UN General Assembly Approves Global Pandemic “Authority” With Lockdown Enforcement Powers

By Casie B.

Dennis Francis, president of the UN General Assembly (UNGA), has ignored the objections of 11 countries and approved the UN declaration on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response without submitting it to a full assembly vote.

This declaration aims to form a global pandemic authority that has a range of disturbing powers, such as the ability to enforce lockdowns, push for universal vaccination, and censor what it deems “misinformation.”

Some of the points it calls for include:

Increased surveillance and digital health documents: The declaration supports the use of digital health technologies for “implementing and supporting health measures and bolstering national response efforts” in the event of a health emergency or pandemic. Vaccine passports would fall under the category of digital health technologies.

Universal vaccination: Another alarming component of the declaration is the “deep concern” it expresses about dropping vaccination rates around the world. It vows to support the research and development of vaccines, calling routine vaccination a cost-effective and efficient public health intervention. The declaration calls for improving “routine immunization, vaccination, and outreach capacities, including by providing evidence-based information on promoting confidence, uptake, demand,” in addition to “expanding vaccine coverage to prevent outbreaks as well as the spread and re-emergence of communicable diseases.”

Making COVID-19-related temporary powers permanent: The declaration also emphasizes the need to build on the practices and lessons that were learned from the pandemic and turn temporary powers into permanent ones sustainably.

Establishing a pandemic fund: The declaration seeks to launch a pandemic fund of $30 billion per year for “critical investments” related to preparing for and responding to pandemics.

Censoring vaccine critics: The new declaration also voices “concern that health-related misinformation and disinformation negatively impacted routine immunization services globally” and calls for measures to be implemented to address what it considers to be misinformation, particularly on social media platforms. It also wants to take steps to counteract vaccine hesitancy and create more trust in public health authorities.

Supporters of the declaration believe it will aid worldwide collaboration in preventing pandemics and improving public health. The World Health Organization claims it will apply some of the lessons that were learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the move is causing a lot of concern among those who understand its implications, like Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney, who calls it “unprecedented..

He said: “There’s no getting around the fact that it’s going to come at the expense of the sovereignty of the various nations that will subsequently be told that they have an emergency and told what they have to do about it.”

Bioweapons expert and international law professor for the University of Illinois, Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph. D., said: “This is a full-court press to have the entirety of the United Nations Organization, its specialized agencies, and its affiliated organizations, back up and support their proposed globalist WHO worldwide totalitarian medical and scientific police state.”

Critics are also concerned that the declaration’s support of COVID-19-style restrictions will close schools and essentially force women out of their jobs and potentially into poverty.

Nearly a dozen nations were against the declaration

The representatives of 11 countries wrote a letter to the president of the UNGA expressing reservations about the declaration. The letter stated: “Our delegations are convinced that this is no way to handle multilateral and intergovernmental negotiations on issues of great relevance for the international community, particularly for developing countries.”

Boyle is accusing the UNGA of misrepresenting the declaration by having the UNGA president approve it because they knew that it would not pass the UNGA as a consensus resolution given the 11 objections.


5 Replies to “UN General Assembly Approves Global Pandemic “Authority” With Lockdown Enforcement Powers”

  1. Vendetter

    All this demonstrates is the clear and present optics as to the make believe agenda of the unelected numbskull aka UN.

  2. Sacred Clown / Heyoka- One who has Spots

    Its gonna be flopping so hard that the slap on the floor will birth an age where we never have this poopy stuff ever again. My right thigh injection hurt from that because they tried to immunize me outside my consent when I was unconscious and I frightened myself for the severity of damage unaccounted for and the intentional destruction further thats planned to be commited (which will also likely fail, and the perpetuators will take no accountability for their actions on their end- its a wakeup call to rid the nations of their Satanic leaderships and agendas and usher a new age of peace and serenity between nations, and I mean it too!!) Genocide against humanity whether preplanned, already occured or etc. Any and all is going to be crime against humanity and murder of the individual- not in self defense either, or for a meal (for those relying on hunting sustainably, even nature too is giving but not to those gluttonous and uncaring of source). It will be the worst wakeup call to hear and aknowledge the worst of worse crimes and everyone will shudder and cry in revolt where we will no longer tolerate it and pass on. Those who don’t learn will repeat lessons and incarnate again to another prison planet, if Earth isn’t one already (big yikes, better work on intent and I REALLY mean this!!) Have a good one folks- Ohm Na Ohm Ahh Uhhm Nahh Ouhhmm

    Kombo Yassa

    Kombo: noun A ceremonial form of greeting, employed by chiefs in many parts of Africa.

    Etymology. The word yasa or Yassa exists in both Mongolic and Turkic languages. It is believed that the word comes from the Mongolian verb as- or yas- which means “to set in order”.

    Grandfather Tunkashila with us

    1. tigersnack1114

      What is so outrageously FUNNY ……this has ZERO chance of ever passing…while they are going ahead Full Steam and coming out into the open with this nonsense.
      Add the Klaus Schwab story earlier in Sept saying the WEF should rule Euro countries as the Rich and Powerful always knows what is best for the People….

      LOL what Knuckleheads =) SHINE LIGHT On them!!!

      1. unionylibertad

        Agreed…They are delusional…They are so hungry for power, they are going crazy…They know at this point they have lost the war…They are on their way out, and they keep lying about their current situation…