The Steps to Take Towards Fulfilling Your Soul Mission

By Cendrine

To fulfil our soul mission and soul purpose, the most important thing we can do every day is to find soul and heart alignment.


Every day in your prayer and meditation, write down the following to connect to your soul and your mission:

“I am (name), and as a divine soul, I am free. I am free from pain, doubts, procrastination and fear. I am courageous and strong and I know why I am here. I have an endless number of resources, power knowledge, intelligence and trust and faith in myself to be able to walk on my path every single day. This is who I am”

Every day write it down and say it out loud. You can even record yourself saying your Soul’s Anchors and listen to the recording every day. Doing this will rewire your subconscious mind to the truth of your divinity.

This is also known as the Soul’s Anchors exercise and you can find out more about how to do it and download the worksheet here.


The next thing to do is to place yourself at the centre point of your fractal and you observe your human. From here you can see the gap between the true divine soul that you are and your human. Our human experiences doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs, our human is feeding and chewing on the pain body.

This keeps the pain body alive and it grows and becomes a living being. The pain body of the human can then take over our divine soul and direct our lives. If we identify with the pain body with the human, the pace will be slow.

From the centre point of your fractal, you can observe your human and what is crippling your HUMAN. Not you as the divine infinite soul that you are.

“My human is crippled by doubt, my human is procrastinating, my human doesn’t know what to do. What does my human need?”

We talk like this to our human. By doing this we can pinpoint exactly what our human needs so that you can actually move forward with your soul mission.


Your heart is the truth of your own divinity. It is your soul. Your heart is very important here!

The heart will share and will say beautiful things to reassure your human. The heart will always show compassion for your situation without any judgement. The heart will see us, hear us and support us.

But the heart will also tell you exactly what you need to hear, that you need to follow your soul mission because it is the only way you will be truly fulfilled as it is what you were born to do.

When we listen to our heart or channel our heart, we need to write down what it says.


The mind will come in with very logical and convincing reasons not for following our soul mission. The mind comes in with all of the ‘buts’.

We then need to learn how to dance with the heart and the mind.

The heart might say “Trust, have faith, drop everything, you will be fine and held”.

That’s great, but the human might not be at that stage where the nervous system is strong enough to drop everything, quit their job, leave the country, sell everything and so on.

The human is freaked out so the mind will help us figure out what step to take first. Our mind helps us to break down the steps needed to close the gap between the human and our heart, our divine soul.


We have our soul mission and our purpose that our heart is guiding us towards.

We then have to create a strategy on how to get there.

From the strategy, we go into tactics. Tactics are what we do every day.

From the tactics, we get to self-discipline.

Spiritual self-discipline is extremely important and is what is going to change everything.

It’s important to have objectives or goals, especially if procrastination is an issue.

Every single day you need to do something towards your soul mission, no matter how small. Make sure your objective is not overwhelming, it needs to be achievable so that you can stick to it consistently.


Always look back at your day and feel proud and grateful for yourself. This is so important.

Celebrate yourself, even if it is something very small. Celebrate yourself and how awesome you are every day!

You already have everything that you need!! 

We already have every tool that we need to be able to get to where we want to go. There is nothing that we are missing.

If we unapologetically believe in ourselves, we will be able to pierce through all of the density. 

We are God, Source, divine consciousness – nothing is missing. There is nothing broken about ourselves that will prevent us from getting what it is that we want.

Remember that our desires are there to create a pathway of freedom, abundance, happiness, love and connection. 

Our value is not measured by the things that we accomplish. Our value is measured by rising up to the occasion to be the best version of ourselves every day.

With divine love,