Message from Sai Baba: Fastest Path to Freedom

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

JJK: The term “freedom” is on everyone’s lips and whenever it is mentioned, I ask myself whether we have to free ourselves from something in order to become free or just choose freedom? What is the much-quoted “freedom” really about?

SAI BABA: You are free when you know yourself and follow your soul path. Knowing yourself is always the first step to freedom.

Anyone who lives a life lie is not free and can never make authentic decisions – decisions that support the soul’s path. First of all, it’s about knowing yourself; without this basic requirement, you have little idea what to do with freedom.

Freeing yourself from something is necessary so that you can break through to yourself, so that you can break through into your heart and soul. Freeing yourself from all the rubbish you are confronted with on this level is the first step towards freedom, but it does not bring freedom itself.

After you have cleaned up within yourself and gotten to know and accept yourself, freedom takes on a completely new meaning, a new value.

JJK: That means first courageously looking in the mirror and getting to know yourself. Only then are clear and correct decisions possible. Freedom is always a choice – right?

SAI BABA: Freedom is the natural desire of every human being. A person who is not internally free has not yet worked his way through to this desire. In this way, such a person lives without realizing it, locked in his mind prison like a slave. I am speaking of inner freedom and not of circumcision or granting of outer freedom. It is important to achieve this inner freedom and this means recognizing the inner blockages and obstacles and removing them from the way.

Freedom is a matter of consciousness and not a matter of spatial conditions or external circumstances – regardless of what they are.

Inner freedom vs. outer freedom

JJK: Now many people will ask: “What if our freedom is restricted, like during Corona? How do we deal with the fact that we are constantly exposed to attacks from the system and that our freedom is threatened everywhere? Now the abolition of cash is on the agenda, freedom of travel is to be restricted because of the climate and in the end the 15-minute city beckons.”

Is that freedom or, to put it another way, what use is inner freedom to me if I can no longer move and develop freely as a human being?

SAI BABA: Inner freedom is the key so that you can react and respond to these demands and plans like a free person!

What you are describing is a plan that is unworkable at the level you are now moving towards. That’s why it’s crucial that you gain your inner freedom now, that you emancipate yourself from opinions and life concepts and really live YOUR LIFE. Only then will you be able to give the right answers to these attacks and plans.

An internally programmed and unfree person, a person who has never really come to terms with themselves and their true needs, always remains a victim.

On the basis of inner freedom, you are able to make correct and consistent decisions. A liberated person is the one who has liberated himself, and not the one who has been liberated by second or third parties. It’s you who matters. Anyone who offers you freedom should be ignored; anyone who wants to give you freedom is not worth your time.

Whoever throws you back on yourself and reminds you of your true strength and inner power, trust him.

JJK: Somehow I understand that, but then the question arises: people now want and need solutions to stop certain developments. If everyone waits until they have freed themselves, then surely it will take a very long time and there is no time left?

Search in the right place!

SAI BABA: You’re wrong, Jahn. The only and immediate solution is to turn to your inner self now. This is the most direct and quickest path to freedom. The solution is you.

Everything that happens outside and is connected to the topic of freedom only deserves your attention once you have internally said goodbye and freed yourself from foreign opinions and false beliefs. As soon as you have penetrated to yourself, can feel yourself and live your true needs, the path to freedom begins.

What does your soul have in store for you? What is the meaning of your being? What does GOD want from you? What is your life, why are you here? There is no freedom without having found an answer to these existential questions.

On what basis do you make your decisions? Do you know each other? This is the first question if you want to take the path towards freedom. I give you freedom, but then what? What do you want to decide in the interests of freedom if you are not free inside?

People like to make their freedom dependent on external circumstances. True freedom, however, is achieved within and is linked to the question of the meaning of a human life.

Are you looking for freedom? Look in the right place and you will find it.

I’ll help you with this and I’ll be there if you need me. I am there when a light needs to be lit to shine on your path.

I’m here.