Daily Message for 9/19/2023

The structures and institutions of the Third Dimension, which were invented by entities who never had humanity’s best interests in mind, are all going to collapse. The only thing that is keeping these systems afloat and barely functioning is humanity’s fear, of letting go, and opening up to something greater. ~Kejraj

5 Replies to “Daily Message for 9/19/2023”

  1. Beleaguered Anon

    The Lightforces should just take over- I disagree with the premise that somehow a lacking on the part of Humanity is responsible for how things are on The Earth! With The Chimera Gone there is less reason or excuse not to have Intervention! The dark forces should just be forced to capitulate and perhaps a Carrot approach can be used with Humanoid Members! Without saying who or what I have noticed that the game playing by certain organizations or media sources won’t cease or stop and that should be remedied Immediately! Thanks For Your Attention And May God And Angels Bless Us All!

  2. marybogdan

    Yup, you nailed it here, Kejraj! Letting go of fear! Leaping into the unknown and creating a beautiful new world are the key to supreme sovereignty! Thank you for your great contribution here! ❤️

  3. Paladin

    They are causing a lot of death and destruction on their way out. So worse is better?

    Look at what they have done to Ukraine.

    1. Dahniayl Benyahmeen

      Paladin, suggest U, and others, go to this website today:
      There find truthful info, unedited, regarding the Biden, Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild, JPMorgan, and other CRIMINAL family histories.
      Ukraine has been involved, with Full Support! from multiple crime families to to produce illegal Mini Nuclear weapons, massive automobile chop shop’s, etc., using American and British tax payers monies.
      Did U known the Queen of England was actually GERMAN!. Yes that includes Prince Phillip, etc.
      Think out side the box! The truth, truth is there to be found, when seeking from the Heart ❤️
      Have a Blessed Life!