Benjamin Fulford Report: The US, the West and KM About to Fall into the Abyss

By Benjamin Fulford

The Khazarian mafia-controlled West is about to fall over a cliff despite frantic attempts by its leadership to scare us back into submission with fire, plague, war, alien invasion etc. What is interesting is that the collapse could include the government of Xi Jinping in China and not just the West. That is why Jews are fleeing Israel and 11,000 Chinese millionaires are fleeing China.

The other sign we are headed for some sort of earth-changing event – including world war- is a breakdown in military communications between the West and its’ “adversaries.” China is “refusing any phone calls from Washington regarding defense-related topics,” according to US officials. The same is true with Russia so the situation is “getting potentially dangerous,” the officials warn.

Russia has upped the ante by getting its ally Nicaragua to kick out the Jesuits and confiscate their assets.

Following this, the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, allowed Russian military bases and the deployment of cruise missiles in the “US backyard” country.

In order to get Russia’s attention, it appears MI6 killed Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin. Former UK intelligence officer Christopher Steele (of anti-Trump “Russian dossier” fame) claims his plane was blown up by a bomb inside a “wine crate.” The specific mention of a “wine crate,” makes it seem almost as if Steele was bragging about killing him. Since Steele’s “dossier,” was designed to help Hillary Clinton Rockefeller in her campaign against US President Donald Trump, you can guess the ultimate hand behind this murder.

Our own MI6 sources hinted their agency was responsible and told the Russians as much in an attempt to restart negotiations over the Ukraine etc. This effort to use the assassination as a way to open a back channel failed, both Russian FSB and MI6 sources say. Instead the Russians are opening criminal investigations into the murder of Prigozhin.

The proposal by the US military to open negotiations with Russia in Malta this month (August) was also rebuffed by the Russians, MI6 sources say.

Another rejection of the West came last week when China vetoed participation by French President Emmanuel Macron in the BRICS summit in South Africa, according to CIA sources.

Russian and Asian Secret Society sources explain the current Western KM leadership has broken so many treaties and promises that negotiating with them is futile.

However, Western white hats have warned the Russians the KM is very strong in their Russia as well and are pushing for all-out nuclear war. In particular, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev is a KM agent pushing for WWIII and must be neutralized.

Photographs of him standing in front of Putin while displaying a satanic hand sign have been removed from the internet but, not from our memories.

In order to stop the plans for nuclear Armageddon, the white hats are working with their Russian counterparts to overthrow the KM and their Federal Reserve Board.

There are many signs this is happening. The most obvious sign is the extreme isolation the current Western leadership finds itself in. Right now they are outnumbered ten to one on the 195-nation global stage.

Evidence of this came when only 13 countries joined a G7 declaration on long-term security guarantees for Ukraine, according to Ukrainian President Andrey Yermak. These are: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden. Only one of those countries, Romania, has borders with the Ukraine,

What is interesting is that Poland was not included. The flag of Ukraine has disappeared from the logo of the Polish Press Agency, from the Parliament and the central Bank. They had all been displaying it until recently, according to Polish intelligence. The Poles say they plan to partition Ukraine with Russia and its other neighbors.

Meanwhile, the European Union’s sanctions policy against Russia has turned into a laughing stock on the global stage, says Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, warning that Europe is “destroying” itself in the name of supporting Ukraine.

By contrast, the BRICS summit held in South Africa last week added Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE as full members. They will hold their first meeting on January 1, 2024.

“We already live in a post-American, post-Western world. A truly multipolar one, where the group of BRICS countries is larger than the group of G7 countries,” admits Western establishment “moderate” Geoffrey Sachs.

With the addition of major oil exporting countries the BRICS 11 (as they are now tentatively called) control about 80% of the world’s oil market. This gives them the ability to replace the petrodollar with their own currency.

However, the BRICS meeting also revealed an interesting imbalance between China and the other BRICS nations. Chinese leader Xi Jinping is secretly pushing for Chinese domination while the rest of the BRICS want a multi-polar world, CIA sources say.

China has also been publicly and repeatedly pushing for all countries to obey the privately owned UN and follow its 2030 agenda.

However, the other BRICS countries want reform of the World Trade Organization, the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF and the UN etc. In particular, they want greater representation in the Security Council where China is the only non-European permanent representative, according to Russian and other sources.

The fact the BRICS failed to announce a highly anticipated gold-backed currency reflected this secret split with China. This is especially true of India and Russia who have been pushing hard for de-dollarization. The reason China vetoed this is because it has a secret relationship with the Federal Reserve Board over the US dollar.

The Chinese Communist Party has been offered control over the US dollar and even the US itself by the owners of the FRB, according to MI6 and Japanese imperial family sources. According to them, the US dollar is already an asset-backed BRICS currency controlled mainly by China and to a lesser extent Taiwan and Japan.

The KM have been offering China control of the dollar and the world in exchange for protection. The various bribes taken by Joe Biden from China were meant by the KM to show the Chinese they could even buy the US presidency, Asian Secret Society sources say.

Fired Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin confirms Joe and Hunter Biden DID take BRIBES – and were behind his ousting: ‘Isn’t that corruption alone?’ he says in the preview of a bombshell interview.

By the way, in more evidence, the entire Ukraine war is a massive bribery and money laundering scheme, Ukrainian dictator Vladimir Zelensky’s mother-in-law spent $4,800,000 on a villa next to one owned by Angelina Jolie El Gouna, Egypt.

The evidence of Biden and others accepting bribes from China itself and financing bio-terrorism research in China is also overwhelming. They couldn’t have done that without high-level Chinese collusion.

In another sign of collusion, Xi Jinping has embraced the World Economic Forum’s totalitarian goals through a combination of a fake pandemic, social credit scores and central bank digital currency. “You can’t even buy food in China without a digital ID. This will 100% go to the EU and the US, in fact, the US gave China the technology, to do it. China was chosen as the testing ground. The mark of the beast is not a physical object, it is a system,” a Mossad source warns.

This has made Xi lots of enemies in China and elsewhere, Asian secret society sources say.

In a sign of this, Xi canceled his BRICS summit speech at the last minute and had it read out instead by Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao. Chinese intelligence sources explain they had received credible reports Xi would have been killed with an electromagnetic weapon if he had shown up to read the speech as scheduled. Another sign of intrigue was the detention of Xi’s bodyguard in South Africa just as Xi entered a public space.

The fact the Japanese are “dumping radioactive Fukushima water” into the ocean and Xi is reacting angrily is also actually an anti-KM move. The water being dumped is not in fact radioactive, according to Japanese military intelligence. By getting rid of it, the Japanese are cutting off billions of dollars in payments to the KM. This is part of an ongoing campaign by the Japanese, Taiwanese and Koreans to kick the KM out of East Asia, the Japanese sources say.

At a deeper level, the threats against Xi and the murder of the head of Wagner are just some of the many signs of KM desperation.

The biggest source of their desperation remains the ongoing collapse of the US.

This is now widely understood. For example, Colonel Douglas MacGregor discussed this with Tucker Carlson. Both are relative newcomers to the anti-KM movement (although they never explicitly mention the KM) but they, together with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and others have begun pointing the finger at the “oligarchs” who run the US.

RFK Jr. blows the whistle on BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street -which own each other as we know- outbidding individuals for homes all across America. All you need to do is figure out who owns them and you will find the Rockefellers and other KM “oligarchs.”

“We are on the verge of a national come to Jesus moment, we want a say in what our government does and we really don’t have one. We are going to be pushed over the brink and into the abyss,” MacGregor warns.

The Colonel, who could turn out to be a strong Putin-like leader for a restored Republic of the United States, sums up some of the current problems facing Americans:

The Ukraine war has saddled every adult working American with about 240,000 dollars in debt [in addition to the $600,000 already owed by every man woman and child in the US].

The average American ears 31,000 dollars a year and spends about 16,600 dollars9 a year [in taxes]

The average American who works their whole life gets $1400 a month in social security if they are lucky. Illegal immigrants who arrive here are given $2200 per month.

As we mentioned in previous reports, the mortgage payments for the median American house is more than the entire salary of the median American.

These financial injustices are causing a breakdown of the social order in the US. Here are recent examples:

Macy’s Department stores suffered a $84 million loss in the second quarter due to credit card delinquencies.

Mobs continue to attack and loot high-end retailers across the country.

Rich people are dressing down and leaving their watches and jewelry at home as they are increasingly targeted by poorer Americans. In the past year $1.4 billion worth of high-end watches, for example, were stolen.

Anger is understandable since one out of three private renters has been forced to borrow money in the past month to pay rent in a country where CEOs earn 400 times more than full-time workers.

Even stores that cater to the average worker and lower-income people are under attack. In recent examples, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Dollar Tree both reported a big increase in shoplifting.

The so-called Biden administration tried to calm the masses with the biggest increase in food stamp spending in history. However, the result of this money printing for the poor has been a 15% spike in grocery store prices.

They have also jacked up gasoline and other energy prices. As a result “Right now, truckers are taking rates 15 to 25 percent below their costs. That can’t last forever,” says John Stenderup, vice president of sales and marketing for Vektor Logistics.

The problems are so widespread that the entire financial system is about to collapse.

As the Goldbug King World News explains, the banking system is not ready to cope with this:

Effective March 15, 2020, the Federal Reserve reduced the reserve requirement for depository institutions, (banks), to ZERO. Having a zero-reserve requirement has allowed the overall money supply to hyper-balloon.

The collapse of the financial system is coinciding with a collapse in support of public institutions:

The U.S. Supreme Court: 27 percent

Banks: 26 percent

The public schools: 26 percent

The presidency: 26 percent

Large technology companies: 26 percent

Organized labor: 25 percent

Newspapers: 18 percent

The criminal justice system: 17 percent

Television news: 14 percent

Big business: 14 percent

Congress: 8 percent

The KM is aware of this imminent collapse. In a sign that this could happen right after the US corporation’s fiscal year-end on September 30, FEMA, in cooperation with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will conduct a statewide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and of Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). The messages are broadcast to all TVs, radios and cell phones.

There are also signs that KM is preparing to resume the pandemic and vaccine lockdown campaign this fall. The corresponding Corona variants have already been made available.

“There will always be new variants and we will always have new vaccines,” says Canada’s new Liberal Minister of Health, Mark Holland. He advises people to stick to the booster shots, which are currently recommended with an mRNA shot about every six months.

The KM also still hopes to push through the final version of the WHO pandemic treaty by May 2024. This would make WHO terrorist and war criminal Tedros Ghebreyesus the absolute leader in international health policy. Tedros works for KM leaders like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. They want to use a global health emergency or “imminent potential threat” to eg B. Enforcing compulsory medication, compulsory vaccinations, mandatory test certificates, travel restrictions, etc.

The fires being set all over the world make it likely that “climate change” is an alternative emergency they are putting forward should the new pandemic fail to materialize.

This was certainly the reason for the recent attacks on Hawaii, the Canary Islands, Canada and elsewhere with satellite weapons and arson.

But the fact of the matter is that fires in the US have been at their lowest in a decade. Did you read that somewhere? Yes, Canada burned a lot more (it’s reported all the time), but in the US, Europe, Africa and Asia the world as a whole burned less.

These fires are often a justification for a fundraiser. For example, FEMA officials in Maui are staying in luxury hotels for $1,000 a night, while the government is making a $700 “one time” payment to Hawaii residents whose lives have just gone up in flames.

There are indications that the fires in Canada are also part of some kind of money and resource robbery. The forced evacuation of towns in northern Canada near large diamond mines (Yellowknife) could also be a form of resource extraction.

For example, the Shuswap BC fires were intentionally started by Canadian authorities with planned ignition!

All of this means that if the state of emergency is declared this fall, it is imperative that it is declared by the White Helmets and not the KM.

Widespread public dislike for the current KM leadership means that any move by the White Helmets will have broad public support.

The most recent example: Watch how people react to the fake Biden when he visits Maui and Lake Tahoe.

Finally, when the White Hats seek legal justification for the removal of KM-controlled governments, they should note that not a single court in the western world is willing to try Dr. Reiner Fuellmich to investigate uncovered COVID 19 “crimes against humanity”. by-dr-reiner-fuellmich/5829809

When the government is taken over by criminals, it is the duty of the military and law enforcement agencies to step in and restore order. The alternative would be either anarchy or a totalitarian dictatorship.

This fall, the White Hats will rally against the KM. We ask readers to do the same.


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    Major miscalculation by MI6. Now they have the FSB, the SVR, and the GRU all freelancing to make every UK operative past and present sweat every time they start their cars. The West’s other alphabet agencies are targetted, as well. And once intel agencies start eating each other…