The New World is Already Here

By Aluna Joy

We are landing into the depths of our souls in places we didn’t know existed, and we will anchor LIGHT there. We are being broken open. Our horizons are expanding. Yet, our world has never felt more like an illusion. It is disappearing before our eyes, and a new world is emerging. What we remember is way beyond our current time. The memory of our ancestral lineages goes back to the beginning when we chose to experience being separate from God and the One Creation.

Our goal is to move past and heal the traumas of past cataclysms, not to relive them, but it seems many are doing just this. The catastrophic failure that was Atlantis, the destruction of Maldeck, etc., these deep festering wounds in our collective are quaking and echoing into the present moment to be healed. These unseen and unheard echoes create inflated over-responses to events, triggering global insanity and reckless fight-or-flight responses in the collective. But this is not part of our current emerging world, which is why our old world feels like an illusion.

The new world is already here, but the echoes from the past ages are blinding us to living in this world. Somehow, we know it is here already. We are beginning to feel this incredible urge to change directions. This world is opening to us quickly now. We are seeing the first edges of the future unfurl in front of us. We only need to take that first courageous step into the unknown. All that is holding us back now is belief.

Over eons, our world has lost the ability to live fully open like an innocent child, to experience life as Creator does. We have become caged in a matrix of fear of our own creation. We have been hindered by cognitive biases and selective truths fueled by ego and faux superiority. Beliefs are literally holding us back now. We have made uncountable judgments that have separated us from each other. This separation has birthed a shocking lack of compassion in the collective. But this time also has revealed places within us that still need to be accepted, loved, and healed.

This is a process that we cannot hurry. It has its own time, and it is different for each soul. Processing grief over the past world and surrendering to the new one takes time and patience. We have to gather great courage when we do this work. We heal as we breathe into our inner depths and acknowledge the forgotten self. These inner places clamor to be seen, heard, and unconditionally loved before we can move on. It is a very confusing time. But if we are feeling confused or lost, it is because we are allowing ourselves to dive into these dark, forgotten places, and we are ready to do the work.

Now, we can finally face everything inside of us that needs to be acknowledged and loved. Only now can we surrender ourselves to the one source of creation and be whole again. This is what self-mastery is. Awakening is not about forcing ourselves to stay positive and be in perfect control, only to live a half-life. We are here to live fully. This time is about reaching a point where we don’t know what to do anymore; allow it all and surrender. This is where real work begins. When we don’t know where or what to do next, that begins a new journey.

It is a time when being true to ourselves is the only thing that feels right anymore, being fully in each moment, being fearless in this overwhelmed, messy, and confusing place. We are strong enough to hold and acknowledge our entire creation and not just the parts we feel good about or agree with.

We can try to fight this heart-opening process that we are going through. But it will only give us a reprieve from the work that needs to be done. If you need to escape to regroup and recharge before you go in for another layer, there is no fault for doing so. Each of us will experience this heart-opening experience in a multitude of ways because we are all unique and amazing human beings. At the same time, we need to let go of the mindset that we are separate from one another. We are the family of Earth and our Universe. If we could see ourselves as our Star family does, we would know we are ONE.

We are deep in the throes of an intense transformational time. Energies and frequencies are rising through the Earth’s energy fields like no other time we have ever experienced. Our nervous systems are getting incredible upgrades to contain and merge with the new frequencies that are flooding in now. This is a stretching of our energy field that is quite uncomfortable at times. This is hard and very humbling work. If you are in a physical body on this planet right now you are already doing this work. Do not minimize your existence! You are right on time!

This is our time to empower ourselves in ways we have never done before. It is the time we will show up for ourselves and each other. We are who we have been waiting for.