Daily Message for 10/02/2023

The dark does not want your light and love. They want your anger and hatred. Your fear. Your energies of sadness, despair, hopelessness. You emitting lower vibes, feeds them, and serves their agenda. Send them light and love. For their house of cards has collapsed. Move forward without fear. And know that peace will be the final outcome. ~Kejraj

6 Replies to “Daily Message for 10/02/2023”

  1. scott

    Do it at now! Don’t fucking wait! What happened to atlantis is not about you give too much! it’s about you give too less. If you were good parents, children won’t went wrong! If you are smart parents, you children won’t be angry. If you’re not smart enough, listen to your children!

  2. scott

    Fuck you. Do you ever experienced family murdered? Why can’t you just come down end everything. You already know dark is such a gross thing, why you still waste us in gross. If you making excuses about we got to do that completely by ourseleves, then don’t talk about ascension, don’t talk about you have high technology and love. Fuck you Up.

  3. tigersnack1114

    To the Dark Ones: I offer another chance to return to the LIGHT! =) I also give thanks for helping motivate us towards Ascension, although THAT isnt what you had in mind …lol. Knuckleheads!
    You are trapped. Nowhere you can hide that higher technology cant find you, in or on Earth.
    Cant get off the planet.
    Cant commit suicide as we’ll get you on the other side as well.

    come back to the LIGHT