Saint Germain: Overcome Inner Resistance

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Keep dreaming of the bright future of mankind and keep imagining, so that the change is harmonious for you and has a healing effect on your soul.

Loved people,

you have it in your hands how the coming years will develop. Your decisions, your behavior and your vibration are subject to change and all listen to the sound of your heart.

It’s the good tone that counts. Because a person who has largely freed himself from his demons vibrates in the amplitude that ensures a harmonious transition. The leap into the new dimension of being can be expected with great joy or accompanied by fears. So many new things, so many unexpected things are ahead.

Committing to change wholeheartedly is the challenge you face now. It depends on the corresponding inner constitution of the individual, which means:

The finer and purer the basic vibration of a person is, the smoother the transition to the New Earth will be.

It gets down to business

Those who heave themselves into the ascension energy prior to ascension—which means breaking free of OLD EARTH attachments and contracts—have done the necessary groundwork for their liberation. In order to activate this energy in your life, you need to clearly and unmistakably signal your readiness for a concrete change in your life.

Life plays into your hands as soon as you have aligned yourself accordingly.

Accept the signs, the events and the changes that result from this decision of yours with thanks! Pick up the thread and weave your new robe until it is complete!

Don’t break off your journey just because it’s exhausting you. Don’t give up, but become a conqueror of inner resistance.

Now it’s getting down to business and you’ll notice what spiritual ground work really means. Those who have served spiritual concepts up until now and have therefore had little chance of experiencing profound healing are now encouraged to really look and embrace their inner world.

If you really go inside, the outside responds – and that means: All relationships are put to the test. It is quite possible that very many friendships end at the point where your spiritual journey begins.

That you act…

What is important is that you react positively and openly to the very concrete changes that result from your transformation, that you do not block when it matters, but remain capable of acting and react, that you act where you can should act and that you integrate that your inner transformation always has consequences on the outside.

Everything starts with and in you! Be aware: It’s your vibration, it’s your tone, the sound of your soul that matters now, because that’s how you measure where you stand and how deeply you’ve penetrated to yourself.

True transformational work always involves big changes. As a torrent takes everything that crosses its course, so in the light of transformation everything that blocks your flow of life is swept away – and that means really going through the issues and truly confronting yourself.

Are you frustrated and feeling like you’re not moving? I tell you: Because in the end you always choose the known instead of engaging in the unknown, that’s how it is.

Many people freeze when they are asked to jump, and they stand rooted to the ground when fate invites them to actively rebuild their lives. This leads to frustration and even self-abandonment.

With the flame of transformation

It is time to overcome this lethargy and, like a thick veil of fog, dissolve or penetrate it. Therefore I invite you to clarify and strengthen yourself in my light.

Complete the work on your being in the flame of transformation! Finish what you started! Success is granted to those who endure and persevere.

Go to work with joy, with courage and diligence! I serve you every day. The gold-violet flame of transformation is my gift.

With infinite love


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