From 3D To 4D And 5D: Total Recall

By Lev

Quantum shock waves that every day hit Earth and us not only kill, cleanse and heal. They also unlock, awaken and restore our total recall how we built stars, galaxies and entire Universes in the past lives. For many, it’s a very painful discovery, as an example of one Lightwarrioress, who previously was Co-Creator in other dimensions. Below is a narrative in her words.

I recently regained my experience of multidimensionality and most of my memory. It opened by itself and even without my efforts for it, and reminded me of huge variety of lives in different densities. Along with the memories came knowledge, techniques, and awareness of the worlds’ origin. But a misunderstanding of my original nature remained for a long.

Who was I? Why do I have such powerful capacities as a natural given that are opening up more and more? Why I felt an unbearable fatigue in my Soul? Why I recalled very vividly only the experience of the Dark worlds, although I knew perfectly well that they were the Light ones? Why my resentment and pain about them was so strong? Not once, Co-Creators offered me to return to my former Light state, but each time strong resistance and distrust arose in me and I refused. How so?

It all started during one of my deepest meditation and journey through Time and space. There, in the past, I already saw the point beyond which I didn’t remember myself. I again came to this spot. It looked like a circular passage. On my side, there were black frozen swirls of Dark energy along the edge of the Portal. I stood hesitant in front of a translucent membrane. I felt pain, unwillingness to go further. I realized that this Portal is the entrance to three-dimensional worlds, from where I returned here, to the starting point, in anger and pain. Finally I decided and took a step through the membrane, from past to newfound present …

Here, the entire amplitude is flooded with a bright light. I know a lot of this continuum. My energy body begins to increase and transform. I watch and wait for the space around me to manifest. Its contours begin to emerge. It consists of endless interconnected matrices through which Light energy flows. Everything is permeated with them, in the center of which shining clusters pulsate.

There are a hundreds of thousands of them. Each Light cluster is a Local Universe with many worlds, separated by membranes. Here, in the eleventh dimension, where I now stay, it is manifested as materially tangible. I feel all these energies, know their nature. I realize this as my home. I’m aware that outside it, there is no habitual Universes, no planets and civilizations, only our construction sites and Creators, and I am one of them, a bearer of feminine foundation. My body, subtle and elegant, consists of a Light substance and vaguely resembles a human shape. The head is elongated and open on top. Energy flows out of it and enter the matrix structures of the fields. So I deeply rooted in and run this space.

I’m moving through its worlds. Everything is familiar and alive here. Beyond their borders I see an enormous pyramid with an in-built multi-branched structure. It’s a Tree of Life. It is huge and spreading in all densities. My Local Universe is attached to its trunk and powered by it. I know that in pyramid there are many levels, which are abodes of Absolutes’ Hierarchy (for more details about it see Operation 4th Universe, Part 8-2, DNI, 19 September 2022).

Its size is gigantic, as my own, which are so large that I can hold the entire Milky Way or any other Galaxy in my palms. I’m not even trying to comprehend such a scale. A similar being is approaching to me. This is my dipole’s masculine half and Co-Creator of our Local Universe and its worlds. His body is more elongated and Light streams also flow out of his head, but not as iridescent as mine.

A very strong resentment and sadness arise in me. We communicate by codes. It is not a mental dialogue, but an exchange of very vivid images in form of shinning impulses, coming from the solar plexus area. We haven’t seen each other for a very long time. He’s glad to see me and doesn’t want that I leave. He treats me with care and gentleness. But I don’t want to communicate. There’s a misunderstanding between us. I feel pain and rage. I see a scar on his energy body, and realize that it was me who hit him in rage during our last argument.

What happened between us then? Together we have built thousands of worlds, different in nature, structures, and evolution scenarios. We feel them as our creations, as our children. We watched and guided them all simultaneously with our multidimensional consciousness. We can incarnate in these worlds, easily enter and exit, going beyond Time and space.

Everything was fine, but at some point the infection began. Ten worlds turned black, captured by a Darkness that looked like mold, and contamination from them went through other matrices. I tried to enter these worlds, find the causes of anomaly and save each abscessed, but my Co-Creator didn’t want me to immerse in them.

When I visited one Light world, the irreparable occurred. I suddenly felt a sharp pain, signaling that something bad happened. As it turned out, during my absence, Co-Creator isolated all infected worlds, placing them in separate impenetrable energy matrices. He did it without my knowledge, being aware that I would never agree to it. Out of anger, despair and resentment, out of unbearable pain for my creations, with all my might, I slashed on his body and left our Local Universe. It was an unimaginable grief.

After a while, when there was a chance to pass unnoticed by Co-Creator, I returned back and plunged into the planet, which, as it seemed to me, was the least infected. I wanted to understand the nature of the disease. It was Earth. Since that moment, escaping from my masculine half, I incarnated here a thousand times, meeting our traces everywhere.

The realization that I am the unwitting Co-Creator of contaminated worlds has affected my experience as a mother: in many lifetimes my children have been born dead, and I lived this pain and guilt over and over again. And this contagion has metastasized not only space from the Sun to Mars and Saturn, but also giant sections of the Local Universe. Huge toxic clots creating the strongest negative vibrations. Through these Portals, many Dark and Gray technogeek civilizations entered Earth, without any permission, to rob, exploit and parasitize on it endlessly and with impunity.

One by one, I relived these memories, and I realized how my half, Co-Creator, perceived it. He only wanted to protect me. He had no bad intentions, but bitterness and a desire to explain everything himself. Today, I understand him and admit that he was right in his way. Besides, I did a lot of my own research and found out the causes of events.

He decided to show everything that previously was hidden from me. We passed through the membrane into the matrix of another, isolated Local Universe, and I was deeply shocked by what I saw. All around stretched a space very similar to our fields, but it was absolutely black. Not a quantum of Light in it. Whole bunches of worlds pulsing with sinister dark red energy. They pulsed with Evil.

I couldn’t get over it. With a shock came the awareness: these worlds were created without me. He built them alone, releasing his anger, pain and loneliness. That’s why he didn’t give me the information. Pushing me aside, he created a situation where, by ignorance, I took responsibility for what he did. And I had to plunge to the very bottom of the most contaminated planet, Earth, and spent a thousand lives in search for answers, hiding and eluding him, experiencing the myriad deaths of my kids, in attempts to disclose the causes of anomaly.

I realized that if we don’t do anything, the Dark spaces will gobble all the Light ones, and there the Souls will either be dead or not felt. Will remain only predatory and parasite worlds that for survival at any cost wage endless space wars, seizures and murders.

We urgently need help. Having entered the Absolutes’ Pyramid, I approached the Tree of Life, tuned to in it with my consciousness and began to seek information. Finally, at one of the high levels, I felt a response: some World Mother invited me to her. I entered the Tree, consisting of many channels with different types of energies. Passed through one of them, I exited in need space. In it, was a feeling similar to that arising in an ancient misty forest with thick moss and huge arbors.

World Mother greeted me. I sat next to her, wanted to tell about everything, complain, and find solace and help. It wasn’t necessary. She already knew and felt all my pain and confusion. A dialogue started between us, in the form of images and multicodes, and each had many meanings. She said that my resentment would ruin my entire creation. Our worlds will die first, and I will die after them, feeling the agony of each. It will be a slow and very long torment if I don’t transform self.

We began to look for a way out, going through a lot of options and scenarios. Finally, we settled on changing the very code of creation – of my love. Initially, it was based on empathy for others, feeling their Light and Darkness, accepting both of them. My tenderness was inseparable from their state of self-love. World Mother suggested that I modify the code by increasing cherishing myself, and thus, making its energy more beneficial to others. She showed me an example from my current life on Earth.

When I feel sad or love, it immediately affects others. And if I get sick from the pain of others, they suffer from my state of pain. The new code removes this dependency. I will be more focused on myself and not dependent on others. I could keep my shinning, while being aware of their condition. And others can enter into resonance of love and harmony, regardless of my mood, choosing what nourishes them and fills their energy gap. In that case, the positive result grows many times.

Together we tested a new pattern on the planet in most blackened matrix, and through my manifestation bodies began to upload into its space the new codes of love and creation. The process was slow. This cruel technogeek civilization had no mothers. The children were produced artificially, in special incubators, and kept there up to five years. Then, they were placed in juvenile colonies, run by robots. Intelligence tests were constantly conducted… Food, schooling and tough workout regimen… Weak individuals were killed.

The world was divided into castes. Who had low IQ used as service personnel, those with higher one – as military, managers and engineers. Almost complete absence of Nature, and lack of understanding of its usefulness. An entire absence of resources, and constant search for those who can be captured, enslaved and exploited. It’s a realm of absolute soullessness and cruelty. The average longevity is about 350 years. At the life end, the olds are placed in special ghettos, where no one needs them.

The loading points of love code were found precisely among the elderly. They began producing a resonance of wisdom, which arouse the growing interest of youth in their experience. It was, albeit weak, but still a manifestation of warm and sincere empathy. Other entry points were discovered in female service staff. They began to show feelings for the children. The thirds POE were unexpectedly spotted in the male part of the population. They started demonstrate creativity, a desire to manifest it in assistance, art and Nature.

World Mother and I watched how this world changes. The complete restoration of Love, Light and balance of masculine and feminine foundations took relatively short time, but was equal to 3500 terrestrial years. It was 100% cleansed from Darkness. The experiment was so successful that I decided immediately upload a new code in self.

At some point, I sensed the admiration of World Mother and saw myself through her eyes. I was floating in the highest vibes. My forms were not human, but somehow perfect and harmonious, radiating streams of new multicolored energy and soft euphoria. I felt that in some strange way I was impacting on World Mother. For a moment she forgot herself and, immersed in these feelings, lived moments of happiness and joy. Waking up from emotions, she emitted an impulse that meant: “It’s time for you to go. I’m tired and need to rest.”

I returned to the Tree of Life and, and floating through the Absolutes’ Pyramid, at each levels, other Creators greeted me like old friends. They emanated sparks of admiration, joy, support, hope, and desire for new meetings. I have seen our future joint work in different worlds and densities. Experienced an amazing feelings of a community where no one compete and evaluate, but respect free will and choice freedom in creation, infinity, incredible amounts of wisdom, and at the same time curiosity and thirst to build new things together.

Returning to my native Local Universe, I realized that no longer feel an old resentment and pain, but have a great desire to create. And most importantly, my masculine half felt the same. I suggested that we enter the infected matrices and restore the Light world right in the center of this black space.

During the operation, I, as a human being, wasn’t involved, and watched what was happening on the Subtle Plane, barely managing to read the impulses of our multidimensional manifestation bodies. It was seconds for me, terrestrial, and a very long process for both of us as Creators. From the outside, it was like merging two energies, twisting into a very powerful vortex. Something unthinkable went in it, and I realized that if I, an Earthy woman, participated in it, the vibes simply disintegrate my physical corpus.

I saw the results when the op was fully terminated. In the center of the former black space, a huge Light world pulsed brightly. Its dimensions exceeded others by several times, and vibrations filled all the affected matrices. On their periphery, some worlds began to respond to its radiation, and started to glow, first, dimly, and then, more and more flamboyantly…

Coming to self on 3D Earth, I suddenly felt like being in a cage, had panic and acutest claustrophobia. Higher Light Hierarchs tried to calm me down, but I kept repeating to clear our world from Darks and Grays as soon as possible. They replied that they were already doing it together with our ground team, and for relieving stress, linked me to the Tree of Life’s channel. It helped, though I felt very creepy.

Then, we discussed my future in this life and what I need to focus on. Namely: to enlarge a Light space on Earth and in many human Souls as possible. Together with other Lightwarriors participate in Co-Creators’ ops. The more we produce resonance by them, the more men reconnect with the Source’s energies. Sometimes a single pulse is enough to kick off the process. To help purify and restore the Subtle Bodies of people, getting rid of possessors and plug-ins, and backing the karma processing. Maintain my energy potential by writing, painting, music, new code of love, harmony and inner work, assistance and knowledge sharing. To live at least another 50 years to support the incoming quantum energies, needed for 5D. On time remove the fatigue of my Soul, recharging it from the Pleroma’s Light.

They informed me that in this world, my Monad has two more manifestation bodies. I have to find and interact with them. By to our common energy, we instantly recognize each other. Co-Creators added that my frequency pattern requires living by the sea, as water, being a powerful accumulator of energy and information, helps me to maintain vibrational balance. The place has already been chosen – I just need to move there.

This is my last incarnation in this world, in which I have learned to enjoy and love Earth and earthlings. In the next life there will be work in other dimensions. Here, I have to avoid the energy overspending and not get into karmic traps. 50 years is a long time. In the past, I had serious problems with hope. I couldn’t restore in self its code in any way, tried deep meditations, but the effect was always temporary. Now, after total recall, everything is OK, as well as my inner peace, calm and stability.


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