Message from Babaji: Ge to Work

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Your Commitment is Needed

The time of awakening is the time of great changes, powerful changes and blessings! Then, when everything is lost and the dark entities seem to be victorious, then the human race rises up and calls an end to the goings-on – a human race that has matured through millennia of oppression, injustice and inhumanity, with people who are the epoch for Epoch returned to earth, refined themselves in order to survive in this final battle that decides everything. We are talking about you, beloved human being, about you who are now following this message.

The positive outcome of current events is a fact. It is also a fact that this requires your commitment. It doesn’t happen by itself that everything changes for the better and brighter, that the trend reverses and the bright forces gain the upper hand. It happens through YOUR doing, through YOUR efforts and through YOUR dedication to the path of love and the path of light.

It’s best to start today!

To serve the truth and to be truthful yourself – in all endeavors and in all endeavors, this is now required of you. It’s best to start living truthfulness in your closest and closest environment today. This means looking fearlessly at your own conditioning and healing it in the divine light – being who you really are and no longer living a vicarious life.

You are on earth today to do your part for change. You are the great warrior of old, the bright light of many lives and the prophet of many times.

But you are also the frightened creature who looks into the future in terror and doesn’t know how to defend itself. You have experienced everything, power and powerlessness, lived everything – the highest highs and the deepest lows! And today? Today it is important to accept, accept and live your mastery. To look again at everything – that weakened you, held you down, did not allow you to gain strength – so that doubts, hopelessness and resentment haunt you again.

Trust in God and self-confidence

Today it’s time to finally take off the tar boots of the past and lace up the sandals that carry you lightly on the earth. What I’m talking to you about is TRUST IN GOD AND SELF-CONFIDENCE.

The old things that are still hindering you – embodied in your opinions, beliefs and programming – should now be redeemed, yes, they must be redeemed if you want to find your full power and achieve your complete spiritual strength.

We are at your disposal. An entire armada of angelic beings, light beings and masters are serving you in this work that must now be done before you can be the blessing to the earth that you want to be.

Whatever prevents you from rising to your true greatness needs to be recognized and removed.

The Nameless Awaken

The time when you have to become aware of yourself has come. Because this era of liberation only deserves the name when the nameless people recognize themselves in their spiritual power.

The change is happening and it is happening through a spiritual awakening of people, which is unique in the contemporary history of this planet and which has never happened since the earth’s existence. Your contribution is to prepare yourself for this awakening, that is, by first healing your history so that you can help shape humanity’s bright future.

Without your self-healing everything is smoke and mirrors and change happens without you. Become fully aware of the significance of your own healing!

The old life comes to an end. The old collective spirit of fear, for lack of love, is losing influence. What is emerging now is the new humanity, with clarified and healed people – like YOU!

Get to work, beloved!

The bridges have been built for you, the paths have been marked out for you, the accompaniment from the light is certain: courageously into the new time means courageously venturing into the as yet undiscovered world within you. PHURO! Let your soul inspire you and let GOD guide you! Get to work, beloved!

It is the most rewarding journey that lies ahead of you now – your return to GOD.