Saint Germain: Global Shifts

A global change is coming that will be reflected in front of everyone, there is the deactivation of a hidden government with a lot of power and very advanced war technology, more than the facade expressed by America.

In the world, there are millions of program points, which can explode at any time, and thus start a war, it also includes meteorological interventions, which can easily cause major destruction.

Across the planet there are people working on these programs and waiting for instructions to go ‘forward’, to create monumental destruction in the blink of an eye.

They all need to be intervened and neutralized.

I remember that we are working for God and our purpose is not just to protect those who are in danger.

All these children of God who work for darkness, pressing the destructive button, kill many Children of the Creator. However, they are also loved by God and have been given the opportunity to ascend.

Considering that many of them have been programmed and brainwashed, you cannot imagine how many black ops programs deal with the dark and the large number of people involved. People who serve in the army think it is an honorable task, in the service of their nation. This comes from the bottom of time.

All of these really rich people are miserable people, who always want more, who are unhappy and angry, because they feel empty.

We went through the process of inviting each Human Being involved in this terrible corruption and mountain of lies, to give them the opportunity to enter the Light and approach forgiveness.

Many religions have been adept at motivating people to join their ranks, inviting them to meet many others and feel like family. But they had to obey the rules, because if they didn’t take over the group’s traditions and beliefs, they were left out, which was very painful for them.

The dark ones were taught that there is no life after death, that there is no God, so they were afraid of being eliminated. In particular, not believing in life after death is a powerful belief. They were told that there is a dark leader named Satan or Lucifer, who commands them all and is more powerful than any god imaginable.

God the Father gives us permission to assume all planetary means, after the Monetary Revaluation we will announce the existence of your Galactic Families in Heaven and soon afterwards we will start landing. We, your Masters of the higher dimensions, will greet you personally, we will dress the bodies of previous lives.

Each of them will descend from the highest dimensions, will not make any judgment, will love you unconditionally, will only bring you Love, Light and much Wisdom, to help you grow, eliminate fears and increase your own vibration. Many will be taken to the Chambers of Light to be restored and will return with us in all their splendor. They will recognize you and know who you are.

We will be part of this glorious elevation of everyone’s Consciousness on Earth. It will be everyone’s turn, there will be no more money, pollution, oil use and destruction of the planet. We will offer new technologies and you can work on anything you want.

Mother Earth will be freed from the poisons, burns, excavations and contamination that caused her so much pain, while working with determination so that humanity could live in harmony, which was not easy for Her.

Gaia is recognized throughout the Universe, as a beautiful and courageous blue planet, which worked to support the human race, offering food and Love, even to those who tried to poison it, who was granted a brilliant Ascension star, to rise and out of the lower dimensions.

We are all involved with Gaia, who won

Your Ascension offers you your support and support, raises your frequencies, so that you can get out of despair and see the unfolding of Abundance.

I AM yours, Saint Germain.


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