Daily Message for 9/12/2023

“Social distancing” was practice for the future, and it will return again. You’re going to social distance permanently from many friends and family in the coming days. This is due to the difference in the vibrational frequency of individuals, and the reality chosen by each being. You have chosen to be a part of the Fifth Dimensional Earth. While they have chosen other realities and frequencies. ~Kejraj

6 Replies to “Daily Message for 9/12/2023”

  1. EK

    Thank you for posting, Kejraj.
    I know I have read it in previous posts, but what are the signs that one is in the 5th?
    Is me reading this a good sign?
    It could be I am dealing with a terminal ill spouse, and everything associated with it, but there are times when I’m not sure which one I’m in, 5th or 3rd. And it seems I’m surrounded by all who have distanced.
    Am I the loner in the 5th or the 3rd?
    Thanks for your help, and again for posting.

    1. Whatever arises, observe that

      I’m not Kejraj of course, but from my perspective —

      Very roughly speaking, if you blindly believe whatever the mainstream media says, you’re 3d.

      If you understand the media is lying and are on some kind of spiritual path (which you probably are if you’re reading this site), you’re on your way to 5d. You may not be in 5d right now, but you’re on your way there.

  2. John R

    Too true. It’s been happening already and I love/accept it because it’s actual tangible evidence of the shift to 5D and above.

  3. Simon

    With all due respect Earth, my Beloved Mother is far capable of allowing all timelines to occur simultaneously.
    We are not a Peoples of division. We got this. Because We are Here nothing is impossible.

    Me, We.
    -Muhammad Ali.