Sananda: As the Veil Comes Crashing Down

Channel: James McConnell

I am Sananda. I come to be with you at this time, in these continuing momentous changes that are happening here on this planet and within all of you.

For you are all going through great changes within your body. And as of yet, you are not fully aware of those changes that are happening. Changes, indeed, to your molecular structure, even, to your cellular structure that is happening, as the carbon system that your physical body has been is changing now to a crystalline light structure. So know that. Know that all is changing, both within and without. So within, so without; so above, so below. And you are going through a miraculous change. Not, of course, the change for ascension yet, but as you have heard many times, it is all a process, a process that you are moving through, as the old programming. The programming that you have had much of this life, and many lifetimes before this. That programming is beginning to fade away more and more, and being replaced by new programming, your new programming, your new creative programming that you are bringing into yourself. Because you are so much more than what you had been programmed to believe.

So all of you now, continue to trust. Trust in yourself. Trust in the great plan that is in the works bringing about momentous change as the old programming more and more begins to fade away. The old three-dimensional system, the matrix, if you will, fades away more and more. As the veil comes crashing down upon all of those that are still, as of yet, nonbelievers, still fast asleep in their slumber.

But because of all of you, the awakened ones, the ones that came here for the purpose of awakening mankind, because of all of you, there are those that still are yet to awaken, and shall awaken. And just as I, Yeshua, roamed the Earth and went about my mission to at that time bring an end to the old programming as much as possible, but as you know, so many were asleep and did not hear my message, my message of love, my message of faith, my message of the power within each individual, and the power in each individual leading to the power of the Christ Consciousness within the collective consciousness of man. But in many respects, I did not complete my mission. You, on the other hand, are in the process of completing your mission, your mission to bring back the power and the sovereignty within each individual, and within the collective consciousness of man. The power is within each and every one of you as the vibrational frequency increases within you and outside of you, bringing down the old matrix and replacing it with the new higher vibrational matrix, if you will. Consciousness and vibration—it is everything, and is all things.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. That you continue to vibrate higher and higher within yourself, being aware of what is happening, but not becoming attached to it. For attachment holds you back from the ascension process. Peace and love be with all of you.

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One Reply to “Sananda: As the Veil Comes Crashing Down”

  1. tigersnack1114

    Wow these new energies are something else! Ive been dealing with ascension symptoms since 2012 and watching closely.

    My Family is stuck on a “Cycle of Abuse” and I, along with an older sister, are helping heal the entire line that goes back a long ways. Horrible things…..

    It is BRUTAL as …being an outdoor, jock kind of guy, I will be overwhelmed with such pain, hurt and grief out of nowhere I will start crying and break down. I am purging this stuff.
    I ask for all the help I can get and I am wondering how many of the asleep folks will have to go through this?
    Sure hope not many and that we Frist Wave’rs are here early to complete the healing of generations, not just ourselves.

    RHETORICAL Questions/statements:
    Will we have a great awakening/solar flash/Wave of Love/something that ignites us inside?
    My Intuition tells me we will all awaken at some point soon and from there, we will all need to decide which path we’ll take. Some younger souls will stay in 3D. The rest of us will move upwards and love the new energy of being awakened.

    Then…we will ascend, when ready, with our human bodies.

    LOL…..I could be wrong by a mile or I could be spot on.
    I am Operating on the Intuition of an Old Soul Lyran.

    Follow what YOUR OWN intuition guides you to do…….