The “Air Vaccine” Is Here, No Needle Necessary To Get mRNA Technology Into Humans

By Mac Slavo

The “air vaccine” is here and it’s able to deliver mRNA technology into the human body without a needle injection. The mRNA can be delivered right into the lungs and has been used to “vaccinate” mice intranasally.

A team from Yale University has developed a new airborne method for delivering mRNA right to your lungs. The method has also been used to vaccinate mice intranasally, “opening the door for human testing in the near future.”

While scientists may celebrate this invention as a convenient method to vaccinate large populations, skeptics have started to raise obvious concerns about the potential misuse of an airborne vaccine, including the possibility of covert bioenhancements a concept that has previously been suggested in academic literature.

Roman Balmakov of Facts Matter discusses the study in the video below:

In the research, the scientists used polymer nanoparticles to encapsulate mRNA, transforming it into an inhalable form for delivery to the lungs. Courtney Malo, who serves as an editor at Science Translational Medicine, the publication that featured the study, explained,

The ability to efficiently deliver mRNA to the lung would have applications for vaccine development, gene therapy, and more. Here, Suberi et al. showed that such mRNA delivery can be accomplished by encapsulating mRNAs of interest within optimized poly(amine-co-ester) polyplexes [nanoparticles].

Polyplex-delivered mRNAs were efficiently translated into protein in the lungs of mice with limited evidence of toxicity. This platform was successfully applied as an intranasal SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, eliciting robust immune responses that conferred protection against subsequent viral challenges.

These results highlight the potential of this delivery system for vaccine applications and beyond.“

The team, which was led by cellular and molecular physiologist Mark Saltzman, claims that the inhalable mRNA vaccine “successfully protected against “SARS-CoV-2“, and that it “opens the door to delivering other messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics for gene replacement therapy and other treatments in the lungs.”(source-The Daily Exposé

By creating an airborne vaccine, the ruling class doesn’t have to convince people to spend their time getting injected individually. This can take time and be arduous, especially if people continue to reject “vaccines.” It’s much easier to get the mRNA technology into the bodies of humans if the rulers can just release it in the air. But if they can do this with vaccines, what’s stopping them from creating a bioweapon that everyone inhales?

An airborne vaccine, much like a bioweapon, can be released into the air without consent or even the public’s knowledge.

A similar strategy is being used with mRNA in shrimp, which are too small and numerous to be injected individually. Instead, an oral “nanovaccine” was created to stop the spread of a virus. Shai Ufaz, chief executive officer of ViAqua, which developed the technology, stated:

“Oral delivery is the holy grail of aquaculture health development due to both the impossibility of vaccinating individual shrimp and its ability to substantially bring down the operational costs of disease management while improving outcomes …” -The Daily Exposé

COVID-19 has always been about the “vaccine” and getting it into as many human beings as possible.  That’s still part of the endgame. The rulers need to get as many people as possible exposed to mRNA technology with the least amount of cost and effort. The airborne vaccine is a solution to the “problem” the ruling class has with “vaccine hesitancy.”


3 Replies to “The “Air Vaccine” Is Here, No Needle Necessary To Get mRNA Technology Into Humans”

  1. the_complaint_department

    Right you are. There is something like a big invisible glass separating reality from narrative. We open a breach to narrative becoming real every time we believe it’s arguments, ‘scientific’ or otherwise. To the part of the community who refused to believe the virus is deadly, the narrative of a deadly mandatory vaccine has been pushed and widely accepted. We had a wave of disaster movies narrating to humanity how it is supposed to perish, do you remember them?________ ________________ ________________________ ___________________ Every technology to enable such narratives has been surreptitiously validated among the lightworker community in the last few years, from bioweapons and climate control to rogue artificial intelligence and more importantly the notion human race is EVIL and DESERVES to DIE. Truth is they probably have FAR more effective means to kill everyone; but if they’re not widely believed in, they simply won’t work.

    ________ ________________ ________________________ ___________________The interesting part of the game is: all of this technology can also prevent their evil and make everyone’s lives better instead of miserable. Once some of it is revealed and combined; it’s gonna be very hard to sustain the belief in any dark narrative. Most of it already doesn’t make much sense, so it’s a mix of hilarious and terrifying to see articles selling us the newest way to die.

  2. Gellert

    Crimes against humanity. Anyone associated with the development of any such airborne “vaccine” will in essence be playing God. They do not have ANY claim of ownership of this planet nor the people on its surface, and anyone who follows this pathway will find it ends up in a military tribunal and eventually the gallows.

  3. Silvia S.

    In my opinion this is a Dark controllers’s propaganda. If it had been  possible, they would have already done it en masse, without spending  a lot of money on vaccination campaigns. The problem is, a “vaccine” transmitted through air would also “vaccinate” dark controllers themselves and their minions when outside in meetings, streets , shops, restaurants, theatres etc. Silvia S.