From 3D To 4D And 5D: Upsurgence

By Lev

On 29 October 2023 Co-Creators and their ground team carried out new joint operation. It became the next stage of the deep transformation of the planet and a continuation of the previous ops of the last months and weeks (see Timing, Disclosure News, 2 September 2023).

The op’s objective was the Earth’s direct link to 14D. This would allow not only to firmly anchor its new Logos (Al-Terra-Gaia) in the fourteenth dimension (Absolutes’ abode), but also to unlock more powerful energy channel to 3D. It would speed up the solving of problems, which hinder the restructuring of our physical and Subtle Plan for the transition to the fourth and fifth density.

Co-Creators once again entrusted Lightwarriors with the role of interface and propulsion force, so that the pulse generated by them connected the Earth’s Crystal and the Multiverse’s new locking spot in 14D. For this op, the ground team arrived at a mountain lake in southern Europe, where earlier, on a Subtle Plane, they built their first Light City in a single 3D/4D/5D eon, which is also firmly rooted in planet’s core. This served as an ideal mechanism for performing the entire operation.

The time of its holding was also ideally chosen. All day on September 29, powerful waves of stelliums’ radiation, one after the other, formed the necessary conditions that greatly facilitated the course of the op. How exactly?

The start was given by Moon in Pisces quincunx Lilith in Leo. The night Luminary in Pisces (the most spiritual sign of all) creates ideal prerequisites for working in Nature and especially recharges water (in this case – mountain lake) with strong positive energy, reduces energy loads and helps to quickly recover on Power Places. Lilith (the point in the Moon’s orbit furthest from the Earth) in the fiery Leo more actively manifests its transformational properties, especially in quincunx, which combines the vibrations of a harmonious trine and tense opposition, acting as a catalyst of changes to achieve greater harmony.

Moon in Pisces semi-square Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus creates new programs of our reality transforming. A half-square is a tense minor aspect when the angle between the planets is 45° with an orbis of ± 0.5° … +1°. Its impact is realized through the collective work in nature, the elementals and resonant fields. It provides a solid and reliable foundation that needs to be revived and animated, giving an impetus to evolve.

Moon in Aries semi-sextile Saturn in Pisces. The Luminary in that sign is charged with positive fiery energy, and transmits optimism, a sense of joy and love of life to the surrounding world. Saturn emits the Time energy and is a planet of karma, discipline and boundaries, setting limits and collective laws to finally restore better order. Saturn in Pisces brings a radical renewal of life, the world and collective consciousness. The semi-sextile aspect, when the angle between the planets is 30 ° with an orbis of ± 1 ° … + 1.5 °, affects through a group working, the elementals and Nature as a whole, contribute to the accumulation of resources for Spiritual development.

Moon in Aries biquintile Lilith in Leo. The biquintile is an aspect, when the angle between the radiation sources is 144° with an orbis of ± 1°.Under its influence, a men’s life rhythms are harmonized, they becomes more Spiritual. It points to awareness of conflicts or problems and finding solutions for them, with an added emphasis on intuitive capacities, inner wisdom and guidance to achieve success and fulfillment.

Sun in Libra opposition Moon in Aries. This is a major aspect, when the angle between the planets is 180° and the orbis is ± 5°. Its vibrations create enormous tension, and strengthen firmness, will, courage, fortitude, self-sacrifice, struggle for justice, confidence, determination, Spiritual depth, dedication, desire to change the surrounding reality for the better, the desire to go beyond the ordinary and dullness to Spiritual growth and self-improvement.

Moon in Aries sesquiquadrate Venus in Leo. Venus in Leo is a double portion of positivity, since the planet and the zodiac literally generate harmony. A half-square is a minor aspect, when the angle between the planets is 135°, and the orbis is ± 1.5° … +2°, and its energy returns to unfinished affaires.

Moon in Aries semi-square Uranus in Taurus. It’s an aspect, where two planets are 45 degrees apart. Uranus in Taurus creates a strong flow of energy that carries the wind of change and the transformation of the old. With the semi-square this power appears to be deeply blocked and thus it manifests as events in the outside world that need dealing with. This aspect’s impact leads to great achievements, and develop great persistence, endurance and productive results in the running these difficult combinations of energy.

Semi-square represents a first tension in the cycle, a phase of release and speeding up. The resistances must be overcome, finding a phase of appeasement (the 60° sextile) before a phase of major tension (the 90° square). That is, to lead to unexpected events, unusual situations and abrupt changes in our lives, the creation of new and unusual opportunities.

Moon in Aries quintile Pluto in Capricorn. The quintile is the first and most important of the creative aspects, when the angle between the planets is 72°, and the orbis is ± 2°. Its frequencies help to change the situation and actively influence people’s lives. The vibrations of Pluto in Capricorn act harshly, cruelly and mercilessly on the structures, hierarchies, power, laws, orders, norms and rules of society, its institutions, distorted by totalitarianism, the dominance of Darks over man.

Such was the energy weather on September 29. At 11:11 Local Time, Co-Creators opened channel 14D-3D, giving the Lightwarriors a signal to start the operation. They immediately took action according to the scheme used many times.

1. Having united into a single Spiritual whole, they sent Light to each other and entered into a highly vibrational state of Absolute Love.

2. Merged their Higher Selves and well grounded.

3. Tuned in and connected with the mountain lake, and through it, with Light City on the Subtle Plane.

Upsurgence – From 3D To 4D And 5D

5. By will and visualization, sync with Light City in 5D, raised its core in 14D to the level of Absolutes, fixed well there and held it for a while.

6. Then, from this level, by the downward flow lowered the Light City field back. Passing through its core in 5D, they made a small stop there, fixing the top of the structure.

7. After that, Light City’s field was lowered further, into 3D, passing through the mountain lake to the Earth’s core, making a big figure of eight, a symbol of infinity.

8. Following that, went up to 5D again, made a stop, then, up to 14D, and again down to the planet’s core after short stay in 5D. The procedure was repeated several times.

9. Finally, they filled the entire Light City’s structure from 3D to 14D with Light and Love.

10. Thanked all involved, sending Light and Love to everyone.

What did they feel and see during the op? The work was surprisingly easy, facilitated by pre-tuning to the Spiritual Sun of the Local Universe, the rapid taking of the Energy of Divine Love, which helped to instantly raise the vibrations. Many were struck by the Blue Temple on the Subtle Plane of the lake, which many haven’t visited for a long, and where much has changed. The most beautiful was dopping of crystals in the center of the sanctum. The middle, highest crystal coincided with the direction of the Multiverse’ axis 3D-14D.

During the second ascent, a slight rocking started when rotating around the axis, accompanied by a light, barely audible melody. On the third turn, the melody became clearer, and these were Strauss waltzes (!), especially the Tales of the Viennese Forest. It was incredible… Waltz in the Universe…Everyone was shocked to the depths of their hearts.

The first docking in 14D did not work out. Lightwarriors gathered strength, focused and anchored Light City in Absolutes’ eon on the second attempt. During the uplifting, each dimension manifested itself in the form of the Sun. The Elemental Crystal stored on the Subtle Plane of the lake looked like a flower changing its shape and the number of petals from four to twelve. In its center, a structure in the form of an elongated egg grew and increased in size, which shone brightly with a rainbow. Dimensions were overcome without effort. After work, everyone took a swim in the lake…

On September 30, Co-Creators and the ground team conducted a detailed after action analysis. The extension of the Earth’s axis (energy channel) to 14D was easy due to the fact that the main efforts concentrated on the Pleromic plane in the thirteenth dimension, which is a hybrid field for Absolutes. The success of the operation was also ensured by anchoring in their eon through Light City. In its course, there was no barrier of an insurmountable undifferentiated matter. Previously, it protected the Absolutes from Darks and other undesirable entities. Now, the barrier has been removed to speed up the merging of all dimensions from 3D to 14D. During the operation, Absoluterra exchanged its aspect with Light City, and both gained free access to each other’s dimensions and into infinity.

What’s next? On October 1 at 07:47 AM CET, the Keeper of the Universe’s Primary Light Crystal, located in the same mountainous area, and the new Earth’s Logos Al-Terra-Gaia came into contact with the ground team. They once again confirmed that the adaptation of the planet and earthlings to the new density has accelerated. For this, the properties of diverse matter are used to fit out a single world from 3D Earth to the Absolutes in 14D.

The ground team was reminded how necessary and important their work is. They opened a mental energy channel in the difficult conditions of three-dimensionality. Each their thought and op are overgrowing with specific energies. Other men and beings will join them, including the elemental Spirits of multidimensionality. They will widen a corridor for lifting a person from the lower plane into the Pleroma 13D, transforming the entire complex of multidimensional bodies along the way, so that, bypassing death, they can go through the steps, qualities and properties of matter, making selves less compact.

Now, many are at the source of this Transition, and in fact they themselves are this source. In other incarnations, everyone will be constantly attracted to this process – the channel of Transition via the transformation of bodies. They were taught in the bitterest of all schools, that of experience, and consolidated in practice what they, their Higher Selves, even little realizing the grandeur of the plans they are privy to. This is an upsurgence into infinity from the bottom of the Universe, as the lotus does, getting the Sun.


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