WEF Confession: Water Crisis Will Succeed in Establishing World Government Where COVID & Climate Change Failed

By Jamie White

A World Economic Forum contributor claimed that a coming water crisis will succeed in establishing a world government where the COVID plandemic and the climate change narratives failed.

A clip from the WEF’s Davos meeting last year which received little attention at the time but is now going viral shows WEF spokesperson Professor Mariana Mazzucato lamenting how COVID and climate change failed to bring about a world government before insinuating that a water crisis will be the catalyst that imposes a world government upon humanity.

“Did we actually manage to vaccinate everyone in the world? No. So highlighting water as a global commons and what it means to work together and see it both out of a global commons perspective but also the self-interest perspective, because it does have that parallel, is not only important, but it’s also important because we haven’t managed to solve those problems which had similar attributes. And water is something that people understand,” Mazzucato, founding Director of the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, said during a WEF forum on the “economics of water.”

“Climate change is a bit abstract. Some people understand it really well, some understand it a bit, some just don’t understand it.”

“Water, every kid knows how important it is to have water. When you’re playing football and you’re thirsty, you need water,” she noted.

“So there’s also something about really getting citizen engagement around this and really in some ways experimenting with this notion of the common good.”

“Can we actually deliver this time in ways we have failed miserably other times? And hopefully we won’t keep failing on the other things, but anyway,” she added.

According to the WEF’s description, the purpose of the discussion was to formulate a “2-year initiative to transform the Economics of Water. The report and action plan will reshape how we talk about, value, and manage water in the rest of the 21st century.”

The WEF failed to control humanity with a bioengineered virus, failed to control humanity with the lie that the planet is dying, and is now targeting water as a means of imposing its world government agenda.

Watch the full WEF conference:


2 Replies to “WEF Confession: Water Crisis Will Succeed in Establishing World Government Where COVID & Climate Change Failed”

  1. I wanna see the elite stub their toe

    They will not hold themselves accountable to any wrong doing but means to encapsulate the sentient who were pure and only influenced by their external environment to ever do wrong. Thereby trying to point fingers or herd people unlawfully won’t work, as they are guilty of hypocrisy and won’t allieve themselves of the same suffering that they thrust upon the public (guilty) and all courts on Earth rule on their behalf, and militarism is expended to destroy lives- not save them.

  2. Leander

    There is a reason why WEF failed. People of the world are ignoring them.

    As you do with the UNELECTED.