It Is Available to You

By Julie Boerst

Your hatred of or pushing against anyone who seems to be here on Earth is your hatred of and pushing against the nonphysical helpers who are here to assist you.

Essentially, it is your hatred of yourself and God. You can’t hate yourself without hating God, because you and God are inextricably joined forever. “Knowing better” than someone is hatred. Being able to analyze someone or their motives is hatred. Breaking down a whole into separate parts that never existed–hatred. Hatred seems to oppose the wholeness of us, but that is all it can do. It can only seem to oppose.

In reality, there is no hatred. Hatred appears because you wish to see it. As you are this powerful, all are this powerful. Hatred can never be more than an illusion you wanted to see, and every time you seem to see or feel or experience some aspect of it, it’s because you would rather believe hatred to be real than to allow love to take over. When love takes over, your game of pretending that hatred is real is over. Love is what you and all Are, and it is always here.

Your willingness to look upon love helps you remember that hatred was only an illusion that you wanted to see. Once you don’t need an illusion of a force that can oppose reality, the illusion disappears. At the heart of every feeling of tension is your belief that you really do need to see and experience a force that can oppose reality. When you can own this as your belief without projecting it out onto another, you hold the key to freedom.

You are not subject to anything seemingly separate that appears in a world of illusion. You can experience that you are subject to something separate. You can believe that you are subject to something separate. Indeed, you cannot experience that you are subject to something separate without the belief. You can view others who seem to be subject to something separate. This is all you can do, though. No matter what you view or experience in the dream, you can never make separation real.

Every feeling of stress is your commitment to attempting to make separation real. Ego tells you that you need it to be real because ego is this very idea of separation. You remain when your attempt to make separation real disappears. While the idea of separate things and people is still hanging around, you can allow it to be used in the service of freedom for all by allowing Spirit to direct your perception of all you see.

Words can usher you to the gateway to the formless, and as you focus upon the formless, words can emerge to guide you. Spirit has a use for words while you still believe in them, so your job today is to remember to turn all over to Spirit. When you have taken up the reins again, you will feel it. Indeed, today is for helping you to see where you still hold on tightly to the idea of control of separate aspects of the world. As you can see where you are holding on tightly, Spirit supports you in letting go.

Everyone is your helper on the journey Home, and they are just waiting for you to stop judging them–to realize that 100% of the judgment thoughts ego sends are untrue. If they are not who ego says they are–something you can get something from or something you need to avoid–who are these helpers? Today is for allowing Spirit to show you how loved and supported all of your helpers are. As you can see how loved and supported and cared for they are, you can accept that the same is true of you.

Look outward–not to see defect and danger, but to see a clear and shining reflection of the love you always hold within, no matter how covered up by an illusion of hate. Everyone has this power to look out and see a reflection of what is real inside. Share this power with all now, and notice that you have it yourself.

We love to show you what is available to you. As it is available to you, it is available to all, and we rejoice that this is so.