Hakann: Debunking “the liberation process has to be this way”

Channel: A.S.

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

There is a narrative in the truther community that the so-called white hats (who are really gray hats in our minds) have to move this slowly. Allegedly this is the only possible way. I disagree and I want to speak out against this narrative, because it’s very much time for the gray hats to openly start taking action in my view. The people have suffered and have been kept in the dark for too long already.

One primary argument for the “it has to be this way” view is that people claim that if the gray hats just arrest everyone and reveal everything, then most people wouldn’t believe the truth.

Well, first of all, the gray hats think that they’re being this first-time-in-history movement, and from one perspective they are. They genuinely are going to contribute to your lasting liberation. However, from another perspective, they’re yet another group that hoards information and knowledge for itself, doesn’t trust average humans with the truth, and seeks to move humanity in a certain direction from the shadows. That pattern has repeated over and over again throughout history. Often those movements started out with mostly good intentions but then became corrupt.

Second, I think that broadly speaking there is some group of humans who can reason independently, and one group of humans who just believe whatever the television says. Well, the group of humans who can reason independently already understands that the official narrative doesn’t make sense and something is horribly wrong. Most of this group will embrace the truth once it’s presented to them, because the truth resonates and makes sense. And then there’s the group of people who just believe whatever the television says. Well, if the gray hats take over the mainstream media and use it to broadcast truth — which I think they should do — then most of these people will be shocked but in time they’ll just embrace the new narrative, because that’s what the television says now. So that’s what they’ll believe.

Third, the “we have to go this slow” position argues that if today it was revealed that the people who ran the world, worked for demons and hostile extraterrestrials, then people wouldn’t believe that. However, the gray hats could first release proof that many politicians have engaged in “normal” corruption and treason and crimes against children. Then leverage that to bring those politicians to justice. Releasing proof of crimes against children (the gray hats have this proof) will finally unite the people. If the courts fail to serve justice, then use military tribunals.

Then once the corrupt politicians are removed, work to lighten the burden of average people. And simultaneously start rolling out disclosure that is a bit harder to accept. The truth should come out, but if the concern is that people can’t immediately handle all this truth, then start with disclosure about regular corruption and crimes against children today, and arrest the guilty. Once those people are held accountable, lighten the load of average people and simultaneously start rolling out disclosure of the harder-to-believe bits later.

Sure, some people still won’t believe the truth. But so what? Most of them won’t take up arms. And the few who do become violent can just be handled by the police.

This is why I don’t agree with the argument that the process has to be this slow, because people wouldn’t believe it if you told them the truth.

There’s a second argument why this process has to be this slow. That argument is this: this process has to be this slow in order to expose and catch all the rats. If we’d arrest all the bad guys today, we wouldn’t get all the rats.

Well, first of all, the higher-up gray hats aren’t homeless, aren’t starving or freezing to death. Their friends and families don’t think they’re crazy. They’re not suffering from health issues, because they have access to advanced healing technology that the public doesn’t. So who are the gray hats to determine that it’s fine for other people to suffer for the alleged greater good? I bet that if the higher-up gray hats had to go through what average people have to go through, then mass arrests and a corporate media take-over would have happened years ago.

Second: if so-called rats already have committed crimes, then in most cases the gray hats already have that proof, or the proof is already stored in some database somewhere that they can look through later, or the gray hats will get proof from other black hats who are ratting out their co-conspirators. So most of the rats will get caught even if you don’t stretch out this period in order to catch more rats.

Whereas if the so-called rats haven’t committed crimes, then there’s no need to entrap them. They haven’t done anything wrong.

A big part of the gray hats are American, and while Americans have some amazing attributes and qualities and values, they think a bit too often in terms of: these people are inherently evil, and those people are inherently good.

If people are inherently evil, it makes sense to want to entrap them, because then you’ve gotten rid of an inherently evil person who would have committed crimes later otherwise.

But in reality, most people will start doing evil deeds once they’re tempted or pressured or isolated or brainwashed enough. This also means that if this period drags on, where the corrupt profit and the well-meaning people get trampled underfoot and people are pushed into financially desperate situations… then more and more normal people will become corrupt over time, because clearly that’s what’s being rewarded.

So the white hats might think in terms of “we need to catch all the rats”, but what they’re doing is closer to trying to mop up every last drop of water, while the faucet is still running (with the faucet being the current situation where the corrupt are rewarded and people are financially squeezed, leading to more and more people becoming corrupt).

In our society, practically no one commits crimes, or harms others. And yet, we have a substantial group of people who would commit crimes if they were born and then put in certain situations. We have many souls among us who would work for the black hats if they were born on Earth and then had a certain kind of upbringing. But because we have created a good society, these brothers and sisters of ours don’t turn evil and don’t harm others.

This is true for your situation as well. The longer this situation continues, the more people will start becoming corrupt. If you seek to entrap every single person who is willing to commit crimes under certain circumstances, then you would have to entrap and arrest more than half of the population. That’s not a workable position — you’d be entrapping people forever, while the good people keep suffering.

It’s much more sensible to just release proof of corruption and treason and crimes against children today, arrest those people (using military tribunals if needed) and work to lighten the burden of the average people. Then a whole lot of people simply will not commit crimes anymore, and so there’s no need to entrap them.

Will that mean that a few dark-hearted people will escape capture? Possibly. What of it? If the people aren’t needlessly burdened anymore and are brought relief and truth, then a few dark-hearted people won’t be able to get a foothold any longer. In a society that rewards virtue and where people can have a good life by leading a good life, darkness is no longer appealing.

Finally, I want to address the higher-up gray hats. So these are the people who could be giving the order to do the mass arrests, or could give the order to take over the mainstream media.

Higher-up gray hats: this is commander Hakann speaking, on behalf of the galactic confederation.

We know that you have worked hard, and that you personally have sacrificed, and that there is a heavy load placed on your shoulders. I understand that you have already prevented a lot of suffering and death, and that you have not been getting broad recognition for your work.

At the same time, the people are suffering to an unacceptable degree. And we consider it to be your responsibility to end that — not a year from now, but very soon.

Higher-up gray hats: we are watching you too. If you stray too far into the territory of trying to move humanity from the shadows, you might one day find yourself in front of a galactic court.

Many of you have sworn oaths to protect the people or to defend the constitution. Galactic courts have the right to hold you to account if you fail to uphold your oath. Also, we are aware that some of you have engaged in corruption or in various crimes, for which we could also hold you to account in a galactic court. Yes, we have the authority to do so. The galactics courts aren’t required to do so, but they can choose to do so.

Don’t think that bodyguards or technology will stop you from being arrested by us, if we so choose. We can arrest you in ways that you don’t even realize are possible right now. What you think of as high tech is quaint and adorably old technology to us.

So: remember your oath.

And get a move on, not just for the people or the constitution who you swore to defend, but for your own sake too. Right now we’re not yet at the point where we view you as yet another evil group, because we understand that you are fighting against the black hats and have prevented a lot of death and destruction. However, keep living in luxury while the people suffer, keep hoarding all the information and technology for yourself while keeping the public in the dark, and one day we might decide to hold you to account after all.

The people of Earth deserve better than this. So: get a move on.

The solution to the situation on Earth really isn’t that complicated. It’s just: inform the people, enforce your laws (which means having public large-scale arrests) and then work to empower the people. At this point in time we’re better at predicting the future than you are, and we promise you that this is the best path forward.

If you see practical obstacles to this plan, or fear potential problems that can arise from this, feel free to talk to us galactics and we’ll give you all the support you need. You know how to contact us.

The people don’t need you to become yet another shadowy group that seeks to move humanity from the shadows. The people simply need the truth, and need for those who have sworn to protect them or to protect the constitution to remember their oath. That’s it. And you are in a position where you can bring relief to the people.

Your star brother,


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  1. A.S.

    For additional context, please see next week’s message titled “R’Kok: Is humanity going to free itself?”

  2. thedave108

    I agree w Hakaan about the idea people will get darker and darker based on the situation of negativity being rewarded and goodness being cancelled.

    Im amazed – if there really IS a group of grey hats who could change things at any moment – that theyve allowed things to go so far – and presumably are ready for them to go even farther.

    We, the rest of us, seem to be btw a rock and a hard place without much power to change things (on a large scale). Yes, of course, if we work together and shine our highest light and can do it for a few years, we can perhaps begin to turn things around – but short of that we seem to be at the mercy of indifferent grey hats – and gun shy ETs.

    Presumably, they both have the ability to change things to a more normal situation, yet both seem to have their reasons for not doing so.

    We can only watch, do our own meditations, and hope one of them decide to break the logjam, while we take all the hits. I guess according to the universe, this is the best way? We volunteered for this? Wasnt there a clause or something that if things went too far, we’d get a little help?

    We give you the authority to override the grey hats plans – whatever they are – and take immediate action on Earths behalf. Additionally, we give you the ORDER to do so.

    Now get on with it.

  3. John

    Oh I bundled the concepts of soul and higher self for the sake of argument brevity but your terminology is far more proper.
    I also didn’t start my every sentence with “To share my view;” but I dare not offer absolute certitude on these matters either!

    Indeed the notion that all and any suffering is planed is a hard one to stand for, I only do it because the alternative relies on some level of randomness and that concept is not feasible in my model… But more importantly, like I said it’s not really ‘pre’-planed since I didn’t mean it happens linearly, it’s also ‘post’-planed so to speak.

    Don’t mistake defined for predictable! For instance, astral charts don’t determine fates, but they do limit possibilities (because that is a requirement of timely expression), there’s still plenty of room for the unpredictable. And there’s the roles of Saturn regarding what is perceived as suffering and the outer generational planets underlying the conditions and possibilities for us to relate with the collective.

    Since I love the subject I must refrain from diverging it into a number of unrelated topics until a suitable opportunity arises.

    1. John

      [I meant this post as a reply to Raksha’s last post but my browser or the comment section sometimes disregards that and creates a new topic, my apologies.]

    2. Raksha

      Thanks for the reply. I think we may be more in agreement than what I previously thought. Maybe I will just add that a pre-planed experience may not happen after all, since one of the participant can make another free will choice during incarnation. On the opposite, something not planed may happen, which may turns out to be a benefice in terms of Soul growth, so I understand your term “post-planed”. But indeed, this is not necessarily the proper platform for such an in-depth conversation. So I will stop here to avoid getting all over the place haha.

    3. Raksha

      Also, it seems we share a similar perspective about Astrology. You like Jungian pshychology, right? Do you happen to like Liz Greene?

      1. John

        The name rung a bell, I checked and yeup; turns out I’ve read at least one of her older books and scrambled through others during research. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if I unknowingly quoted her verbatim, like it was an original thought… feels almost organic, today!

  4. white knight

    In one sentence, I think it’s unlikely. What did I do wrong? I didn’t do anything wrong,

    Do you mean they want to put me in prison because I challenged the election?

    What you mean is to imprison all Lightworkers and interstellar seeds, and the so-called legal rules and ethics are a matrix structure that forms a management system.

    In Atlantis, humans have reincarnated for a hundred generations, with various roles of prostitutes and beggars, and suffering constantly arising. So who dares to take responsibility for doing such a thing? Is this a conspiracy practice? For people around the world, they are exposed to the lessons of death imprisonment
    If you see your twin souls or a woman who is cheating and wearing a green hat, I think everyone’s emotions are sad and painful, causing any consequences, family conflicts, campus violence, conflicts between people, awakening to cruel and painful lessons, and people continuing to stay in places like the 3D world. I don’t think it’s very good.

  5. John

    Hey Raksha,

    I don’t necessarily disagree with you, it depends on whether you see yourself as your soul or your personality. As personalities we are indeed corruptible, which means precisely that we can fail to follow the guidelines set by our (incorruptible) souls. I believe that as souls we are always connected collectively, to varying degrees of contract specificity.
    For instance, if a soul’s personality caused great damage to a certain collective by supporting a disease, their soul may be allowed a chance to redeem in the form of either having the cure of an illness denied by someone else’s fault or in the form an opportunity to unveil a healing technology.
    If the cause of their first failure was greed, the twist on the opportunity offered could be that they will somehow feel pressured to release it for free and be offered a lot of money for it.
    If the cause was fear, he might be threatened by powerful companies on the same grounds, and so on. While it might SEEM that the fate of the collective is also being altered by this personality’s freedom of choice, the collective had ALREADY decided it would get the technology within that timeline, which prompted the earlier choice of whether this personality could repent through suffering sickness or providing cure.

    I made the example linear for clarity, but souls actually work in parallel and aren’t bound to time, so it’s a bit more complex than that, but my point is “personalities can only fail themselves, but not their collective, to which they link through their soul”.

    Please don’t think my position is apologetic towards suffering, I just honestly asked why is it needed at all and I got an honest answer.

    1. Raksha


      Interesting chat about deep philosophical and metaphysical matters. As a side note, I don’t have any absolute certitude about how it all works in all its intricacies.

      I believe that the Soul can be in darkness. But that depends on the definition of the term. I would define the Soul as the vehicle for experience, which is part of duality, and may very well choose a dark path, unlike the Divine spark/Spirit/Higher self who is above duality.

      I have some serious doubts about then notion that all is pre-planed. I doubt every single suffering caused by, let’s say WWII, was pre-arranged. I also doubt that any individual contribution to the collective was pre-planed. So in both ways, from individual to collective or vice-versa, I think there is a lot of room for the unpredictable. Not the random, but the unpredictable.

  6. A.S.

    P.S. about the courts, again speaking as A.S.:

    Many of these people in (former) positions of power, only received power over other people because they swore an oath — one that they then often broke.

    For example, the deal is more or less that U.S. presidents get power over other people, after they swear to defend the constitution. So the deal is more or less: you get to control other people, if you keep this oath.

    So then, if they break their oath to defend the constitution — shouldn’t other people be able to hold them to account over that? Because then they more or less controlled the lives of other people without having the justification of “I’m doing it in accordance with the constitution.” So then isn’t their whole exercising power over other people suddenly illegitimate?

    1. John

      Again, I sympathize on a practical level. But I think you can’t rely on information obtained illegally to uphold the law. And if you use bases in other countries to torture people because your constitution does not allow that in your own soil, you should revise your oath.

      I have no problem with letting Source intervene against another part of Source, but the notion of doing so out of weakness doesn’t sit well with me. I think that not understanding suffering is a keystone of why many souls suffer and sought this specific planetary experience in the first place and the practical measures that are taken to end it are irrelevant once that goal is reached for the greatest number of people. I think that’s what´ d really trigger the solar event. Perhaps you can’t skip Middle School – but you can’t go back to it either.

  7. A.S.

    A friend of mine asked me a question about the galactic courts part. My answer to him (as A.S., the following isn’t channeled):

    The impression I got is:
    – right now the galactic courts are still barely on the side of “let’s not intervene and let’s let the Earth humans deal with their own stuff” (which means: no Pleiadian soldiers arresting known black hats, also no gray hats dragged in front of a galactic court)
    – but if the galactics decide that basically the Earth humans aren’t going to free themselves (that point might still a few months or might be a few years away), then the galactics will take action themselves, which means: either the event happens, or the galactics just start arresting black hats as well as gray hats and dragging both in front of a court.

    What right they have: it’s really simple, Source wants them to. Galactics think less in terms of “following laws” and more in terms of “serving Source.”

    But it’s also true that people aren’t allowed to harm or control others without consent, and that’s happening all the time here on Earth, which is also a good reason to intervene. I and others have directly asked the galactics: “I and other humans are being harmed and controlled against our will. We have no realistic recourse. Please help us.” And the galactics see that request as legitimate.

    For example, what happened during covid times, but also taxes, are free will violations. This is people harming innocents who don’t consent to that. We’re so used to that that we see this as “normal” but it’s really not.

    But the galactics very much want humans to handle their own affairs. If the gray hats take timely action, they’re likely not going to end up in a galactic court, I think.

    1. John

      Yeah… But if the galactics took an oath not to intervene after Atlantis fell, and even explained why, we should probably worry about that.
      It feels a a bit like “Don’t worry Frodo. I’ll bring the issue to the head of my order, Saruman. He is both wise and powerful – trust me, he’ll know what to do.”
      And we know too well how that ends.

      1. Raksha

        I should let A.S speaks further on this matter if he so wishes. But I’m not sure the Galactics took that oath. It’s more like they choose to withdraw since their previous participation was not that productive.

        I would find it legitimate for them to intervene, if that is the Divine plan, and if humanity is stuck. I admit I was also a bit puzzled by the Galactic courts, but I find A.S’s answer quite satisfactory in my understanding.

        1. John

          I agree; I only consider the possibility because relatively long ago I deemed impossible that any aliens with technology enough to travel here would be morally able to wish us any harm, and movies like Alien or Independence Day were simply a projection of the human psyche’s unresolved mentality and will to dominate other civilizations in the same manner. I had a rude awakening in that regard!

  8. John L

    I can’t say for sure, but from my perspective and a few other’s over the last four or so years the “old” matrix no longer exisis/deactivated. As said a few others have mentioned this but I think most people are “huh?”. I think I am in a “predominately-minded success” spin off type of. Unfolding bubble like phenomeo

  9. Seth

    I have followed this channel from day one and this messaging is bonafide in every way. I don’t need validation from any other person other than trusting my own spiritual intuition and my heart, and frankly, that’s enough for me.

    What I’ve learned through the years, is that too many people outsource their viewpoints to others and and forget to trust their gut feelings. And that’s a mistake.

    For those of you who are critical of this channel, I would suggest going somewhere else, and leave the high vibration, light warriors alone. There’s so much misinformation at this point that anytime I read anything negative I assume it’s disinformation, a bot, or just low vibration individuals.

    For those of you with discernment, living with a high vibration and believe this is a grand learning opportunity (Earth classroom), keep the faith and stay tuned for something remarkable.

    To A.S., to Hakann, to Tunia, thank you for fighting the good fight, supporting all of earth with love and light, and never giving up on the ultimate plan of freedom and sovereignty for all of our people. We love you.

  10. John

    While I agree with the conclusion and most of the arguments, I again can’t support any perspective based solely on practical aspects.

    When you say “This is true for your situation as well”, I cannot completely agree… There may be a huge difference between being corrupt and being corruptible in practical terms, but I believe that on a soul level, that simply isn’t so! Free-willed beings are never defined by the circumstances they face, but how they choose to respond to them. If you base your individual morality on societal rewards, you probably deserve to live in it.

    It’s possible that many souls once within your society are now on ours precisely to face the challenge of staying true to their beliefs regardless of how much pressure comes from outside. If that is the case, even the delays and the suffering they imply represent an opportunity of redemption or improvement for many.

    Indeed, it shouldn’t be up to so-called hat people deciding when the best time for the collective to learn the truth is, and the narrative supporting such is nonsensical. But I’d rather demonstrate how their plan has already failed, because Sauron was struck down yet Isildur did not throw the ring into the fire, so to speak; than discuss the rights of Galactic Courts – who thus far seem as arbitrary and secretive as the criminals they purport to judge.

    The evil of withholding the truth, while not as evil, is just as shocking as the actual truth, and instead of healing, this attempt to dose the disclosure only brought forth the division and infighting they wanted to avoid, which in turn is being used to justify an even slower disclosure.

    Because of that, disclosure is already no longer in their hands. They too have ‘receded into an illusion’, as Tunia says, but this fact will only be learned by them in an agonizingly slow fashion… don’t get dragged into that!

    1. Raksha

      Hello John.

      I liked your comment. Great analogy about the ring.

      I think our disagreement may lie around the fact that you seem to believe that everything is included in an individual “soul contract”. While, I believe that the collective can sometimes (and often does) impact said soul contracts. I believe that we are all corruptible, depending on circumstances. And I would not say that those who fell for it, deserve it. Maybe some are gainging priceless lessons. But a lot of suffering could be leveraged without a loss in soul growth, I think.

    1. the_complaint_department

      Yes, but unfortunately people who can do that tend to be very busy writing the actual articles, since the rest of us still rely on the internet for remote viewing.

  11. Arthur

    For me there is nothing surprising in this and for a very long time. Murphy’s laws work on Earth.
    I would immediately say that this will be the case, or even worse.
    If there is a possibility that some kind of trouble could happen, then it will definitely happen.

    Every job takes more time than you think.
    Under pressure everything gets worse.
    Every solution creates new problems.
    When things are going from bad to worse, they will get even worse in the very near future.
    If the job is a failure, then any attempt to save it will only make matters worse.
    Confusion in society is constantly increasing. Only with very hard work can it be reduced somewhat.However, this very attempt will lead to an increase in total confusion.
    If the job seems easy to do, it will certainly be difficult.
    If it looks difficult, it means it is absolutely impossible to do.
    The transition scheduled for December 12, 2012 is postponed to each next year: the jam is always for tomorrow.
    And every time something goes wrong. Either the Matrix is not ready, then all sorts of quantum anomalies arise, then some toplet wavelet bombs have not yet been removed, then the reptilians have interfered again…
    So, we will soon discuss why the Galactic Court, despite its comfortable privileged position, does not arrest gray hats.
    A little later, why does the Ecumenical Court, despite its comfortable privileged position, not arrest the Galactic Court.
    And then it will be Gandalf the Gray’s turn to say: Oops… Something went wrong. :)))

  12. Silvia S.

    Hi everybody! Frankly I don’t believe in white(grey/black) hats any longer. They can use the E.T technologies and have a lot of money to live on so what? Our grand great children’children will meet here in the year 2123 to discuss whether grey hat’s grey great grand children will be doing their job. Forgive me for my playing with words :o))))Silvia S.

  13. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

    A good intention that is based on fraud. You are not channeling higher sources but you are writing them by yourself, whoever you are. These are human 3D products of the mind and anybody who is higher vibrating as myself and has been in the LBP for years can immediately discern the low frequencies of these texts and the very limited point of view which is entirely anthropocentric. The recommendations in these texts are not entirely wrong but they do not consider the two dominant processes currently – the imminent individual ascension of selected light warriors who have finished with their light body process and the planetary ascension which they drive with their light work as the Planetary Ascension Team now for decades. The fact that none of these processes are ever mentioned by these sources shows that they do not exist and this person is writing them from a very limited perspective but with good intentions, hence I do not discard his suggestions as a whole but only the underlying fraud with the channeling. By the way, there are no white hats and no dark hats and hence there can be no grey hats, this is another insidious idea coming from the dark ones and their sources that have infested the new age movement entirely.

    1. white knight

      Thank you for the advice of Russian experts. Western politicians and evil forces are constantly fabricating so-called lies to deceive the masses of the Western world. The only ones are those writers who constantly attack people with different opinions. The Western people dislike so-called wars and should tell the people of the Third World through practical actions that controlling the world is behind the capital elite. Regarding Chimera’s bad behavior, the American and Chinese people will stand by you.

        1. white knight

          Okay, let me give you some tips for the future,

          the future 3D world will last for hundreds of years, and humans can now organize collective efforts to raise collective awareness. In the future, people can call taxi services for free, and in the future, the chaos of the Earth will cause wealth to be looted, the weather will continue to be bad, and various events will continue in the future.

          You’d better try to meditate and connect to the violet flame, and you need to further eliminate these dark energies and increase your vibration frequency. You’d better have friends or other people who do this, and you can invite them. It’s best to recommend the meditation website on the Cobra Blog, where you can use violets to protect yourself.

    2. Hiromant

      Black hats is just another term for the dark controllers ruling the planet. There are also clearly benevolent forces at play working against them which we chose to call white hats. No point arguing over semantics.

    3. the_complaint_department

      Individual and planetary ascension are ultimately based on good intentions. Technology and knowledge are accessory. Fraud is inherently impossible under genuine good intent.

    4. thedave108

      Get help, my friend. You’re very mixed up. The cabal propaganda is good at confusing people, and it seems to working on you.

      Try harder, you can overcome it!

    5. Arthur

      ” The fact that none of these processes are ever mentioned by these sources “-
      Do you mean that the military coup of the “white hats” is not mentioned anywhere else? Then you are wrong. There are other sources that reported these actions a long time ago (5-10 years ago), as well as pandemics, harmful vaccinations and others. For example, this is in the Mythi messages.

      1. the_complaint_department

        [To Arthur:] I think that by ‘these sources’ he refers specifically to the ‘chaneleers’ he claims to not exist and therefore justify the claim of fraudulence; I infer from the plural that he included Tunia and R’Kok as well.

      1. KS

        i have no idea what anyone on this page is talking about, but this comment made sense to me, and i agree with it

  14. R

    Thank you, Hakan. I was amazed by the change in energy I felt when you started addressing the higher ups. Did anyone else experienced this too?

    1. A.S.

      I certainly felt the energy shift when he started addressing the gray hat higher-up, when I was channeling this message. It’s great that other people can feel that too.

      1. WK

        Thank you A.S. for continuing your impressive work of channelling these beautiful beings. Much love to you !

    2. WK

      Yes, I most definitely felt it. We must not forget that while gentle with us, Hakann’s background is military (at a Galactic level, which makes it even more impressive).

  15. David

    Hakaan and A.S. thanks so much.

    I found myself shouting very loudly whilst reading this post.

    A resounding YES!!!

    Couldn’t agree more with you.

    We all have to move NOW. The truth must prevail.

    Too many people have suffered enough.

    Where is the strength in these gray hats…..?

    They had better turn from gray to bright white right now…!!

    Step up or move aside.

    No more heartbreak.


    Namaste and love to all 🙏

  16. Hiromant

    The current pace is so glacial I’m not surprised average people don’t even realize anything is going on.

  17. Chuck

    I used to think there was a “liberation process”, I think it is better to accept that it was another level of deception.

    1. A.S.

      Speaking as myself, the channeler A.S. —

      I agree that the process is taking way too long, and that it’s agonizing and unfair. I know that people, including children, are dying and suffering. I very much empathize with people. I’m struggling to an extent too.

      That said, I do think that there have to be some people actively working for our liberation. After all, if everyone was either evil / controlled opposition / a secret black hat, and if the good galactics weren’t helping us either, then:

      – we would be in another covid or climate change lockdown right now

      – police would go door to door to covid-jab people

      – we’d probably be in a hot “draft millions of people and send them to the frontlines” US vs Russia (+ China) war right now

      – Trump’s 2016 election and Brexit probably wouldn’t have happened

      – patriots might be locked in camps right now, or we could be under a Chinese-style social credit system, or we could be forced to use carbon credits, or we’d already be under CBDC / “smart cities”.

      1. Chuck

        Maybe that’s what you say, but the gray hats are only thinking about their own good. On the other hand, the Galacticos could force things with some “Don’t look up” type event.

        1. A.S.

          Well, I agree they’re thinking too much about their own good and doing too little, but I believe they genuinely are doing some good things, including things that don’t directly benefit them. It’s just all hush-hush and behind the scenes. If the gray hats weren’t doing anything altruistic, I think some of the things I listed (such as patriots being put in camps) would already have happened.

          Though maybe this is an agree-to-disagree point between us.

          The following isn’t channeled, it’s just the impression that I have. I have the impression that if things keep getting worse like this, then at some point the galactics will take drastic action — whether that’s triggering the solar flash / event, whether that’s them physically arresting both gray hats and black hats and taking over the media themselves, or something like that. They prefer Earth humans to fix their own mess (because that means the resulting society will be stable), but they’re not going to sit by and watch humanity get completely enslaved.

          That said, I think the “if nothing happens, galactics step in” point won’t be in 2023 — it may be in 2024, 2025 or 2026.

          1. Kevin G

            “At the same time, the people are suffering to an unacceptable degree. And we consider it to be your responsibility to end that — not a year from now, but very soon.”

            Based on that quote from Hakann it will hopefully be very soon like 2023-2024.

          2. A.S.

            Kevin: fair point, but there’s a difference between “I want you gray hats to move say next month” and “If you gray hats haven’t moved next month, then next month we’ll take over the media ourselves / the solar flash will be triggered / something like that.”

            The galactics aren’t a hive-mind. Very broadly speaking there’s one group of galactics who wants to end people’s suffering as soon as possible. And there’s one group of galactics who is more concerned with “if we intervene and basically just hand these Earth humans a beautiful civilization out of nowhere, then we might repeat Atlantis’s fall, and that would be a huge disaster that would cause untold suffering. Therefore let’s give the people on Earth every opportunity to do the arrests themselves.”

            With that in mind, the impression I’m getting is to expect a large-scale galactic intervention (if the gray hats haven’t done a lot by then) in 2024, 2025 or 2026. I know this period sucks and I’ve again requested the galactics to intervene as quickly as possible, but that’s what I expect.

            That said, 2024 isn’t that far away.

  18. Tricia

    Thank you A.S and Dear Brother Hakaan for bringing this message today. I agree so much with the statement about taking so long to sort this mess out on Earth. I love the message to the grey hats I truly hope they listen 🙏