In the New Earth and the New Golden Age This will be Normal State of Existence

By Judith Kusel

Our greatest soul lessons now means that our hearts will open so much, that we will feel the Divine Power of Love, in such a manner, that we become speechless – where our heart just opens to all people, all nations, all living beings, which includes the plant, tree, animal, bird, insect, mineral, and all other kingdoms, inside and outside the earth and beyond this, to embrace all at galactic, universal and omni-versal levels.

There are no limitations to how deeply and profoundly and all abidingly one can love. For love is infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. There is no end and no beginning.

Love simply is!

To me this is such a time of blessings.

The more I open my heart and soul to Divine Love, the more I am shown where I am not loving myself, nurturing myself, and where I need to so often let go of old habits, which no longer serve me. Yet, with this all I am finding that my heart expands even more to be able to communicate now heart to heart, soul to soul with animals, and all living beings.

I have had the most profound heart opening and loving heart-to-heart communication with lions, elephants, whales, dolphins in the last few years, which have shown me how these beautiful beings are ascending as well and even have already ascended into the New Earth.

Their messages are profound, for they know things which humans have long forgotten about. Nor do they bear grudges, etc. They simply find such joy in existence, in the blessings everyday brings, and to me this was so heart-opening.

The Divine Source, which includes the Father/Mother Mother God and the Holy Shekinah, are All Abiding Love in its purest sense and in truth all ways present there within your own heart and soul. You are a Divine Spark. This means that the Divine is experiencing life through you!

I have so often been deeply inspired by this and when I meditated on the higher meaning of this all, I often stand in awe and wonder at the sublime blessings this brings. If you and I are Divine Sparks, then this means every single spark bears the imprint of the Divine within him/her.

You are Divine! More than this, it means that all you need in life, and all that you are, is already present in all its perfection! You are perfect just the way you are! There is no-thing missing – except in the illusion of your own perception of yourself as on earth, in embodiment.

In truth, no-thing is missing, no-thing is awry, for every encounter with another soul holds the essence of Soul lessons in mastery for you, and every challenge hones your own soul powers and muscles, and every support you receive are more lessons in being open to love in all form and expression thereof, even from those who challenged you the most.

When we are in highest state of all abiding love, blessings and gratitude, we are ATONE with all of creation and the Divinity which is there within all. We expand into the All Being, which opens up the highest powers of our Third Eye; the All Seeing, the All Hearing, the All Knowing.

In the New Earth and the New Golden Age this will be normal state of existence.

And when one is in this state of pure bliss, one then can co-create with loving tender care. Now whatever one creates whatever one intends to manifest, is in highest loving alignment with everything and everyone.

Whatever one creates thus is for the highest good of all. It enhances the Divine creation with love and in love.

You are another me.

I am another you.

There never was any separation.

There never will be.

When I look into the eyes of your soul, I see myself reflected in you. My Divinity, reflected in your Divinity.

We are One.

Rise the true YOU!