From 3D To 4D And 5D: Mission

By Lev

When from the highest dimensions we incarnate on Earth, the real challenges are the first and the last embodiment before returning our space home. These ordeals have different causes. If we belong to the Higher Light Hierarchy, our memory of own past cannot be completely blocked, as a mandatory Grays and Darks’ condition for staying on this 3D planet. Yes, living here, we don’t remember how we built Galaxies, Star Systems and their civilizations. But it has been preserved in the deepest depth of subconscious and manifests itself in the strongest personal discomfort throughout entire our Earthly life.

The number of incarnations of us, Star Souls, varies depending on the specific mission, which is planned in detail long before arriving here. We are not attached to this world, but always feel internally that this is not ours. But before we return home, we have to complete a task that everyone has their own. If our Soul couldn’t complete all the planned tasks in one lifetime, then, more lives are required, and as noted above, the most painful incarnations are the first and last, the final one.

During the first one, we adapt to Earth’s conditions with the greatest difficulty. Their energy and matter, low-vibration, inert and dense, pass little of the high-frequency Spiritual rays to which we are accustomed. Our Star Souls, wearing physical bodies, plunged literally into hell, into the swamp of semi-animal existence, where the System forces people to think only about survival, food and mating.

3D Matrix does not allow the Soul to open up, deprives Love and freedom of creativity. Every day of our Earthly life we have to endure in a cramped and uncomfortable bio-shell, alien to our natural Light or plasma body, although many of us, courageous and strong in Spirit, voluntarily went for it.

Our cosmic genealogy, in the form of holographic plasma chromosomes, is loaded into our terrestrial DNA and manifests itself as unusual feelings, abilities and ways of thinking. Since early childhood, we sense selves like being aliens. It is difficult for us to realize ourselves in 3D parameters, to accept the peculiarities of the local world and the relations between earthlings. The human mind, into which the 3D Matrix plugged in its blocks and filters, seems to us too controlled, limited and inefficient. With its help, it is difficult to learn and take new things, and impossible to rely on it for real. This is one of the reasons why it’s so difficult for Star Souls to build relationships and maintain harmony and balance in them.

We cannot reconcile ourselves to a parasitic pyramid hierarchy, permeated from top to bottom by violence, deception and the belief that greed is good. That is why, many of us don’t want to climb up the social ladder, because there is nothing like this where we came from. It’s hard for us to get used to monetary relations and the global debt economy, brought on Earth from Rigel in the Orion. For that reason, the Star Souls here do not know how to sell their abilities and talents, as they internally know that all relationships should be built differently.

Our heart keeps the memory of a perfect and harmonious existence in our cosmic homeland. Our Star Souls are endowed with strong empathy, which was easily and naturally manifested in other worlds and dimensions. But here, on 3D Earth, we have to face wars, hatred, aggression, militant hysteria, atrocities every day, the victims of which are millions of children, women and other most vulnerable and oppressed segments of society. Human trafficking, sexual slavery and organs harvesting, elite’s Satanic cults, cannibalism and bloody rituals, plandemic$ and mass production of clones are complemented by killing Nature, artificial hunger and murdering everything Spiritual in man.

For thousands of years, while the blocking of our Star memory was strong, it dulled and suppressed the sharpness of perception of 3D Earth’s anomaly. Today, powerful quantum waves and continuous Solar storms are crushing the 3D Veil and completely exposing all the disguise, all the lies, all the horror and agony of what is happening. It hits us so hard that we want to leave this endless and unbearable hell immediately. We start to beg Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchy to evacuate us urgently from here.

But we forget that not They, but our Monads, by virtue of free will and choice freedom, materialized us and our Higher Selves here as a continuation of their multidimensional manifestation bodies. Exactly as it was in our cosmic homes in other worlds and dimensions, from where we were sent to 3D Earth with a specific mission. And until we fulfill it, no one will evacuate us.

Each Star Soul, Starseed, Lightwarrior, Lightworker, Indigo, Crystalline and Radiant Kid, the hundreds of millions of them, is assigned an individual task. All together, they cover a wide range of goals – from bringing their Monad a new experience in the most extreme conditions to all together help the entire planet move into the 5D and the next, 4th Local Universe, and return to a single cosmic Light family.

For this, we overcame the ordeal of our first embodiment on Earth with the greatest difficulty. No less a trials await us during the last incarnation, in which concentrates the entire non-processed karma, accumulated in all previous lives. The Earth’s reality is negative and supertoxic. It’s impossible not to make mistakes here, because life goes on like a razor’s edge all the time. One misdemeanor or crime lays the scenarios of subsequent incarnations, and our Soul does not always have time to correct its mistake in one embodiment. 3D matter is insidious, creates illusions, leading away from the Source towards Darkness, submission and apathy.

The main difficulty is to motivate self to get out of the artificial and numbing comfort zone to fulfill the mission for which we came here. But when we try to break away from the 3D Matrix, it hinders our every movement in millions of ways. Consciousness does not obey, constantly rolling us back into habitual inertia. We feel an irresistible laziness, fatigue, irritation with everyone and everything, a desire to distract and not think about anything. Our submissive and System-controlled ego finds a lot of reasons just to prevent the Soul and Spirit from awakening.

It occurs only with hard inner work, through the struggle with our weaknesses and vices, through awareness and self-overcoming. If we try not to strain selves, an illness or other serious issues happens as an urge driver to change our lives and break free of apathy and inertia’s low vibes to high freqs actions.

Many of us don’t even know about our enormous power to change the world. This power is sleeping, but it’s time to wake up. Do not paralyze self with others’ promises, expectations, despondency and remorse. Just to suck it up and let go of everything that burdens our Soul and mood. Past mistakes and trials are an experience that only on Earth can be learned. Thank this 3D world for ordeal, complete the assigned task and continue journey from planet to planet, from Galaxy to Galaxy, from one dimension to another by activating our Stellar Body. How does it happen?

It recovers spontaneously and abruptly. The impetus that triggers the process is more often life shocks that introduce us into an altered consciousness and help total recall. This also occurs as a result of diligent practices and conscious work on self. Due to this, the first signs of the awakening of the Stellar Body appear. Namely:

Vivid and realistic dreams become more frequent. They are filled with Light and bright colors;

Arises inner separation from our Earthly self and the environment, a spontaneous exits into the observer state, when doing something, we seem to leave the body and watch ourselves from the outside;

The premonition of events increases, intuition becomes more acute;

Fragments of past incarnations on Earth and in other worlds are recalled through insights or in dreams;

We experience an inexplicable longing for our native and distant world, where we want to return.

The energy sensitivity of the head and back increases (the area between the shoulder blades, the upper part of the spine);

Insomnia is repeated due to the increased work of the upper chakras;

Spontaneous exits from the physical body into the space between dimensions, when we retain the consciousness of two worlds, staying in both dense and Subtle forms at the same time, preserving consciousness and capacity, physical and energetic;

We feel the invisible presence of someone invisible, close and dear, and a craving for twin Soul.

At the next stage of awakening, the Stellar Body is fully activated:

The materialization of thoughts accelerates, their power increases. What we thought comes true very quickly:

In us emerges a force by which we can run the weather, the elementals , and have a beneficial effect on people;

Timid animals and insects begin to reach out to us without causing harm. They feel our strong harmonious energy;

Changing patterns and signs appear on the body due to our increased magnetism and high hemoglobin under the prana’s impact;

Start up the problems with electrical engineering and electronics in our presence. The equipment refuses to work normally due to our powerful energy field;

In our life, events are maximally sync with each other, combining the cosmic pulse of our home planet and our terrestrial individual rhythm. We turn into a sledgehammering channel and conductor of space energy on Earth.

Thus, we return to the mission of incarnation, and all the events in our lives become part of a single program of the Universe’s evolution.

It’s important to remember that our responsibility for Earth is much higher than that of unconscious people.

The greater our commitments and power, the more difficult our terrestrial life is and not vice versa.

The burden of the world is heavy, and the one who is Spiritually stronger takes it on voluntarily – from the first incarnation to the very last.

The process is irreversible and there is no way back. We have taken on such a mission ourselves.

Now our task is to fulfill it with DIGNITY.


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