Awakening Conscious and Unconscious

I want to explain to you in more detail how conscious awakening differs from the unconscious awakening.

In fact, there is a rather thin line between them.

Thus, a person who already has basic knowledge about a subject will get good results from his work much faster than someone who goes by touch – through trial and error.

And this applies to absolutely everything – both your professional activities and the smallest household matters.

Spiritual knowledge is no exception.

And in this case, it is very important from what source you draw them.

The vast majority of the inhabitants of your planet still identify this knowledge with religion.

But as you already know, over the centuries it was religion that distorted true spiritual knowledge in order to subjugate the consciousness of people and hide from them the limitless Divine potential of man, given to him from birth.

And now you see what a difference there is between fanatically religious people – and no matter what religious denomination they belong to – and those who simply live according to their conscience, guided in their lives by the Laws of the Universe, which are eternal and not subject to distortion.

Some follow these Laws intuitively, which is typical of very ancient souls who have incarnated many times on Earth, while others deliberately make efforts to monitor their thoughts and actions, comparing them with the Laws of the Universe and being aware of the consequences of their violation.

An observant person who knows how to soberly and objectively evaluate himself will definitely see the cause-and-effect chains of all events in his life and draw certain conclusions so as not to repeat his mistakes.

Therefore, we can say that people who live according to the Laws of the Universe, regardless of whether they are aware of this or not, are characterized by conscious awakening.

But what happens to believers who try to live according to “God’s commandments”?

For many of them, this comes not from the heart, but from the mind – from fear of punishment, as well as from the habit of submitting to someone else’s will and following all the instructions of religious spiritual mentors.

Of course, among them there are many bright people, and yet religious dogma binds a person hand and foot, not allowing him to fully reveal his Divine potential – to realize that he is a true part of the Creator, and not a “slave of God.”

But recently, many ancient and pure souls are beginning to gradually move away from dogmatic official religions, feeling their limitations, and to look for an alternative to them in esoteric knowledge, which is now necessary for man like air.

And it is precisely these people who are characterized by unconscious awakening, since they have already “set sail from one shore”, but have not yet had time to “land on the other”.

But as soon as they find a calm “haven” in their Soul, having found new life guidelines that will lead them to the road of Ascension, they can be classified as consciously awakened people.

With Love, Liberty