From 3D To 4D And 5D: Counterattack

By Lev

On the night 10-11 September 2023, Dracos and Reptiloids, an alliance of the most irreconcilable NAA, inflicted a series of powerful blows on the new Earth’sy Logos, Al-Terra-Gaia, with which Co-Creators replaced the destroyed old one (see-Timing, DNI, 2 September 2023).

The attack was carried out simultaneously from Earth and Rigel in Orion. The power of the impacts was enhanced by the harsh radiation of two squares – Venus-Jupiter and the Moon-Mars, as well as the residual low vibes of the Supermoon on August 30-31. The ricochet blow intensified the quake in Morocco, floods in Greece and Libya, heightened by Sun-Neptune opposition, fires in Canada…

From Earth, Dracos and Reptiloids struck through the collective egregore of carriers of the Y-chromosome haplogroup C-M130, formed 60 thousand years ago on the territory of present-day Eurasia (see map below). Later, its most toxic and lethal concentrate accumulated in the Genghisids. Today, there are several million people in the world of direct descendants of the this khan. Of course, not everyone radiates only negative, but its sources were enough to focus and damage the new Logos. How did it become possible?

The new planetary Logos (Al-Terra-Gaia) was born without karma, unlike the previous one (which from the moment of its creation carried a part of the karma of its creator – Yaltabaoth, Black Co-Creator, their Dark and Gray Hierarchs). Unlike the latter, the former is perfect, with an ideal sacral geometric shape of the core, as the personification of the Absolute Crystal, and the corresponding shape of the Earth’s energy grid.

The old Logos no longer exists, but the distortions on the quantum and sub-quantum levels remain. This anomaly became a time bomb, and sooner or later it had to work. The NAA used the human factor as a trigger. We continue to generate an incredible amount of karma, and the new Logos could not hold and quickly correct the destructive fields that grow.

Recently, the leaders of Lightwarriors’ ground team analyzed a large group of transitioning to 4D. The result was shocking. In 95% of tested, the presence of residual Causal karma varied in the range of 15-18%! But they underwent transformation, consciously processed karma, carried out preventive cleansing…

For clarification, Lightwarriors turned to Karma Lords. And that’s the answer they got. All those diagnosed have the highest form of integration of their Subtle Bodies with Earth, i.e. they are a single whole with it. This means that they have a code of direct access to the planetary Causal Matrix, participate in the safeguarding its Absolutized Reality Matrix, and most importantly, take into themselves ALL karmic injects into its field. At the beginning of September, the total volume of distortions reached a critical mass. And the NAA used it for focused attacks on the new Logos through the Genghisid’s egregore and negative vibrations of the stellium to destroy Al-Terra-Gaia.

The blows were so fierce that She instantly had a mutation and a virtual karma program was self-activated, which blocks part of the planetary Logos or its Causal Matrix until the anomaly is eliminated. That’s what occurred. Part of the Matrix was automatically disabled, and the ideal shape of the sacred geometric crystal was lost. Its cutting immediately lost the shape of a rounded fractal, rectangular fractures appeared on orb. Soon, the same thing happened with the planetary crystal lattice.

The radiant fusion in the Earth’s core did not stop, but its vibrations and the luminosity decreased sharply. It was a disaster. Virtual karma is transferred to the REAL format and moved up through the threshold. So this day, the new Logos had his own karma, and Al-Terra-Gaia in 13D was immediately isolated from the rest of Her Multiverse, like compartments of the submarine when discovered damage and break in the outer hull. And as the Logos of 3D/4D/5D Earths is a single whole, then, they were instantly cut off from the Gaia’s multidimensional body that further aggravated the situation.

Karma Lords revealed for the first time some shocking details, which preceded the old Logos’ deactivation and the birth of a new one. No Logos can be dismantled if it has outstanding karmic debts. This Is The Cosmic Law. The Earth’s karma was simply off the scale. But on the other hand, it wasn’t Gaia’s fault: such were the programs of Kali Yuga, Cosmic Night and duality, required for speeding up the evolution.

Earth accumulated sanctioned and unauthorized karma, which NAA dumped from the outside, and their rulers – on the surface during millions of bloody sacrifices, thousands of wars and millennia of totalitarian parasitic power. Karma Lords conducted a thorough audit, as a result of which a lot of karmic debts were written off from the planetary Logos. But it was still not enough to deactivate the old one.

The main problem is the residual karma of reality. Earlier, Disclosure News narrated about the feat of Guan Yin and Yang Bao, who took it on selves in the form of a karmic credit (see – Whipsaw, Part 7, DNI, 30 April 30 2023). What has been revealed now? To ensure the loan settlement, they were blocked (seized) for the maximum possible volume – 33.3% of the causal substance in their single multidimensional body. But now the karma of Earth’s new Logos has been added, which has exceeded the amount of possible amnesty and zeroing. And they started to process it instead of earthlings. Another feat and act of self-sacrifice…

As noted above, Dracos and Reptiloids inflicted a karmic blow on Al-Terra-Gaya on the night of 10-11 September 2023 (hello to the 9/11 Portal). As a result, a critical dose of karma was formed, which began to grow rapidly in an avalanche, absorbing an increasing volume of the Casual substance of the planetary Logos’ core. It was on the verge of death.

Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs and Karma Lords reacted with lightning speed, literally in a few minutes. Immediately, the automatic dumping of excess, critical karma on people kicked-off. But the bulk fell on all Lightwarriors, who started to pull it in selves. Many woke up from a sharp pain in the lower part of the spine. Soreness intensified while karmic substance filled their multidimensional bodies. Despite that, EVERYONE immediately joined in its processing. Together, all involved in operation stopped the karma avalanching, which threatened to put an end to the Earth’s future.

A few hours later, on the evening of September 11, Co-Creators, Gaia and the ground team began the second part of the op: zeroing karma and restoring the luminosity of the Earth’s core and the lost ideal shape. To do this, all those who had previously participated in its creation with their aspects, on command, sharply raised their vibrations, entered a state of inter-Monadic Radiant Synthesis and intensified pumping of the core with the highest frequencies of Light. And to prevent the Logos from melting, they used their aspects as fuses.

What Lightwarriors felt physically, they will not forget for long. Their bodies, especially the face, began to burn strongly, as the work was carried out mainly through the crown chakra. They sensed that their temperature jumped over 40°, although the fact has dropped to 35°. Hearts were pounding in a frenzied rhythm. No one slept a wink…Only on the morning of 12 September they could get breath and fell asleep.

By that time, the operation was over. As a result, the intensity of Radiant fusion in the core of Al-Terra-Gaia not only recovered, but became stronger. Earth began to shine brighter. The sacred geometric shape of its core has also acquired the former ideal shape of an Absolute Crystal, angle-free fractal. Soon, the crystal lattice was restored as well. And NO karma, zero! Then were the first reboot of new Logos and the second Birthday of the Al-Terra-Gaia, which went through karmic baptism of fire. Such situations, unfortunately, can happen again. As for those, who arranged all this now, Co-Creators are already dealing with…


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  1. I grow weed

    Its like growing airy poopy stemmy leafy bud that gives you a headache eating poor quality soil and it amassed and adapted to growing massive dense and tightly packed and resinous colas and having a tank of an immune system with the firey strength of having ammended itself shedding of its old leaves and throwing away what it didn’t need anymore. It is almost like you are what you eat, and Earth has had too many a finicky meal. Maybe one day the shack of poisonous questionables will be closed down for a more efficient and high class buffet with many grandeous nourishing choices to eat from. Such mysteries the future awaits, not just for you but for the planet we forget that’s alive and experiencing herself/itself.

  2. Link

    Sub quantum distortions sounds like lurker’s domain. I wonder if they can infuenced/harmonized by light hierarchy.