Hilarion: Cleansing Your Auras

Channel: Vania Rodriguez

Dear brothers from planet Earth! I AM HILARION!

Being here today is a moment of great joy, as I bring the continuation of all the gifts we have been bringing to you.

My brothers, the planet, the WHOLE, the energies are intense and strong, everywhere. Think of it as a…, a tidy environment and suddenly a very strong wind comes in, very strong, and simply blows everything out of place. This is the force of the wind. She leaves nothing in place. So, making a comparison, this is what is happening to planet Earth, this is what is happening to every corner and especially what is happening to each one of you.

And where is this wind that no one feels? In some places it is visible. In some places on the planet its consequences are being shown. And how does this wind act on you? It works by doing a great cleansing of everything that is useless, that is no longer useful for your soul to carry. And it’s all coming to the surface. As you are not immersed, everything pollutes your auras. It’s like that pile of dirt is swirling around you.

So my gift today will have this purpose: to bring balance and cleansing to the aura of each of you. This exercise can be repeated as many times as you want, because I guarantee you that there is a lot of dirt there. It will not be eliminated just once. So do it several times. It’s a simple and easy exercise that you can do anywhere at any time.

I’m just saying that you need to be connected to Source and Gaia for everything to work. It is not enough to just talk and wait for it to happen, because the exercise is applied by Gaia and blessed by Father/Mother God. So, before starting the exercise, mentally make a connection of Light to the center of the planet; something that comes from their hearts, runs through their bodies, leaves through their feet and reaches the center of the planet. In the same way from your heart, a connection will leave and go towards the Source. No, no matter where the Source is, your connection will find it.

Then there will be a moment when you feel connected to both forces, and at that moment your Divine Presence will take hold; It will be there, active, ready to do whatever is necessary. So at this moment ask your Higher Self, your Divine I Am Presence, to cover your entire aura with the Green Ray of Hilarion. Yes, I will not be the one to cover your aura, but each Higher Self will be an ally of mine, in which only their willingness to cover their auras with my Green Ray will be enough for the ray to be installed in their auras.

For how long? As long as the heart asks. As long as you want to do it. And do it, do it, do it often. The more you do, the more in balance you will be, because the wind doesn’t stop, the cleaning doesn’t stop. And it’s not a one-coat cleaning. Each layer that is destroyed another soon follows because it has been many incarnations that you have accumulated energies that are no longer worth anything.

So do, repeat, do, repeat, do, repeat this exercise many times, and I guarantee that not only will the cleansing of your auras happen, but the connection with the Higher Self will be greatly deepened. And this is what you need right now. Now I will leave a small reminder: Many still, due to lack of belief in themselves or in what is happening around them, cannot feel the Divine Presence, cannot feel the Higher Self. But I remind you that intention is very important.

So when you connect with the center of the Earth and with the Source, you are automatically in the Divine Presence. Of course, as long as the heart is part of this entire process, because it is not an empty and meaningless thought. The intention must be deep. So even if you don’t feel anything, but if you are open-hearted and connected with the intention of being there, everything will work out. And the more you repeat the exercise, the more you will get to where you need to be.

So repeat a lot. Because the important thing in all of this is the good it will bring to all of you. We are dispensing many things to you, as this is the time for cleansing, it is the time for the deepening of the heart, it is the time for the elevation of your souls and your consciences. Remember: There is a great mass on the planet that is dense and dark, and it is necessary for you, who are awake, to come out of this mass. And it is only with these small gifts that we are giving that you will be able to do this; get out of this great mass and stop going through everything it will still go through. Just trust and do everything from the heart.