Estimated Ten Thousand Ukrainian Soldiers Use Special Frequency to Surrender to Russian Troops

It’s being said that you won’t see this story on the BBC or CBS News.

More than 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered to Russian troops and are being fed and given medical care.

Two reports on it: First, Clayton and Natalie Morris of Redacted look at the thousands surrendering to Russian troops, convinced that the war is lost. They say they don’t want to die for a lost cause.

Hit graphic to watch video. Go to 34:10 for coverage of possible Ukrainian collapse.

Second is the Gateway Pundit’s coverage.

Better Call Volga: 10,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender Using Special Radio Frequency to Escape Meat Grinder

Richard Abelson, Gateway Pundit, Sep. 27, 2023


Ukrainian troops are surrendering in droves, Russian TASS news agency claims, to the extent that Moscow has set up a special radio frequency so Ukrainian soldiers wishing to survive the Meat Grinder can do so safely.

Approximately 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered to the Russians using the special 149.200 “Volga” radio frequency, which has been operating since mid-summer, TASS reported.

“Now more than 10,000 Ukrainian servicemen have already chosen life and used the 149.200 ‘Volga’ frequency to surrender. The captives are being fed; they are being provided with all necessary medical care,” a source told TASS, saying the radio frequency works along the entire front.

The operational source noted the number of Ukrainian soldiers surrendering has increased recently. There is a pro-Russian underground active within Ukraine,  the source said, who inform soldiers about how to surrender.

“There have already been cases in (the frontline village of) Rabotino when Ukrainian fighters made use of the 149.200 ‘Volga’ frequency to surrender in entire groups,” the Union of Veterans of the Special Military Operation told TASS.

The 149.200 frequency, is designed to be used by Ukrainian soldiers who want to surrender to reach the Russian military, saving the Ukrainian servicemen from risking their lives crossing minefields to reach the Russian lines.

According to Moscow’s latest estimates, Kiev has lost more than 17,000 servicemen this month alone. The total number of Ukrainian troops killed since the counteroffensive began has now surpassed 83,000, with over 10,000 pieces of heavy military hardware destroyed, the Russian military claims.


3 Replies to “Estimated Ten Thousand Ukrainian Soldiers Use Special Frequency to Surrender to Russian Troops”

  1. jay carter

    I don t believe that Putin is totally given to do what is right I think He knows that Ukraine is a vast resource of electricity and natural gas things that Europe will pay big dollars for but when it comes to human life being thrown away by those who also want these resources and know if they throw dollars at it they will get massive returns on investment this is where Putin’s sense of right is far different these greedy people who cover themselves in a saving the planet religion which we must all give to but just the prophets the preachers are exempt from having to pony up in any way because they are the ones that brought this earth-saving message to you

  2. Paladin

    The Jewish war to depopulate Ukraine of Slavic peoples so they could reclaim Khazaria has failed, although they have done immeasurable damage to that region and have killed 100’s of thousands.

    I wait for the day that the degenerate,
    midget, Jewish, crossdresser Zelensky will be put on trial and executed for mass murder by the Ukrainians.

    However, Israeli and US (one and the same) intelligence will whisk him away to his multimillion dollar mansion in Israel.

  3. john

    Over 450.000 lives lost so far no wonder the Ukranians are surrendering they are the first victims of this war if their goverment cared atall they would sue for peace. love to all.