Archangel Michael: The Path of Freedom is Paved with Love

Channel: Deborah Faith

Beloved Hearts,

The world of illusion will always project mass consciousness, until at such point, the axis begins to shift and the light begins to BE the dominant factor, then the mist of the illusion shall become ethereal and begin to dissolve into nothingness.

Did you know God and Humanity are in this together?

In the Gardens of Eden there was a time when angels walked along-side humans and this time shall come to pass again. Only this time, it shall endure, for Earth has served her purpose, and those who have chosen to incarnate with her in this game of mists and illusion.

There are still those caught up in the illusion and this is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing because while there are those who are still choosing fear over love, there has to be those who still remain in the shadows so to speak to play the part of the villain – the rogue, the scoundrel, the anti-hero.

Remember time serves you. Ultimately All in Divine time.

Humanity is currently on a mission to becoming re-acquainted with the Truth of the Self – The Truth of your BEING.

So then you may want to question:

Who are you? What is your primary purpose for being here? Do you know that you are divinity(love) incarnated? Do you live this truth in every moment of every day? Is your divinity emanating its Presence through you in everything action, word and thought? How well do you know this part of you?

This is the part of you that is invisible to the human eye but is not separate from you.

This part of you exists in your feelings – in your emotions.

In this year of 2023 make it your mission to rediscover who you are.

Build a friendship with your God Self. Learn to deeply love and trust your God Self. This deep level of trust is what will serve humanity and the future you are all co-creating for a new reality, a New Earth where freedom reigns supreme. A New Earth where Peace, Love and Joy are the natural state of Being.

Let your eyes be opened in awareness – this is what it means to live in coherence – in unity versus separation.

Learn to turn within for the peace of mind, for the assurance, for the comfort, for the feeling of complete-ness and fullness which comes only when one is living in the light of the Father Mother Love consciousness.

For this to occur humanity must surrender – let go of the old ways of being in order to allow the new energy which is love, peace ,freedom and joy to become fully established on Earth.

Let me also say that this process cannot be thwarted. Nor can it be contained. It is inevitable. It is decreed by God and so shall it BE.

And let me also say that resistance is a part of this process because the more you let go of the old ego, the harder the fight (of the ego) becomes. And this is how you will know; you are making progress!

More and more the shadows will come forward to be obliterated – demolished and eliminated. This is evident in the world – but do not let it throw you off balance – for it serves a purpose.

When the shadows show up, you are given another blessed opportunity to express the Truth of your Being – to express the LOVE that exists at the center and core of you.

Humanity are in the process of reaching a higher level of awareness. This higher level of awareness will keep building up – raising the Light quotient of the Planet which has a reverberating effect on everything and everyone. This is known as the domino effect. What touches one, touches another.

What is it that you can do to bring about this shift sooner rather than later?

Open your heart to Love and allow yourself to be envelop the Love that is there for you.  Feel it, live it, breathe it! In every moment, do this. Then visualize your Love and Light emanating from every pore of your being and see everything it touches becoming infused with Light.

You ARE Light. You ARE Love. KNOW THIS.

The path of freedom is paved with Love.

To keep yourself in alignment with your Truth it is essential that you ‘plug in’ to your Inner Being – your God Self on a regular basis. Ask to FEEL this divine Presence always and in every way. Move with it. Live in it. Breathe it. Express it.   It will give you strength, it will give your courage, it will protect you, heal you, support you in every way, always. Allow it to come forth from within you.

There is no other way. The Avatars have taught and demonstrated this Truth.

Love IS the Great Redeemer. The Great Healer, the Great Transformer.

The time is NOW for humanity to know itself as Love, through compassion, through kindness, through temperance.

Keep your focus high – aim high! Look to the Stars, and you shall see your Self.

~ I AM Archangel Michael, your Brother in Unconditional Love.


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