The Watchers: We Believe in You

Channel: Nadina Boun

We are the watchers. We stand united, united in our thoughts, in our vision. We see you climbing that ladder to more of you, sometimes with ease, sometimes with effort. We recognize your contribution and the part that you are playing, and we honor it all as part of the larger game we are all playing.

We are the watchers watching you from afar and yet we are as close as your breath, for in essence we are one. We have been watching your transformation without interference. We have been watching and keeping that vision alive for all of you to march forward to the 5th dimension where you now belong. It’s been planned all along. Nothing is random. It is all happening according to plan, a larger plan of which you are an integral part.

Today we come forward to remind you of how precious you are, of how loved you are, of how supported you are on this journey to ascension. You’ve been here before and you managed well, so it’s not something new for you. We told you previously to believe in yourself for you are more capable than you know. And though trouble may come, challenge may arise. you are not here to fight these at all. You are here to embody more of you, more of that powerful presence that is you.

While your soul has a plan, you as an individual have a choice, always have. It would be nice if you can trust the larger part of you to show you the way as it was planned from the beginning, so you don’t have to struggle along the way, for sooner or later you are going there, singing or screaming you are going there.

We urge you to start taking good care of yourselves. We urge you to start paying attention to your emotions. We urge you to let go of all that you cannot control.

We are the watchers, we stand united in our vision for your ascension. We believe in you, we trust you will make it through. And now it is time that you believe, that you trust it is so.

We leave you now in peace. We will keep monitoring your progress. We will keep holding that vision for you. We will keep standing in that higher place unaffected, because we know, we trust things are unfolding in perfect order for you to rise to your glorious destination.

We are one. We are complete. United we stand in support of you.

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3 Replies to “The Watchers: We Believe in You”

  1. Rolly

    To the Watchers:
    I am truly, deeply grateful for your unconditional love and strong belief to us.

  2. Jared

    It would be nice if all the watchers would come here and be the helpers:)

    Everyone and all beings must help fix earth, free and nice amen!