Solar Flares and Supermoons

By Diana Cooper

The number and intensity of the solar flares has been increasing rapidly. So what is their purpose and what are the accomplishing? They are bringing in high frequency divine masculine energy from the Sun. This contains light codes that start to ignite happiness within humanity.

For the first time since Atlantis people are able to experience true happiness. They are also awakening pure divine masculine energies. This higher light is activating qualities of wise leadership with integrity so that a wave of higher frequency leaders is being prepared and will soon step forward. The solar flares are touching people with the impulse to use their power for the highest good, and to protect the vulnerable. In this way it is raising the frequency of Earth, humanity and even the universe.

It is no co-incidence that there are more super moons that are pulsing out high frequency, intense divine feminine energies. They are beaming out divine feminine wisdom, as well as a desire to start caring for and nurturing each other, regardless of nationality or creed. This is starting to spread through the consciousness of humanity.

Because we are being bombarded by high frequency light, we are needing extra assistance with grounding. Lady Gaia herself is raising her frequency to help us all ground the higher energies. Hollow Earth is responding by sending high frequency grounding energies through the leylines. We really are being prepared for the golden future.

The vibrations of the solar flares and supermoons are making many people feel very tired. We are asked to respond to this by resting, so that we can absorb the energy.