From 3D To 4D And 5D: Karma Infection

By Lev

In addition to the topic addressed in Our Past (see – Disclosure News, 19 September 2023), on this same day, at 06:57 PM CET, the Lightwarriors’ ground team shared their personal technique of how they are cleansing from karma infection and prevent its new forming in selves. Perhaps their experience and hints will be useful to someone.

To increase the efficiency of that work, some perform it under meditative music, others – under a soft bell ringing, others – in absolute silence. But the main condition is a sincere intention, coming from the bottom of the heart. Mechanical execution, as a sort of duty, should be categorically avoided.

It is advisable to carry out that procedure before going to bed, or in the morning, after waking up. How exactly?

1. Enter a meditative state, relax.

2. Recall the main moments of the day, analyze whether they could lead to the formation of karma. At the same time, it is important to take into account that our actions (conscious or unconscious) to other people or events, as well as NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND ESPECIALLY EMOTIONS can lead to this. For example, against those reckless fire-eaters who rudely and brazenly violate the road rules. Usually such karma manifests and remains forever in the form of the local reality segment distortion when occurred.

3. If we remember a potentially karma-forming event, we need to tune in to it as if we are reliving it and imagine a different course of its development, favorable and without negative action.

4. Send the Light and Love of our heart to this event. If we believe that a karma-forming action has been committed towards us by another person or a group of people, sincerely, from the bottom of our heart, FORGIVE THEM.

5. If we believe that the karma-forming action was committed by us in relation to another person or a group of people, sincerely, from the bottom of our heart, ASK THEM TO FORGIVE US.

6. As a rule, at the moment of negative action, emotions and thoughts, karma is formed not only in a person, but also in space, where the KARMA OF REALITY appears. To annihilate it, direct Light and Love from our heart to that area (including residential or other premises) where it happened. As if it is flooded with Love and Light and returns to an ideal state.

We can also mentally turn to Karma Lords and ask them to take a direct part in correcting of this space-time continuum section, which we or others have distorted, and temporarily place it in our multidimensional body for recovery.

In this case, a segment is usually entered corresponding to the event at the time when it occurred. Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt. Heart vibrations can only jump up and a feeling of heat on the face. But it’s even useful as prep for the transition into 4D. The same technique can be repeated at that place, if we ever will be there again.

Sometimes Lightwarriors use anti-karmic express-technique when, due to various circumstances, they haven’t time, opportunity and strength for long-term work. The timing is the same: in the evening or in the morning.

1. Enter a meditative state, relax.

2. Sincerely, from the bottom of our heart apologize to everyone we’ve wronged, caused harm, pain, suffering, willingly or unwittingly.

3. Sincerely, wholeheartedly ask for forgiveness from everyone who has caused us evil, pain, suffering, willingly or unwittingly.

4. Send the Light and Love of our heart to possible karma-forming situations.

5. Send Light and Love from our heart to the Earth’s reality field, in which karma-forming situations could occur.

6. Send the Light and Love of our heart to entire Earth, mentally imagine how their waves spreads through it.

Such are the hints… The power of our thoughts and emotions not only drives our actions, but also shapes future events and our destiny. We are personally responsible for how we think, feel and act, and the Universe will never allow the influx of our dirt in it. Each of us has free will and choice freedom. Every positive thought, consciously or unconsciously thrown into space, is a blessing. It is realized as a vibration, infinitely subtle, but has a truly cosmic power.

A lot of terrible things are happening right now. Aggression, hatred and malice are spreading everywhere. Under their impact, we further amplify negative energies, plunging the world into chaos and darkness, slowing down our evolution, destroying the energy field of our existence. If we stop resisting evil, it will destroy us. The wasp prefers to die, but still stings. So the evil people, knowing that they are doomed and spiritual death awaits them, still try to make malicious mischief.

Today, one of the greatest battles is taking place on the physical and Subtle Plane. The new era brings a new consciousness. Take it. Everything that ever happens to us in life happens for a reason, there are explanations for it. We must be aware and clearly understand the significance of our thoughts and actions, and learn to correct their karmic ramifications. Good luck to all of us.