The Universe is a Direct Reflection

By Amma Grace

The universe is a direct reflection of our own sense of value and self love (worthiness) and is directly reflected back to us. I am due to move yet again… the 5th relocation within 5 years… I am slowly getting fed up. But each time I move I am getting upgraded and currently I am looking for at new home which should manifest in less than 3 weeks.

The universe is currently showing me that things I would dare to believe existed, in fact, DO exist. Miracles of abundance and divine opportunities. The universe is showing me and telling me… pick and choose. I have now seen two houses (for rent) which are absolutely high class to an amount of money that is hard to believe. Like this is too good to be true… no, miracles exists, divine abundance is right here in all the colours of the rainbow and at hand.

Still have not signed a lease but what I am shown right now is blowing my mind. I am definately in for a cosmic treat… so exciting to soar on wings of joy and witnessing what is in store. By the end of next week I will know my new anchor point. This is soooooo exciting!

My higher self and teams of light is orchestrating everything to the smallest detail and catering for all my needs. All I need to do is to be alert, attuned and aligned from my sacred heart and being the holy grail, receive and allowing the perfect outcome coming to me.

What an adventure and exploration of consciousness this is…. one breath at a time life is unfolding for the highest good in the most miraculous ways.

Trusting and surrendering is the key.

Aside to that a lot of old structures, paradigms, imprints both collectively and personally are being erased and transmuted… it is like having a rug pulled away from under your feet. Be ready to be catapulted onto a brand new course far away from your comfort zone.

Feels risky at time, feels crazy or insane to the mind, thus staying firmly anchored in our sacred heart is the only way we can transition this leg of our evolution, where the world as we know it, is literally falling apart! Fires, storms, floods, earthquakes… yes as we know there is an agenda behind all this. But at the same time…. the earth is purging and cleansing to her innermost core, all outdated structures, paradigms and beliefs that holds together the earth hologram thru our collective mind has to die, to give birth to the new heaven, which is emerging from within the heart of hearts in all of us.

Grounding is paramount right now, spend as much time as possible in nature, to cleanse and balance your subtle bodies and to allow your body to reconfigurate all the ongoing photonic light codes pouring in from the sun and the galactic core and from beyond this galaxy.

You can do this and have been preparing for this for thousands of years… to come here at this time for this grand purge and shift of ages. Bring it on… you came here to shine in all your might and restore eden. You are the miracle. Your time is now.

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