The Collective of Ascended Masters: Help from the Ascended Masters is Coming

Channel: Daniel Scranton

Blessings. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters.

We do enjoy so very much the opportunity to speak to you in this way, because we feel so very connected to you and because we do know that you reach out and up to us frequently. We have no physical hearts, but the saying is appropriate that our hearts do go out to you. We are coming to you from the twelfth dimension, which is a nonphysical dimension, and because we are nonphysical, we are nowhere and we are everywhere at the same time. That means you do not ever have to feel that we are far away from you or that we could possibly not hear you because of any distance between you and us. There is no such thing.

You can always count on your prayers being answered, and we can always count on you to come up with more prayers. We are, of course, very grateful for the opportunity to serve, to help, to be of assistance in whatever ways that we can. Sometimes in order for you to receive our assistance, you need to experience the virtue of patience, but you are also there to experience faith and trust. Why would you want to experience those things, you might wonder? It is because you want to get to that place of knowing, that place of oneness with any and every desire that you have. Faith, trust, and patience are stepping stones to get you to where you ultimately want to go and truly always are in your truest form. Therefore, when you are feeling lack of faith, and when you are feeling impatient, it means that you just need to relax and breathe more deeply.

You need to remind yourselves that your prayers are always answered and that everything is already done that could ever be done. You are there to experience life but not to make everything happen through action, and therefore Divine Patience within you is a trait of the Divine Feminine. It is important for you to recognize when actions are appropriate and when actions are taken out of a lack of faith, because when you experience a lack of faith, you know you are moving in the wrong direction from where you ultimately want to go. You are not disappointing us, or Source, or any other aspect of you by not showing faith, but you are not as aligned as you could be with the truths that we are sharing with you here today about everything already being done and all of your prayers being answered.

Every time you experience doubt, worry, and anxiety, be grateful that you caught it, because some people spend their whole lives in those states of being. And so in the moment when you catch yourselves on one of those thought streams, just celebrate the fact that you’re about to get off of it. Celebrate that you will remember to relax and breathe more deeply sooner the next time. Now, of course, those actions that can be taken and that do have power will be so inspired that you won’t question them and nothing will get in your way when you initiate those action states. So you can relax in regards to missing the boat as well. You are not to going to miss the boat by not taking action, because your actions will be so inspired that wild horses will not be able to stop you from taking those most appropriate and aligned actions. 

We want you to feel for whether what we are saying to you right now resonates, and when you get that feeling of alignment within you, then you know you can trust what you are getting. The same is true when it comes to something that happens inside of you, like an intuitive hit or an inspired thought. The resonance you feel with it is telling you that you can trust it and to move forward with it. And we want to remind you that what is coming to you from within is always coming. Sometimes you are more attentive to your inner realm than others, and therefore, we recommend time where you’re sitting quietly, whether it’s meditation or not, and just allowing that which is coming to you to flow. We also invite you to recognize that even when something is coming to you from within, it can still be initiated from here in the twelfth dimension and from the likes of us, the ascended masters.

That is all for now. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters, and we are always amongst you.