The High Council: Lessons and Opportunities

Channel: Nadina Boun

You need to start looking at everything as an opportunity. When you are called to do something that you don’t want to do, you can ask what lesson is there in it for you. You can also realize that you are always being of service, always contributing, always adding, participating whether you realize it or not. And sometimes you are called to do something, to be somewhere, because you have something to add, you are called to be of service without you knowing how, just by being there sometimes.

You have to begin to trust yourself that you are not only here to learn, but that you are also part of a larger collective, and you are always serving that larger whole of which you are part. You have to trust that you have something of value to offer every time, in every instance, in every opportunity that is being presented to you. Sometimes you learn and sometimes your lend a hand, that’s how it works in a balanced, harmonious universe, where there is always a give and take, a sharing and a receiving end.

You have to begin to trust that you are here more than just to learn, to expand, to grow, to become larger, but that you are also participating at a larger scale, and therefore contributing and being of service at a larger scale. That only means you have what it takes in every situation to either learn what you need to learn, or to be of service to those you are called to help, assist, engage with.

You have to start looking at everything as an opportunity. We have said it is all perfect and in a perfect universe, everything works to your advantage, which means opportunities are everywhere. In fact they are, you just have to begin looking at everything from that perspective.

That Nothing is random or accidental is certain, and if that is to be the case, you gotta wonder then why is it in your experience. You have been told that you attract how you feel, and that if you are having an experience then you attracted it based on how you feel. But you already know your are not creating anything, you are not bringing things into your life. You are creating a state within yourself, be it mental, emotional, or both, one that ends up having a charge, positive or negative, and that then becomes your experience, your reaction, your response in turn. So if there is a higher power that is creating such experiencs for you, it is doing so every second of the day, incessantly, for it doesn’t sleep.

It’s never about you creating the outside, it is always about you responding to what comes on the outside. And everything that is coming bears with it an opportunity for you to rise higher, serve better, be stronger… Therefore it doesn’t matter what comes, how you respond matters more. Whether you see in it an opportunity or whether you see it as a problem, challenge, injustice. Look for the opportunity in everything for that’s how you begin aligning yourself with your higher self, who knows everything has an advantage and an opportunity for you to expand further.

You are only here to learn means you are insufficient, lacking in some way, but that is untrue. You are here to also serve, serve the entire universe of which you are a part, serve your entire collective of which you are a part. And that can only mean you have something to offer, some value to add, and that is more true than being here only to learn.

You learn by giving as much as you do by receiving. You open yourself and your heart by giving as much as you do by receiving, whether you are receiving from your fellow men or a higher power. You are always doing both. The journey is about you becoming more, so every opportunity helps you and every challenge propels you, for in the challenge there is also opportunity.

When you begin to look at everything as an opportunity, now you become more clear about what you need to do, now you become more aligned with your higher self and soul’s purpose, now you become more at one with the larger part of you, whose only desire is to help you become more, more like your true self. Be confident, be brave, and trust you always have what it takes. The universe will never give you more than you can handle. You are always more than capable, trust yourself and trust your team of supporters in the higher realms, no matter what comes.

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