The New Crystalline Solar Lightbody

By Judith Kusel

Even as the New Crystalline Solar Light body is formed in and around us as we step deeper into the 5th to 7th dimensional state, we are morphing from a very dense and solid form, at very low frequency and vibration into a much lighter form.

So become see-through and therefore you live your highest soul truth with great love. With joy, with inspiration, embracing abundance in all and every way, and find beauty and harmony and balance everywhere. You are open and everyone can “read” you, for you are living your truth – your thoughts, words and deeds reflect it. So does your whole life!

At the moment so many are feeling this on levels they are not always conscious of and then wonder why they are stuck, or why everything seems to be disintegrating in and around them, or that the old patterns and forms simply do not seem to work anymore. Indeed it seems like hard work and effort trying to get them to work. And the more you try, the more they jam and disfunction. And this includes all areas of life.

All of this is showing you where you are still clinging onto to old, attached to it in some form or another and these include old behavior patterns, old habits, old thoughts and thought systems, old ways of life and living and relating. This not only in your own life and immediate circles but in all of life and all structures and forms. This includes countries and governing powers and indeed it seemingly is getting more chaotic and messier.

Notice the “seeming” for indeed it is a spinning out of illusions for in fact they do not exist anymore, except in the minds of humanity and in the minds of those who think they are in charge, when in truth they are not anymore.

We need to leave it all behind us now, yet we cannot leave it all behind, when we are still attached in some form or another, nor wish to give up our comfort zones, or whatever old patterns and forms we still do not wish to dissolve. And this includes forgiveness of self and others, and all those things which are still pushing your buttons, and causing you to negatively react. All these things happening are serving you, to remind you to stay centered and focus on ascending and morphing into the LightBody and to not allow all the yapping dogs to distract you.

This means constantly turning WITHIN you, instead of listening to what the outside world is shouting at you, or trying to draw you away from your own core soul, by distracting you.

As long as the outside noise is greater than the inner knowing, you will get sidetracked. It is in the stillness and centeredness of your own heart and soul, and expanded consciousness that the truth reveals itself and where there is just unconditional Love and where you walk in the company of heavens and being carried through. This is where true guidance comes, and intuitive knowing for the most accurate GPS systems to navigate these momentous changes is there within you!

All is well.

All is on track.

When we all move into the highest consciousness we unify.

As we unify we transcend all duality, all divisions, all separations, and indeed unity in love and with love and work together as one. Unity is strength.


One Reply to “The New Crystalline Solar Lightbody”

  1. Adel

    We unify after each one dissolves into his/her own quantum field of consciousness made of the Q-Chakra system.