Lord Melchizedek: Keeping The Pendulum Steady

Channel: Victoria Cochrane

The pendulum swings one way and comes back in just the same manner. Without interference, it comes back at the same speed and time as it left, slowing down at a continuous rate and stopping when it has completely lost momentum. A pendulum will move according to the energy emitted or that is simply present, so the movement will be a response, either to a question, a thought or to energetic frequency.

The fact that a pendulum will swing in response to a thought is food for thought indeed, and is testament to the fact that every thought creates form and is therefore an energy to be reckoned with, should the thoughts be intentionally harmful. A person wishing harm on someone will emit and send the energy that can be tracked by a pendulum or divining rod through its lower frequency. The movement would be different to thought frequencies that are higher and intentionally good. It is vitally important, then, for human’s protect their aura, bodies and energies so they are more able to withstand interference from the outside world, particularly if they are sensitive and empathic.

The Human Collective Consciousness has been spoken of before, and it is important in this context to speak of it again as a reminder that every individual on the planet is constantly contributing to and impacted by it. The level to which each human is connected through their consciousness and energy fields is above what one may expect; think back to a time when a loved-one’s black mood ruined your night or when a person’s positivity rubbed off on you and you will understand what I mean. The Human Collective Consciousness is a mish mash of every mood, every thought and every conversation had by every human, causing it to be incredibly complex and dense in its nature. It is ever changing and moving, causing disturbances in people’s moods and energy fields suddenly and often without warning.

Even though the energies on Earth are constantly in flux, as well as being manipulated by many who wish to be all powerful and dominating, everything residing or existing on the planet, as in the whole universe, is governed by Spiritual Law which never changes. All laws are connected and are instantly activated through reactions and interactions. Humans are operating within the Laws of the Universe even though they most likely are unaware of this fact.

There are too many laws to discuss here, with many being complex and inter-relate, however, if you keep in mind that for every action there is an equal reaction that will come back to you in the same energy as you created it, then you have a good starting point for knowing what you must change. Every thought, belief system, word and action creates in the exact energy in which it was made, meaning that, if you are in a negative cycle causing things such as financial hardship, relationship issues, poverty or conflict at work then you must look at yourself and the energy you are emitting. When you change your energy, you immediately change the vibrational frequency that goes out to the world, also changing the frequency of behaviour and level of consciousness that is returned to you. Simple speaking, like attracts like. You cannot control the behaviour of others or the bad things that are happening globally, but you can control your own thoughts and behaviours so as to attract more favourable outcomes in your life.

I AM Lord Melchizedek


2 Replies to “Lord Melchizedek: Keeping The Pendulum Steady”

  1. the_complaint_department

    There you go, this is a much better intro to the concept of veganism than ‘Why are you eating animals?’ Don’t you people hold ascended meetings or something?

  2. Lilas

    Americans loves steaks (very bloody)
    Why don’t you,as wellknown ascended master ,
    not speak over the much awfull making of
    ADRENOCHROME, from the blood of babies who
    Were slowly killed.
    I think that it started in Hollywood ,and now
    everyBODY ( millionairs) can buy it ,also the
    About eating only vegetables:
    That’s what 80% in India do.
    Monsanto sold them against their will
    their manupilated dead seeds.
    Europeans are True followers of the
    Satanic pedophile dreammachine.And
    all the ascended masters let it happens.