Being Practical While Being Spiritual

By Dr Schavi M Ali

While many of us realize that SOURCE (GOD, INFINITE PRESENCE, INTELLIGENT TRANSCENDENCE, the ALL) is sending massive amounts of LIGHT to Earth for purposes of clearing, cleansing, and illumination—three words that are constantly used in recent teachings –we also know that the process of transforming this realm to the “New Golden Age” of peace and righteousness is a gradual process and not one which occurs instantaneously.

Humanity must be made to understand the errors of past ages as well as the current one and how those errors keep most of mankind in a lowered state of consciousness with a small percentage endeavoring to keep themselves elevated to Divine principles.

Mankind continues to develop dangerous technological devices—each one with increased capability to achieve some sort of perceived success in certain aspects of progress in human life.

Thus, cell phones, computers, lap tops, micro-wave ovens, watches, cell towers, and more—are constantly “upgraded” (a term I use in jest here) in power.

As they are “upgraded”, mankind is exposed to harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

Already, day after day, Earth is being bombarded with dangerous ions (molecules containing atoms and subatomic particles of positively-charging protons) coming into the depleted magnetosphere of Earth as our Sun unleashes its own electrons, protons, and neutrons (and more) which are the plasma particles known scientifically as “Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)” which themselves are challenging physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Yes, everything is LIGHT, but one of the actions of SOURCE LIGHT is that it is cleaning-up what mankind has damaged while also sending energies of consciousness elevation for those who desire it.

In other words, there is the LIGHT from “beyond the beyond” and there is LIGHT whose purpose is to rid this realm of debris in thought, word, and deed.

Two types of LIGHT from one DIVINE SOURCE. Mankind’s insistence, however, on working against SOURCE LIGHT, and thus, its refusal (consciously or unconsciously) to rise higher in “being-ness”, carries damaging experiences.

Scientific research (mainstream as well as more spiritually-oriented studies) show that the harmful type of radiation has the same “symptoms” as “LIGHT ACTIVATION EXPERIENCES”, a few of which are: daily extreme fatigue, aches and pains, headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and more.

Even those persons who are having mostly “LIGHT ACTIVATION EXPERIENCES” still must contend with mankind’s dangerous technology because it is everywhere!

However, at creation, because SOURCE always knew that mankind would misuse its free will, gave us substances—and allowed them to be discovered— that have been shown in the most recent scientific research to have powerful protection for us against harmful unseen—but certainly felt—discomforts of technology that is pouring out the types of EMF charges that are depleting.

Wearing the substances mentioned as either pendants, necklaces, prayer malas, bracelets, and rings soak-up harmful rays and shield the auric fields from invasion.

They also have amazing healing abilities such as lowering blood pressure, calming the nervous system, and strengthening the immune system. These substances are: AMAZONITE, AMBER, BLACK TOURMALINE, COPPER, HEMATITE, PYRITE, and SHUNGITE. ORGANITES which contain these substances are also advisable to carry.

Of course, AMBER is not a stone or crystal. It is resin from ancient coniferous pine trees which has hardened after many millions of years.

The above substances contain—among other wonderful components— iron and carbon which are the main protective dynamics of them.

Also, AMBER contains healing “succinic acid”, and in the early twentieth century, Dr. Robert Koch received a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research on the healing properties of AMBER’s “succinic acid”.

Place the above substances near your computers, televisions, and wi-fi routers.

Have all family members wear them. Place them on your tables beside your beds. Anchor them to your cell phones.

Your protective jewelry should not be teeny-tiny in size, but it should also not be so large as to be heavy and uncomfortable to wear. However, it must be rather substantial in size.

Our world is not going to be without technology, even though there will be events which occur where they will not adequately work (which is already periodically happening) as a message from SOURCE about mankind going too far in tampering with Nature.

So, while we must certainly continue to pray and meditate for our planet, we must also realize that the larger percentage of humanity has yet to become oriented to the thoughts, words, and actions that will heal and protect our planet.

Increasing numbers of people are elevating, but not yet enough to make an impact on the political, sociological, medical, and even religious ideologies that can change a potential cataclysmic future to a peaceful one.

Thus, those with HIGHER KNOWLEDGE must ignore the scoffs, negations, and criticisms of the spiritually bankrupt, and instead, govern themselves and help only those who ask for help.

Today, Sunday, 9/24.2023, once again solar flares are in the strong “M-Class” category; CMEs are flying off; and particle plasma is surging into the Earth.

There has been a “5.1” magnitude earthquake in Indonesia and a total of 98 thus far in the past 24 hours of lesser magnitudes.

There are lots of sunspots crackling with strong flaring activity.

There is a tale that I have mentioned previously that is worth repeating now as cosmic energetics continue to ramp-up.

One day the Holy Prophet Muhamad arrived at a cafe to eat with some of his followers. As he got off of his camel, he tied its ropes to a post.

Muhammad’s followers were amazed at this because they gave him almost Divine status.

So, they said to him: “Holy Prophet, why have you tied your camel? Will not Allah protect us while we eat so that the camels will not run away?” The answer from the Holy Prophet was: “Of course Allah has given us Divine principles, but also common sense. So, trust in God, but tie your camels!”

Therefore, as we pray and meditate for a better world which SOURCE is providing us the knowledge to achieve via cleansing, clearing and illumination, protect your auric fields from invasion of harmful radiation! Receiving SOURCE LIGHT does not entail being foolish and tip-toeing through the tulips of fantasy.