Hannelore: That’s Why I’m Here

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

H: Dearest Jahn, I’m with you! Do we want to finish the book?

JJK:I’m ready and have a question for you: “What exactly is the simultaneity?” From your perspective, you can perceive everything at the same time in the NOW. Also the lives we have already lived and the ones we are yet to live. So what happens if I don’t find the path to my soul’s plan during a lifetime and make completely different decisions? Doesn’t everything change? Or to put it another way: Is EVERY possibility represented in this NOW? I’m also asking because I was once told that my mother – and I’m using this as an example and not as a therapy – should have supported me in my assignments. But things turned out completely differently, at some point she simply took a different turn. From your perspective, do you see EVERY variant? That would mean,

It is a great insight because it leads to the conclusion that no person can ever be a victim. If I know what I’m getting into before I’m born, see the risks – and still plunge into the adventure of people, families and ancestry, then victim status has lost its right. I think this realization is incredibly liberating…

Goodbye victim status

H: Everything is visible, every potential, yes – there is no victim consciousness. A victim attitude is always imaginary and self-created.

JJK: A lot of people will be gasping now…

H: Look, the victim position is comfortable. You don’t need to take responsibility. Every person lives lives that are completely shaped by this attitude until it becomes unpleasant and unbearable. If powerlessness and guilt are categories in which you like to move, you’ll gasp now, you’re right, Jahn… (with a smile)

Guilt and responsibility

JJK: But isn’t there blame on this lower level of 3D? I can take guilt if I hurt someone?

H: Yes, on this level – but not once you are in the light.

JJK: How can I overcome guilt while I’m on earth?

H: By starting to take responsibility for everything in your life. Then guilt becomes responsibility. This inner attitude raises your vibration and automatically lifts you out of this matrix. If you become aware of a wrongdoing, take responsibility for correcting it at the level at which it occurred.

JJK: “…and sin no more!” as Jesus said.

Is it possible to make up for the “outstanding debts” of a 3D life after death in the light?

H: Yes – always! Everyone is invited to this. How does this happen? By reliving what you experienced. Lo and behold, experiencing this is an incredible gift.

Almost everyone brings unresolved relationship issues to light. What happens to it? We replay this past life scene and heal it by correcting our decision. It is genuine and real, the stage is there, we enter it as if we were still in the middle of earthly life.

JJK: But what if only I am ready for correction and the person who may still be on earth is not?

H: This is an energetic process, although real, but it does not change the reality in which a person wants to remain. What changes is the basic energy, even for those who do not yet want or cannot forgive. On this basis, real forgiveness will one day be possible for everyone involved in an injustice. And for you, who corrects something in this way, means leaving the relevant topic. This means you leave a conflict zone.

It doesn’t matter if you both agree – the only thing that matters is your intention and your actions. Retrospective reparation is a miracle for the soul.

Heaven always has a SOLUTION for EVERYTHING!

In the higher planes of being, victim consciousness is completely unknown. Entities that have never incarnated in this density find this concept difficult to understand. There is action in being – projects succeed or fail, you can develop or fail, a sense of victimhood is never associated with it.

Now back to your question: Yes, you too saw everything and knew everything before you were born into this current life.

Plan A and timelines

JJK: Is there an “ideal” version of life? The “perfect” blueprint?

H: Yes! There is ONE blueprint, Plan A, according to which a human life should be designed. The more precisely you live this, the more fulfilling your life is. If changes come in the way or you decide differently, then a new storyline is created and at the same time a new timeline. This is how it happens that people oscillate between timelines throughout their lives.

Every decision creates a new world. What we perceive on earth are different vibration fields – from light-filled, sublime to lightless-depressing. So we commute between worlds several times a day and don’t notice it. Only sometimes do we ask ourselves: “What was that or where did I get myself into it?” People surf different timelines throughout their lives.

JJK: That means the empty space that surrounds us is full of life, since these worlds have to be somewhere.

H: That’s how it is – on a different frequency, nested together, holographically structured and invisible to human eyes.

The universe is full of life in an infinite number of worlds. What a person perceives when he looks at the sky or when he orients himself in the matrix hardly represents more than 0.01 percent of what really exists, even if his consciousness is highly developed. It is an incredible experience to have this memory – it is a package of knowledge uploaded into consciousness – suddenly and all at once as you glide into the light.

Can everyone remember?

JJK: Does this memory return to every person when they are dying or after death?

H: No! This varies from person to person, from consciousness to consciousness. It depends on the level you arrive at. Not every person is a master. Most people experiment unconsciously, a larger group experiments consciously and very few are in the process of mastery. For the master group, everything feels familiar and they have an insatiable longing for the transcendent.

JJK: As for you, I would like to ask you if you are coming back to earth – or is that it?

H: I’m coming back to earth, just not to this earth. A new era with newborn humans begins on earth. Then with me too!

JJK: I have seen a film and have already received several clues that show that there were once huge trees and that the earth once looked completely different. As if negative aliens had exploited this planet and taken over the resources.

We humans were once much larger, lived in abundance, had technology that served us and was far superior to today’s, knew no wars and lived for hundreds of years. This serious intervention is said to have happened around 200 years ago: 1816, the “year without a sun”, was therefore not due to a volcanic eruption in Indonesia, but to a planetary event that changed the entire surface of the earth and had an unfavorable effect on all life. In summary, is that correct?

The fake story

H: People have never been as small as they are today, small in physical size and small in mental perspective. Everything has been shrunk and reduced to the dimensions you know. As absolute as this deception was, the awakening is vehement, impressive and powerful – and it is happening now.

JJK: What happened around 200 years ago?

H: One humanity was replaced by another humanity. The exploitation of the planet reached its peak and everything had to give way.

JJK: Who were the exploiters?

H: Strange entities from a distant galaxy. The original self-confident human race was destroyed, a new history was devised and presented to the “new people”. The only purpose of establishing compulsory schooling was to program people into the appropriate view of history. However, no lie is so finely woven that it can withstand the divine light in the long term. This truth is also now coming to light.

Try to measure what leap in consciousness is possible through these revelations!? So today you will gradually become familiar with it. This is the reason why, from a human perspective, some things take so long and happen so slowly:

You will be accustomed to the truth, led to the truth so that you can integrate it layer by layer.

JJK: Phew, that’s awesome! What was it like for you when you reached the “top” and experienced all of this?

H: Of course, completely natural! It’s not news to us when we arrive in the light – we just remember, that’s all. Truth can only explode ideas and worldviews where it is completely absent. Where there are no reference points to the truth, it cannot shine through.

If you have been opened to the truth, then even the unimaginable is completely natural. When we leave our earthly vessel, we become aware of this in a moment of grace. As long as we live on earth, we cannot see the entire spectrum. It is beyond the reach of our consciousness.

It’s about the truth

That’s why so many reference points are being made right now and the truth is seeping out everywhere!

The truth cannot be delivered with a water cannon, but is instilled into people little by little. This is the way – and this method takes time.

JJK: Yesterday I read this OUR book several times and worked on the reading flow.

The readers should be able to understand the whole story of our friendship and founding of the publishing house chronologically. Your messages form the core of the book and are the absolute highlight. Just receiving your messages is a huge gift for me.

Considering the confidence, hope and beauty that awaits us in death and especially afterwards, many could become jealous or even look forward to dying.

H: My aim is to show the connection between the earthly and the supernatural in order to free dying from the “fear-affectedness”. As soon as death loses its sting, no one has to suppress it anymore.

I myself had very great unacknowledged fears of death. Even when my life was about to end, I couldn’t immediately embrace death.

The “fearlessness” I often brought into meetings was a protective claim so that I didn’t have to delve deeper into the topics – you knew it (with a smile).

When death finally knocked on my door and I entered the dying process, everything changed. Suddenly gates opened and my consciousness became permeable to the divine. I was able to give up all resistance and see who I really am.

Because of this, it was easy for me to acknowledge my errors and heal them. It was obvious and a completely natural process.

76 years in 3 days

There was no guilt! Forgiveness was requested and granted, what could be recognized was recognized, and where energy balancing needed to take place, this took place. After that I was free! Within 3 days, all pain-causing episodes of 76 Earth years were viewed, corrected and healed.

The prerequisite for this is unconditional devotion to the truth. That’s why not every person can complete their life so thoroughly. However, as soon as every person prepares for the great journey, he is given the opportunity to do so. It is never too late, never over, never hopeless! There are always ways and support. There are so many light beings with us and at the end of a life we ​​are nourished by their love – and healed in their light.

That changes everything, that creates the loving space for EVERY healing.

For lack of love

Everything that people exchange and do to each other in the way of negativity is due to a lack of love, a lack of acceptance. And now imagine coming to a level where love circulates in limitless abundance.

The amniotic fluid for angels is pure love!

You return from an earthly life full of rejection and limitations and suddenly you experience that you are unconditionally accepted and loved. Just as you are, you are perfect and divine!

This truth is often conveyed to you in seminars on earth, but feeling it in every cell, capturing it with every ray of consciousness and perceiving it as the only reality has a completely different dimension.

There is no one to whom you have to prove anything, no one who demands or expects anything from you. There is no distribution of testimonies in heaven!

So what happens in the transition phase?

At the end of our book I would like to return to this so that the beautiful, sublime and happy event of my passing can be solidified in your hearts. It is these inner images that will lift you out of fear if you upload them often enough and make them conscious.

Anxiety surrounds dying and death. Death is supposed to be joyless and you forbid joy even when saying goodbye. Instead of dancing along, you hang your heads. It is time that you approach the dying with more lightness and see death as a bridge to the light – and not as an abyss that swallows you up.

Do you really think GOD leaves you alone when you need HIM most?!

Don’t be fooled any longer! My report bears witness to how it is and how it can be for you too – and will be when you are ready!

On the bridge into the light?

So what happens when you cross over? Our blatant lack of love will be completely removed and remedied until our energies are harmonized and vibrate at the frequency of God again. Our cells are taken apart and reassembled at the etheric level.

Actually, we are dying. However, what we leave behind is only the solid body. Just as a caterpillar sheds its cocoon, our consciousness escapes the limiting body and is reborn. Death is truly our birth into being.

Afterwards we are a new person! And only on this basis is it possible for us to fully say YES to the transformation of outstanding life issues.

And the unthinkable happened: in an instant I was able to accept and shed my entire life – with no residue, no attachments, no return ticket! Why? Because what awaits us all afterwards is an all-powerful offer to which I said YES with all my heart.

I came back to reveal this to you, that’s why I’m here!

Imagine …

Imagine being madly in love! Everything changes, you no longer perceive the world around you – and if you do, then only in radiantly beautiful images. The whole world is reflected in the eyes of your loved one – and now you can imagine it a million times bigger and more intense.

This is what happens when you die – so: Live into this bliss with every breath! We hear, see and dream each other again.

I love you so much!


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  1. Aly

    This conversation is STUNNING in its truth! I feel its resonance deep within me. THANK YOU for sharing it!