Whales of Sirius B: Bridging Light and Balance Anchor Points

Channel: Galaxygirl

Greetings land walkers. We are the whales of Sirius B. We have been in contact with your creatures of the deep on your water world for eons. Together we form a network of high intelligence and love, grounding light and wisdom in the deepest of dark waters. We see not in the dark but follow our own inner light, our own inner knowing. We see this could be of benefit to the land walkers. Inner guidance and inner knowing, following the light of the inner lighthouse; as Source fractals, you have this inner lighthouse calling you home, and yet home is within and without, it is the the connection between the all of all things and all of not things. All is one.

These are troubling times upon your water world. We assist Gaia by sending our light and energies to our cetacean earth family. We bridge light and balance anchor points across dimensions, but not across time as all is now.

In the wateriness of the deep dark, the creatures there must follow their own light, their own knowing and guidance. Every motion is a motion of faith, of trust, that the Great Mother will guide and embrace us in the dark deep. Just as she embraces you in your dark deep wanderings in the water. (I am seeing bioluminescent creatures of all sizes and shapes, creatures unknown to me. Some look like glowing mushrooms that morph into squid shapes and swim away. Others are curious and swim towards me, surrounding me in bioluminescent lights. The whales are around me. I feel their presence. It is a space filled with overwhelming love).

Children of Earth, land walkers amongst the galaxies, we see you. We see you with our hearts, we see you as you are, as the great ones who volunteered to come and swim in the depths to shine your lights so that the others around you could see, and realize they too have an inner light. You are all spark plugs of Creator. You are all magical in your creativity. Do not be afraid of what is to come, do not shy from your inner light. Light is what brought you here, and light is why you came. It is your destiny. For you are of it. (The whales are blowing bubbles all around me and I am seeing peoples’ faces in the bubbles as they find their light within.)

You are the ocean, not just the waves, it has been said on your world. Our worlds are mostly water, there is little land except deep within where others dwell. We surround our world with light with sound. Our singing holds vibrational keys for healing. We send these vibrations of song to you now.

Little ones, you have been burdened. Many of you wonder what else you may do to assist. We assist by bringing light to dark water, by raising the vibration of the waters so that the planets may sing. Do not doubt your path. You are currently swimming in what feels like darkness but it is surrounded by light. (I am seeing a fish bowl with dark water that is surrounded by blinding light).

We whales of Sirius B are much larger than the whales of your world. Our energies have an impact through great distances, just as your energies do as well. Do not be frightened by the depths and the deep. Magic lies there waiting to be discovered. And that magic we believe is you.

We are the Whales of Sirius B. You wonder if our message is complete? Our message is ever flowing like the tides and the pull of the moon. We are with you always. Your pathway in the water will be shined upon by the moonlight that governs your waters. And it will be made clear which path you are to swim. Light unto light. There are worlds with many creatures of the deep, too numerous to count. Creation is always expanding. Be on the look out for new currents with warmer waters, which will pull you in your highest direction.

We are the Whales of Sirius B. Peace. When you are weary we swim with you, you may rest on our backs. We are your friends of the deep. We are ever with you. We are one.

8 Replies to “Whales of Sirius B: Bridging Light and Balance Anchor Points”

  1. Mister Green

    Not to be nitpicky, but Sirius B is a white dwarf (former blue giant star) in close orbit around Sirius A. There are no water planets nearby, unless they were thrown off in the distant past, now long defunct and frozen.

    1. the_complaint_department

      I’m sure if you concentrate hard enough you can warn the giant whales telepathically communicating with sensitive humans that they are mistaken about where they live.

  2. Marty Doyle

    Galaxy Girl, you are such a joy to me. I trust your transmissions always and the truth that flows from you AND it is always so simple and delightful. The fun part for me is I trust your channelling and so pay close attention. Thank you for the gift of you


  3. wkhardy

    Yes, Thank You, Dear Ones, for all you do. We’ll spread all this that you give, add it into our Hearts.
    And thank you galaxygirl, for every channelling that you give to us all.