Sirius Lion Beings: Return of Lemurian Consciousness

Channel: Lucy

It’s time beloveds to speak again from the knowingness you have of how creation works.

Each of you hold wisdom keys yes?

Beloveds each of you were given and agreed to guard a wisdom key that unlocks that knowingness in another when you speak what you see. When you speak what you know, what you see about creation and how it works.

Each of you guarded a piece of the wisdom of creation in wholeness and oneness.

Throughout your fall into forgetting and separation. Through the uncomfortable shift into the 3d reality you physically inhabit with its laws of science that guard and guide you now.

Each of you holds a key of wisdom that connects you to spatial and temporal awareness beyond the third dimension. The quantum capacity that allows you to transnavigate temporally and spatially – and dimensionally – and beyond that holographically. To do your work, to reconnect with the pieces that call you home to that remembering.

This is the homecoming of lemurian consciousness.

Now lemuria returns. It was a point in creation when humanity – a pocket of humanity – was able to cocreate in conscious unity within Gaia and accomplish feats that appear phenomenal now. Where you do, as you say, sculpt rocks into being. Shape the landscape by working with the elementals, with Gaia, with the planetary consciousnesses.

And playfully with your other human beings around a shared intention. A shared focus. A focus that comes from, we would say, a place of listening and creating. Listening to what is conducive somewhere in a landscape. And creating what you are then inspired to bring in that did not exist before. So; this lovely alchemy between what is already there and what has not yet come into being.

That is the dance and living in the breath in between that dance, of what is already there – and listening – and being inspired to call in what has never existed before – that’s the alchemy human beings were designed for.

And you are reawakening your Lemurian consciousness connections now. Creation codes that put you back in touch with the phenomenal. Not so that you can have phenomena. Not so that you can be exceptional in ways that stun and shock and surprise.

But so that you can remember and call home the manifest world of human creations into a greater vibration of Oneness.

Not so that you can change the face of the planet and its appearance (clicks fingers) in the blink of an eye – although of course you can. That potential exists within you and is your birthright – you are working towards that and the akash of the human blueprint will support that as you develop and progress in this direction.

But the dreamers who know why they dream, how it works, why a dream can influence consciousness that then can influence the manifestation into matter of something seeded within awareness.

The clues are all around you and yes you will uncover more in coming months and certainly in coming years. Because it is a ripe time. Human consciousness is ripe for this remembering.

You can integrate this knowledge which has been forgotten for so many years without it shocking your realities or causing distress or disrupting your systems.

You can integrate with harmony and kindness and benevolence creation codes that come from your Lemurian ancestry.

So what seems unfathomable and impossible, there’s a how behind it. There’s a mechanism to why it works. There’s a science and a technology to how all this functions. You don’t need the knowing of that technology at this point. You will. And there are those who will bring it to you.

You do however thrive, come to life around all this and integrate your Lemurian conscious awareness and creation codes, opening your own wisdom key that you’ve guarded in this for so long, for so many eons…when you seed new futures and new manifestations by calling them into being and imagining the impossible.

Here is where technology can be your friend if you choose to use it this way. Artificial intelligence in the field of art causes, with good reason, much consternation and cause for concern. However one of the core benefits we would cite is that it encourages you to dream, visualise and call for in the hearts, in the very fibre of your being, the impossible. The as yet unimagined – the “we could not physically make this but we’d love to see it in the world.”

That is the nature of how big a shift we are encouraging you to make in your visioning of a world becoming new. For you all have become accustomed to a visual landscape that bears no relationship to what really truly honours who you are, as sovereign masters of cocoreation within Gaia.

Let the boundaries of your imagination dissolve utterly and be free – be out beyond them for you will break out beyond so many of the limitations that have fettered the way your world looks and behaves.

Thank you. We are the Sirians – the Lion Beings from Sirius.

And we delight to speak with you now. Thank you for hearing us.

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2 Replies to “Sirius Lion Beings: Return of Lemurian Consciousness”

  1. medeamenefee2126

    I can’t tell how greatful I am for this information. This has answered a question I have had for so long. Why and how do I know the “things” I know at such a young age.
    Bless all and love all