Message from Babaji: What Takes You Through the Days?

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Make sure your relationships remain vibrant, true and loving. This is the greatest treasure at this time. You can hardly influence what happens outside. When the storm rages, when thousands of years of rubbish is discharged and when top turns to bottom, then it is important to ensure well-being and well-being in your own area.

Withdraw from the world when you are overwhelmed by events, migrate into your innermost being when unrest spreads around you and find support in your lively and intact relationships.

Family and healthy relationships carry you through these days, true friends and real human encounters give you the energy and strength you need for your life now.

Born as soul families

Nobody is born a hermit. Nobody is left to their own devices, nobody has to master their life alone. Born as a soul family, your appointments come true.

Today the true soul families come together and, united, they bring all their strength into the process of elevation. Rely on and trust each other! Seek strength in the community, encourage yourself in the community, find support in the community!

You achieve mastery yourself, but you are never alone on the path there. Accompanied by heavenly and earthly powers, you will reach your destination safely.

A big misunderstanding is believing that walking the path to self means being alone. The universe is always at your service.

God given

You are accompanied in everyday life in ways imaginable and unthinkable and you are surrounded by luminous powers in your everyday life.

Very often the greatest angels are your friends, people who are embodied with you and who help shape the New Earth with you. Very often, the brightest lights are in your family, so no one has to fear when there are challenges to overcome and trials to overcome. You walk this path of light together and although everyone has to walk themselves, no one walks alone.

I place this knowledge deep in your heart today, beloved human being, because your mastery has many fathers and knows many mothers.

Only the will remains with you, everything else is GOD-GIVEN!