Archangel Zadkiel: Healing Yourself and the World

Channel: M. Fiter

Greetings beloved angels in form, walking on hallowed ground of the New Earth in the making. We see you as holiness in progress, exploring deep purpose and forgiveness in this time. This one has been having ascension symptoms presenting as spine pain for over a week as have many of you.

Be encouraged, for your etheric wings are strengthening in the gusts of the energetics that surround. You are growing stronger, wiser, braver, bolder. Your light is rising up as the surrounding darkness dissipates with the light. Purple wings envelop. Utilization of the violet flame in this time is essential. It will promote forgiveness, cleansing and internal healing.

Each internal healing sends ripple effects into the collective for the increase of the collective sum of healing. External frequencies are bombarding Gaia, your earth plane, transforming a higher reality construct by the moment. You are being recalibrated by this light. The darkness must be released from this world’s reality, and it will, and it has been, and it will be.

I Zadkiel surround you with my violet flame, my violet wings. Feel this cocoon of light and the love and care for you that surrounds. All is unfolding as it should, as it must.

Your etheric wings are growing stronger, your will more resolute. You must forgive that which has occurred on your world in order to heal it. I am the angel of forgiveness. It is much easier to avoid confrontation of such emotions. It is a seasoned warrior who can see it, heal it and release it through the process of forgiveness.

But you, you dear ones, are the seasoned warriors of both old and future timeliness embodied here now to assist, to lend energy and to heal. You are not alone in this. We of the angelic realm are offering you our divine wisdom and support, our abilities and insight.

We surround you now with our light. Feel our wings beating with love and healing frequencies of which forgiveness resides. Be compassionate with yourselves and each other in this time of healing and rebirth. To be reborn the old must die away. This is what you are seeing. The tyranny is at its end.

I am Archangel Zadkiel. Peace.

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