Archangel Michael: Continue to Wield my Sword of Truth

Channel: James McConnell

I am Archangel Michael. I come to be with you at this time, in these moments of great change.

You have heard that many times now: “change is upon you, change is coming.” And for those that do not have eyes to see and ears to hear, where is the change? They do not see it. And then they have said to you, even, at various times, “What change? Nothing is changing.”

But indeed, for those of you that do have the eyes to see and ears to hear, you know that there is great change upon you. But this is what you came here for long ago in this long sojourn throughout life, lifetime after lifetime, finding yourselves in one situation after another, having completely forgotten who you were.

In this lifetime you are remembering, assured from your guides that you are remembering deep within you, whether in your sleep state or your waking state. But know that all of you on this call, and many of you that resonate to these words, are with me often in the dream state, the dream state that is not actually a dream. It is a waking state in another dimensional experience. You are there battling right along side of me as my Warriors of Light, each one of you brandishing my Blue Sword of Truth, and the light shining out from that sword, similar in some ways to your light sabers in ‘Star Wars.’

Know that each and every one of you is here upon your mission now, a mission that is coming closer and closer for many of you. And many of you are going to begin to remember, remember in your dream state. It will come through your dreams, and you’ll remember those dreams more and more, and realize that I have already said, and others have told you, that it is simply another dimensional experience that you are having. It is real. It is even more real in that stage than your waking state is now.

You’re going to remember more and more of these dreams. And more and more of you are going to have what you talked about in your discussion earlier, lucid dreams, knowing that you are in the dream state, knowing that you are in a different reality, and being able to take control of that reality, which will then move to your waking state as a knowing deep within you that you are, indeed, powerful beyond measure.

All is coming together. All is coming together as a part of the great universal plan. The plan that has been in the works for thousands and thousands of years and is now more and more coming to a climax, coming to a crescendo. Know that in any musical composition, at some point in that composition there is that crescendo where everything builds to that maximum.

You are building to that maximum now, coming to the crest or the precipice as you stand and look out over the vistas, standing at a high mountain looking out at the vista in front of you and being ready to jump off, jump off that precipice into what would conceive to be over the end; but it is in reality a new beginning.

I am Archangel Michael. And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to remember who you are, and that you do weld my Blue Sword of Truth, each and ever one of you. Utilize it. When you feel the need arise.

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2 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Continue to Wield my Sword of Truth”

  1. john

    Everything is very real more so than anyone could imagine. love to all and wield your truths.