The Telosians: Everything is Transforming and Mutating

Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

We greet you, dear children of Earth. We are your galactic brothers, who take great pleasure in passing on their messages to you.

Right now, you need more and more support, moral help and Love, because everything that’s happening on Earth is stirring you up, and drawing you into emotions that are sometimes unconscious, but nonetheless real.

These emotions that run through your body, your cells, are very stirring because you’re constantly asking yourself questions about the delicate events happening around you. There are floods, landslides, mountains collapsing into large rocks, leading to accidents of varying degrees of severity, etc….

You’ve been through a major earthquake and floods, as announced in previous messages, to make you understand that the Earth is alive, totally alive. It too is experiencing disruptive moments created, as we have often told you, by humanity’s negative thoughts. These negative thoughts reach the Earth’s heart and body, affect her energies and create turbulence of varying degrees.

Lately, many geological and climatic events have been taking place. In the months to come, there will be many more that will lower humanity’s spirits. Yes, we’re talking about “lowering your morale”, which means creating stronger and stronger emotions. Emotions of fear and dread of all kinds. This will last for a while, but we want to tell you this: Be confident in Life, because what’s happening now is the end of an earthly human civilization that no longer has any reason to exist.

As your consciousnesses have become much more attuned to True Life, you can no longer live as you did just a short time ago. It’s important that everything around you be transformed, so that you can finally arrive at the NEW EARTH. We often speak of the NEW EARTH because, indeed, that’s what’s coming your way in the times ahead.

But the NEW EARTH you are about to encounter needs to be purified, to be illuminated by Divine Light and Pure Love. That’s why there’s so much turmoil right now, because it’s VERY IMPORTANT, we repeat VERY IMPORTANT, for you and for the Earth to let go of everything that made up your life in times past.

Now you’re in the midst of a major transition that’s shaking you up and confusing you, because you don’t know where you stand anymore, you’re losing your old points of reference, you’re more or less lost in what’s going on around you, you’re often misunderstood, etc., etc….

You also resent your rulers, who don’t seem to be doing anything to support and reassure you, as you thought they were doing before. But until now, your rulers have been manipulating you, and becoming aware of this leads you to think that life is more than bizarre and incomprehensible. Previously, your rulers told you everything you had to do, everything you had to understand, and you weren’t yourselves – you were sheep being led by an unloving shepherd.

Now everything has changed. You’ve become aware, particularly since the confinements you’ve experienced, that life isn’t what you’ve lived it to be, but that it’s up to you to decide on your own life, to make your own choices, and not constantly bend your back to obey orders from beings who think only of themselves and not of you.

You’re currently in a jumble of confused thoughts, in a jumble of dark thoughts about what’s happening. But we say to you: rejoice in what’s happening around you, even if, unfortunately, some souls are leaving. Yes, rejoice in all this, for you are witnessing the gradual disappearance of a life that no longer has any place, that is purifying itself in order to arrive at a luminous life full of Love.

When there is a profound change in a life, it goes through various “mournings”, not only in relation to the departure of humans, but “mournings” in relation to the loss of material goods, in relation to relationships at work etc…

Everything is changing and mutating. Even humans are mutating, not only in their DNA but also in their biological form. Humans are going to grow more, they’re going to have more precise creative thoughts (they’re going to be able to create through thought) etc… Humans are becoming what they were originally on Earth. Of course, this will take place over a longer or shorter period of time, but that’s what’s happening.

Dear Children of the Earth, brothers and sisters on Earth, have confidence in what you are experiencing, and live the present moment in Joy. Every day, every moment of your days needs to be lived in joy.


3 Replies to “The Telosians: Everything is Transforming and Mutating”

  1. white knight

    Thank you to the life of Future Star for telling the truth about the future,

    We believe that future humans are not just called new humans, but there are very few future humans in the real world. They come here to tell the world that everything is about to lead to the sixth biological extinction, whether it is war, disaster, or accident chaos, the only thing is that the creatures here disappear. In the future, when a new Earth is established, perhaps people tell the end of the world that the Earth is about to end and rebuild, This cycle began to appear and then gradually disappeared,We need to accelerate the time to leave here through ascension, rather than waiting for a spaceship to rescue us