Laka: Life On Neptune

Received by Judith

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

As We Continue With Information Regarding Other Planets And Stars That You Are Aware Of In Your Moments On Earth, Know In Truth That Many Beings Will Seem Very Strange In Your Perception. As We Explore The Facets Of Their Existence, You Might Relate To The Soul Of The Being Rather Than Their Appearance.

Neptune Is A Planet That Most Humans Have At Least Heard Mentioned By Others. The Name Given By The Beings Of Their Home Is DURETU. The Beings Call Themselves ‘HODAGEES’. Indeed, You Must Realize These Are Sounds Of Energy Constructs To Allow Your Ability To Receive These Frequencies To Be Seamless In Accordance With Communication.

The HODAGEES Stand Tall At Eight Feet In Height. They Walk Upright On Two Legs And Their Two Arms Are As Tentacles Would Appear On An Octopus. Millions Of Years Ago They Visited Earth Often And For Thousands Of Years They Brought Life Forms Of What Are Known As Octopuses Now. These Resemble The HODAGEES In The Tentacle Aspect But These Are As You Would Understand Animals To Be. The HODAGEES Would Never Leave Their Home To Live Elsewhere But Leaving Life Forms To Thrive Was Their Way Of Connecting To Earth. Even Now, The Octopus Shows Intelligence And Emotion As Those In Ongoing Life On DURETU.

The HODAGEES Wear No Garments At All. Their Skin Is Yellowish Gray. They Procreate Energetically And Live Almost One Thousand Years. They Choose To Incarnate Back Into Their Own Race.

Created By Source Energy, They Found Their First Life After The Creation Of Souls In Elohim. The HODAGEES Were Visited By The Galactic Federation And Introduced To Technology And The Creation Of Crafts. They Enjoy Having Rectangular Shaped Crafts With Large Pools Within. They Spend Large Amounts Of Time In Water As Their Tentacles Increase Spirit Communication.They Were Invited To Attend Meetings To Determine Their Future Of Light. They Declined To Join In Service But The Future Of DURETO Is Promising With The Unity Of Galactic Civilizations.

Their Homes Are Created From A Material Like Hardened Clay. These Are Creations Of Art That The HODAGEES Enjoy Designing. They Carve Intricate Images Of Sacred Geometry Into The Soft Material Before It Hardens. The Result Is Living In Works Of Art. They Are Prolific With Sculpting Statues And Pottery And They Enjoy Bright Vivid Colors In Their Decor.

Their View Of Life Is Oneness And They Are Peaceful And Loving To All Beings. They Are Considered To Be Friends To All Souls Created In Elohim. They Look Forward To Moments Of Peace For All Beings!

The Creatures That Were Brought To Earth And Called Octopus Are Called WEMA On DURETO. These Are Seen On Land And In The Oceans Of DURETO. They Scurry And Play With Young HODAGEES As They Jump And Run Through The Area. There Are Crystals, Flowers And Colorful Mountains Enjoyed By This Race. They Enjoy Drums And Singing As They Share Meals And Gather For Meetings.

HODAGEES Have Ventured To Areas Undetected Around Your Planet. Their Love For You Is Real And They Are Aware Of The Soon Coming Shift. They Desire To See The Inhabitants Of The Earth Knowing Peace And Unity.

Be As One!
You Have Always Had Friends In High Places!

I Love You So!


2 Replies to “Laka: Life On Neptune”

  1. tigersnack1114

    Honestly…….stories that grossly overuse capitalized words, too much BOLD type or start every word off with a capital………I do not read.

  2. Fernando Páez

    Las publicaciones de este ser, que dice llamarse ‘Judit’, parecen estar dirigidas a retrasados mentales.