The Upsurge of Cosmic Energy

By Judith Kusel

I am spending more time in nature, as I am being called to truly tune into the earth’s energy fields as well as the cosmic ones.

I feel a huge surge in cosmic energy pouring in, and this is not just result of solar flares, but indeed the full opening of the New Earth energies and the beginning of the New Golden Age. I am shown so many new species and species which we thought extinct now rising to the fore, and with it, there is a huge upsurge in energy from the waters.

I was meditating at a spot today, where I could tune into the energy of the waters, and I could sense the immense power emanating from those waters, such as I have never felt before. This extends to waves upon waves of energy pouring through the crystal pyramids and crystalline pyramid energy grids of the earth, as well as the spine as a new axle of earth (spine) is pulsating with life as the New Earth is larger than the Old earth.

These new surges of energy of the 5th to 7th dimensional frequency, and yet the Intergalactic Counsels now assisting this process are even 12th to 13th dimensional, such as Andromeda. The Andromedans are pouring the heart opening energy into this planet as they are the artists, the musicians, the beautifiers of the cosmos, and immensely powerfully heart-centered. Andromeda holds the cosmic heart.

We are in for immensely powerful life changes in all and every form and nothing can stop this process and no one. All is happening by Divine Decree and all is on track.

Note that with this all will surface in your own life, which now need to finally let go of, and this includes all negative karmic patterns ever created with other souls, and all you have not dealt with in some form or another.

It is in truth a total purification by the White Flame if Illumination, and all which is not of its purity will show up to be cleansed and cleared away.

There is such an inpouring love and your heart center will expand more and more, as you open yourself to ever higher degrees of love in its purest sense, as this is indeed the return to Innocence, the truth of who and what we were created to be, as the purity and perfection of our souls shine through.

I am so deeply inspired when I am writing this, and have tears of gratitude.

May you be blessed into the core of your heart, and soul and the depths of your Being, and may your intensely feel the inpouring of Divine Love as the angels of love lift you and carry you, as you are being reborn.