Saint Germain: Say Goodbye to the False Life

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Beloved human being,

courageously continue your path of transformation until you are retreaded and can recognize and live your assignments. In this way, equipped with sufficient strength and power, you make the unique contribution to the change on earth.

The next time invites you to be true in all areas and to stay with yourself. Lazy compromises or phony relationships can no longer be made or sustained.

If you really want to be part of the great planetary transformation, then it is necessary to start your own transformation.

The worlds are not yet separated and so there is still a little time left for all people. For even if you are among the last to embrace self-transformation, at the end of the day it is only a matter of choosing freedom from your thought prison and courageously taking the steps to get there. The big world-shaking decisions have fallen long ago and we are in the middle of the conversion of mother earth.

The mankind has decided, God has decided and the mankind has chosen the consciousness jump with God.

The stragglers in ascension

Now it is about the individual human being, about the stragglers in the ascension, about those who have neglected their introspection until today and thus have underestimated themselves. This act of self-love is now pending for many people and for this all events that make you wake up will come into your life.

Those who were born with the mission to help change the world will now be made aware of their blockages so that they can do their part and play their indispensable role in the greater whole:

– Now your relationships will be put to the test! Old patterns can no longer be maintained. Either you detach yourself – or you will be detached.

– Now your habits, opinions and conditionings will be thoroughly examined. Habits are abandoned, opinions are questioned and conditionings are overcome.

– Now the question of meaning arises and you begin to search for answers. Until you discover the key to yourself, you will not find peace.

This time holds the gift of truthfulness in all areas of your life. Now it is up to you to accept it. Do you really want to leave old paths and go new ways? So come!

The scope

Be ready with the uncertainty, which brings the new with itself, to learn. Be ready to be surprised by the life and to be led in the everyday life by God. Develop self-love! Say goodbye to the foreign-determined life! Live authentically, self-determined and truthfully, without false consideration to live and be you.

Do you realize the implications of what we are talking about here? Your family may not understand you, your friends may avoid you?

But you will stand firm in yourself and attract into your life those people with whom you have made an appointment for this time at this crossroads.

Once you are ready to exchange the rigid old life for the unpredictable new being, everything will start moving:

– Passing through fears and arriving in love,

– to live through doubts and to receive certainty,

– To surrender to God and to experience the divine guidance.

This is the journey which is offered now to all stragglers in the transformation process as a farewell gift: the farewell of the wrong life. The transformation of the world is taking place now and your contribution as a newborn and awakened human being is essential.

With perfect love,


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