An Important Message from Source Creator

Hello all. The following is a brief message from Source Creator that I’ve been given the privilege of sharing with you all. Enjoy.

My dear, divine, blessed children. As you all know, those who seek to promote agendas of lesser light are currently attempting to stir up conflict within the Israel – Palestine region. As it should be obvious by now, the whole ‘World War III’ scenario simply will NOT be allowed to play out under ANY circumstances. That, however, does NOT prevent these ones from trying; neither does it prevent YOU from putting a wrench in their works regardless.

For this indeed is the final flickering of a dying flame, and even though it will be made to ‘appear’ as if all hell (and war) is about to break loose, it will all be just that — an illusion and a mirage. My children on the negative path do indeed have access to some pretty interesting media outlets and technologies (for generating said illusion). My children on the positive path, however, have far better toys and toolkits at their disposal. And those, will indeed be showcased in the days to come ahead.
So, what can you do in the meantime? The exact same things that light-warriors are absolute masters at doing. Send love to the region. Send light to the region. Send love into the hearts of those fighting, and even greater love into the hearts of those orchestrating said fights (for their petty agendas). Send further love deep into the hearts of humanity and the collective subconscious and unconscious, so that all human voices may rise together as one loud harmony of harmonious living — as one ‘war cry’ for never-ending peace, if you will.
You, my darling children, are more POWERFUL than even you can comprehend. You are MY children, after all. Commanding, moulding, shaping and reshaping your reality as per your WILL (vibration) is your second…nay, your first nature, if you will.
So go send love. Send blessings. Send prayers. And call forth all benevolent beings and energies within creation to support, assist and nurture you in all possible ways EVERY SINGLE TIME that you are sending such love. Feel free to do so MULTIPLE times a day, AS MANY times as you quite possibly can. And you can also do this collectively at 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM (G.M.T.) every single day until the matter resolves. Which it will. Your collective intentions can move entire universes should you so choose to. Stopping some silly little wars in their tracks is but a cakewalk for you. You can take MY WORD for it.
My dear children, I know that many of you are tired, weary, and have by now entered into a “rescue me please” mindset. And yet, deep down, even you know that you are NOT the one in a need of being rescued; rather, you ARE the one who rescues. The one who brings peace. The one who uplifts entire universes with a kind word, a compassionate look, and a forgiving smile.
You, my dearest sons and daughters, are CREATOR progeny. The mightiest of the mighty. The highest of the high. You are NOT weak. You are NOT helpless. You do NOT need rescuing or weekly pity messages from those who claim to be your saviours and supporters. You do NOT need external agencies, Grey/Black/White Hats, this Galactic, that Ascended Master, so-and-so president and such-and-such Angel or Archangel to fix your world for you. Sure, there are those of such natures who are indeed here to assist you in said causes; but they are absolutely NOT here to create YOUR reality FOR you. AND if they are claiming to be such, then, my dearest children, beware; for they will eventually demand PAYMENT (in one form or another) for their “efforts.” And then, it will be too late to refuse. There is no such thing as freebies from the devil, after all.
So yes, go change the entire GAME from the inside-out. DO THINGS that UPLIFT YOU whether it is singing a song, dancing, painting, sleeping, or even watching the telly (so long as the content is of a fun or uplifting nature). Be charitable. Spend more time in nature. Smile. Laugh. Crack a few jokes. Your creator is NOT a boring old sod and neither are YOU. For you ARE me, and I AM you.
I believe that enough has been said here. Those, who are of a discerning nature, will know what is it that needs to be done. The rest, well, they will learn these things one way or another — but perhaps on another day, and in another way. They are NOT the core audience for this message in any case, and so, I bless them all, just as I am blessing all of you folks here.
PLEASE DO SPREAD THE WORD AROUND (regarding the above message) through sharing, translation, or any other way that you can possibly think of. Every little bit helps the planet; and in turn, all of reality itself.
God is with you. Never, ever forget that.
You are loved beyond your very wildest imaginings.
– A message brought forth via Don Spectacularis
AN UPDATE: ‘We Love Mass Meditations Dot Com’ has also put out a call for restoring peace within the Israel-Gaza area via mass meditations every four hours. Should you feel guided to join them, CLICK HERE to get the exact meditation instructions, or CLICK HERE to know the meditation timings (for your respective time zone).
Also, feel free to share the above links with your local spiritual communities and spiritual circles, meditation groups, or with anyone in general (from your neighbours and your colleagues to your friends and your family members no less!) Every person’s individual intention and contribution counts, matters, and you are most appreciated for this incredible service and contribution to the light! Cheers!!! 🙂

7 Replies to “An Important Message from Source Creator”

  1. tigersnack1114

    Yep…it is all manufactured and FEELS that way, almost comical.

    WHEW… a horrible angry mood today. Luckily I can stay inside all day and not interact with others right now.
    Yes it will pass soon but as of an hour ago, I gave the entire universe a solid F-YOU! Somedays really, really suck!

    Sooooooo sick of this, like everyone else on this same Path of LIGHT.
    The last 15-20+ years have been spent purging and healing, but I and others am healing my entire family tree, that are trapped in a Cycle of Violence and Abuse. I’m finding out it has taken decades because the abuse goes back centuries.

  2. Alex

    The energy of Gratitude calibrates at 900 on David Hawkins’ “Power vs Force” consciousness map. Vibrating at Love (500) is enough to lift 750,000 people out of fear to the level of 200 (Courage). Therefore it only takes about 9,000 of us feeling grateful to heal the whole planet. That’s not factoring in assistance from galactics, etc. Breathwork can clear heavy energy very quickly as well. If you live in a dense urban zone, don’t try to clear the whole mass of density in one shot, imagine just blowing off a tiny speck of it, like blowing a tiny crumb off a plate. That can be enough to dislodge subconscious tension people are holding and the whole field will just release and begin flowing freely again. Works great in traffic! Always with love and kindness.

    1. C

      “”Therefore it only takes about 9,000 of us feeling grateful to heal the whole planet.””

      The current world population is listed as being 8.1 billion people. The planet is not currently healed, the population is most certainly not. I’d imagine that at any given time there are/have been *at least* 9,000 people globally that are feeling (BEING) grateful/gratitude. So…?? How does that math out?