as possible and are manifested in the most destructive and restrictive properties. At the global level, through bloody wars, conflicts related to the conquest and control of territories, through the strengthening of dictatorship, tyranny, terror, crime and violence; through the power of capital and corporate wars for spheres of influence, finance and resources. The vibrations of this stellium change the world’s financial and economic models and security systems and create new ones; destroy the political and economic systems of entire states that have reached an impasse; strengthen the unity of peoples in the struggle for their freedom.

At our personal level, we acquire a new quality through strong-willed efforts and overcoming extremely difficult tasks that require maximum concentration, endurance, perseverance, inner power and fortitude, the highest discipline, self-organization and responsibility. Through crises and reset of the old, we rise to incredible spiritual and moral heights and receive a source of tremendous energy that does not run out and helps to make a breakthrough in our evolution.

September 23, Autumn Equinox

The name equinox comes from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). At the equinox, days and nights are equal in length for everyone across the globe. The day of the Autumnal Equinox is a turning point in the energy of Nature. It falls asleep, and its strength decreases. We are part of Nature; we feed on its power. This means that all the resources that we have accumulated during the active season will support us until next spring.

It is advisable to spend this day as calmly as possible. It is not necessary to embark on new beginnings, affairs and projects, quarrel and swear with others. It is also important to show hospitality and not refuse to help anyone, to take a sober look at the present moment and thank the Universe for the benefits it has given us. This is an energetically powerful time to restore order in our lives and create the desired future, which can come true later. Everything radiates positive vibrations, which we need to be filled with to achieve all the goals and endeavors set for ourselves.

September 24, Sun Quincunx Saturn

Sun in Libra quincunx Saturn in Pisces forms a very tough aspect. It also combines the qualities of a harmonious trine and intense opposition. We get the opportunity to show ourselves and change our destiny for the better, but due to inner contradictions and doubts, we not always decide to do this. The problem is that the planets in quincunx are in discord, in signs that don’t see each other. If we do not understand how to combine the highest qualities of both planets in this configuration to achieve goals, then, instead of the luck created by trine, we will get new difficulties generated by this stellium.

Saturn is the only planet that severely restricts, literally freezes the Sun. During such an aspect, it is doubly difficult to catch and ride positive wave, because when recurring situations come where we have to take the bull by the horns, unlike other quincunx, here it’s needed to overcome Saturn’s obstacles and correct our own misdeeds in front of this karmic planet. We have not just to dream about realizing our ambitions, but to immediately draw a plan and get ready to overcome difficulties. This is what Saturn requires. Any aspect with it involves receiving a reward only after passing the tests, but the result will remain for a long time.

We may subconsciously consider ourselves unworthy of a high salary, position and respect, and we will give our best, but we will not get any return. Quincunx is a karmic aspect. Perhaps in a previous life we violated the law of justice and now are targeted for our misdeeds. The tendency to self-flagellation, inability to refuse, and excessive caution will prevent us from immediately seizing the chance given by fate and boldly declare our right to success.

On the front burner, critically evaluate our sense of self-importance. Many of our problems are rooted in hubris and arrogance. Moreover, it appears only in the area that is important to us, mostly our job. Due to an inadequate perception of ourselves and the belief that the benefits we bring are much higher than recognition, we risk starting to behave inappropriately. In any way, not allow others to sit on our neck, but if assistance doesn’t bother us, we can help selflessly that will be backed by high energies of Saturn. It is necessary to expand the boundaries of our world, not to lock selves in our comfort bubble, but learn to communicate boldly with a variety of people, and through hard work, self-confidence and calmness go to a high goals.

September 25, Mercury Trine Jupiter

The harmonious aspect of Mercury in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus, the planets of knowledge, unlocks rich possibilities. It sharpens our intellect and imagination, increases the ability to learn and the success of all kinds of research. Mercury influences the receipt and processing of information and Jupiter multiplies knowledge and experience, which we not only accumulate in ourselves, but also strive to pass on to others.

The energies of this stellium help to analyze the info received and combine into global concepts. Not get hung up on small details, but think big, at the level of abstractions. The vibrations of Mercury trine Jupiter stimulate spiritual self-improvement, the desire to be kind, humane, decent and merciful. And in all situations to help everyone who is in trouble and needs assistance, compassion and advice.

September 29, Full Moon

Full Moon in Aries is the strongest phase of the lunar cycle and carries the powerful energy of this sign, which most strongly affects all life on Earth. These are vibrations of growth and flowering, since at this time the night luminary is maximally illuminated by Sun and also absorbs its power. Therefore, all the processes associated with development become very intense. That can manifest itself both positively and negatively. For example, if destructive processes and emotions were born and developed during the growing Moon, then, at the Full Moon, they will reach their peak and apogee.

There may be problems with sleep, sudden mood swings and well-being, anxiety and tension, as the Full Moon enhances and increases even the most insignificant emotions and states. Conflicts become unpredictable and risk getting out of control. Therefore, on this day it is better not involve in disputes and bickerfest, as well as to avoid close contact with aggressive people.

However, the Full Moon has a positive side – a huge surge of strength, ideas and energy, especially creative, which is ideal for doing what we love, cooperation and partnership. This can be a catalyst that accelerates the processes in these areas, backing our activity, self-confidence and emotionality. It’s a perfect time to prove ourselves as leaders and realize our old and biggest dreams.

September 29, Venus Square Uranus

Direct Venus in Libra square retrograde Uranus in Taurus is a negative aspect that is fraught with problems and obstacles due to our persistent negative habits and behavior. Sometimes we don’t even understand why painful reactions to joyful and positive events occur on such days. The reason is that the quadrature of Venus and Uranus provokes desire for immediate satisfaction of spontaneously arising emotional needs, ignites disputes and quarrels up to a fight simply because of a bad mood, impulsive criticism and aggression. The consequences are destructive, up to the breaking of the relationship, if we don’t want to curb our ego, selfishness and permissiveness, which grow thicker at this time.

The main manifestations of the energies of the Venus-Uranus square are impulsivity and haste, which bring fatal crashes of all achievements, stubbornness and inconstancy of feelings, a rapid change of moods and unwillingness to control emotions, a tendency to eccentric antics to attract attention to self. The strongest personal magnetism attracts and repels at the same time, causes unbalance, aggressive destruction of generally accepted rules and norms.

To harmonize the destructive power of this aspect, we will have to realize and accept the contradictions of Uranus, pushing us to impulsive actions. The ideal neutralizers of negativity are psychologically stable relatives and partners who respect us and our best qualities and manifestations, skillfully keep emotional distance, but spiritually and at the level of friendship and love help us in such difficult moments.

September 30, Mercury Trine Uranus

The trine of Mercury that leaves retro loop in Virgo and retrograde Uranus in Taurus forms a positive aspect. In it, Uranus serves as the highest octave of Mercury, in which the radiations of the latter enhance the energy of thought, and of the former – the impulses of insight. This aspect increases creativity, the ability to think outside the box, combine things that at first glance seem incompatible, go beyond the aisles of formal logic. It helps to connect concepts that seem unrelated and synthesize different directions.

The positive vibrations of two intelligent planets’ trine develop our ability to find an absolutely unexpected solution, which may seem surprisingly simple, for example, after it has been made, looking completely illogical, but at the same time brilliant. Mercury trine Uranus makes it easier to quickly and accurately find suitable formulations, express the essence of the most complex phenomena very succinctly, in a few words, easily assimilate new material, comprehend it and produce a result that is unexpected for everyone. And very accurate result.

This aspect helps to link things that, in principle, in the classical version, are very poorly linked and do not create any correlations with each other. But trine allows us to uncover these inner connections, see their interactions and quickly produce an absolutely non-trivial result of some rather banal action. Or vice versa, to decode very complex system that is basically unreadable, but with the help of Mercury and Uranus’ impact on our abstract thinking, to understand the ideal pattern in completely incomprehensible and previously incompatible things and phenomena.

Such is the energies’ boiling mix of September 2023, the next important stage of our inner work to enter 4D and 5D.