The One: Transmitters Are Us

Channel: Sophia Love

It is the One.

Thank you.

Today, let us speak of war, or of what will appear to the uninitiated as all-out war. This is a reference to the final show of major force from those who have, until now, been in control of Earth’s society.

Realize that they have not been in control of the Earth itself, but of the society on her. Gaia controls herself, and is a living, breathing being.

These former controllers will execute some form of damage to signify their exit. It will all be very confusing, as “good guys” seem to become “bad guys,” while “bad guys” seem to become the “good” ones.

You have been told that this is an illusion, and it is true. There are multitudes of falsehoods that will be exposed in the coming days, weeks, months and, in some cases, years. It has been a slow escalation to blatant attempts at ownership and manipulation. The reversal of it won’t be instantaneous. It will evolve. There will be some initial outings and reversals. There is to be prosperity instilled here in the interim, in order to bring some comfort to the citizenry.

What you will witness will look like war. Yet in actuality is the final play by the former controllers, with swift response by the “white hats.” It will be relatively brief, as the “white hats” are expecting this and are prepared.

What will be brief will be the action. The fallout from the action will be the lengthy part of the process.

It is suggested that you, once again, adapt your lives to changing circumstances with ease and joy, knowing that these discomforts are both necessary and temporary. You are prepared for this.

This is why you are here. It is the stability of your purpose that will fortify your light. Your light will be, and is, a place of grounding and strength for your fellow Humans. It amps up now in preparation for this upcoming phase.

You will notice an increasing number of synchronicities in your daily life. As you do, realize that these are signals of your ramping up. Your light, your frequency, your sensitivity all emerge now in their fullness. For these are developed within you to a greater extent than has been utilized or imagined.

It is not necessary that you imagine it in order for it to manifest now. It is necessary that you accept it. Trust your instincts and visions and insights. Each moment that you are drawn to has magnetized the connection. It is purposeful. Your reach now is instantaneous and broad. Consciousness will guide your choices and responses.

Pay attention to bodily responses as well. Many will be temporary, short-term reactions to the frequency changes or the influx of light. You are built for this, and become now a transmitter for the others.

Your purpose will be fulfilled in earnest now. Treat all of life gently, regardless of any prior assumptions you may have held about said life. Many things will surprise you, including true identities and purposes. Gentility will ease this upcoming passage for everyone you engage.

So, do not assume any violence you witness as a necessary part of your process. This transformation reaches all levels and plays out in proportion to the distortion. The greater impact it had on Humanity, the more powerfully it will present. It is a function of the energy, and its expression. Violence need not be a part of your personal effort. Peace becomes the most beneficial choice.

This peace will eventually, and quickly, present globally as the obvious solution. At that point it will be known that the change is real. The re-building can begin in earnest then.

Again, realize that you are not witnessing the beginning of a war, but the end of an occupation.

This is cause for celebration. Once the dust settles, your New Earth will be built on a foundation from that celebration. This is one of Joy. This is one of Love. This is one of Global Benefit, as well as Peace. Your work now shows its effect with this “changing of the guard.”

You have done well. This next part will be active and it will be exciting. You will see. There will be reasons to rejoice and many of them.

That is all.

Thank you.


5 Replies to “The One: Transmitters Are Us”

  1. R. C

    Yes, continue to be passive and find joy in the sufferring, now that’s a good pet *pat, pat*.

    And beg the fake reptilian and his crew for help and they will [not] come save you.

    Hint: This was orchestrated as far back as the 1930s.

    Never mind Wernher von Braun’s warning of the final card they will play being “the alien card”.

    Enjoy the fantasy, you’ve been primed well, no fault of your own.

    I believe they claimed to land ships back around the year 2000 too, bit of a delay. Must be engine failure. Oh that’s right they don’t see time as we do LOL. Oops they meant 2023.

  2. previouslyjohnl

    My old girlfriend used to work at Borders – I worked at B Dalton for ten years -my favorite job – this was quite a while back – Peace

  3. Casey Kay

    All day long receiving books at Barnes and Noble. My thoughts were the titles of books as I was unboxing them. It has happened before but never multiple, or in this case 5-6

    1. previouslyjohnl

      I worked at B Dalton for ten years – this was quite a while back – fave job – Peace