Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell Reveals UFO Secret: Skin Of Craft Seemed Alive Like A Biological Being

By Vicky Verma

What are UFOs? The question that has been buzzing for decades might not have a simple explanation. From alien spaceships to interdimensional crafts, these mysterious objects are associated with various strange phenomena. There are a number of whistleblowers who have claimed that the U.S. government possesses UFO materials retrieved from crash sites, but the exact nature of these materials is not known.

UFO filmmaker Jeremy Corbell claims: “UFOs are real, and we’re no closer to understanding what a UFO truly is, who operates them, where they are from, what their intent is, or what they represent to humankind. So when the public in general sees that on the news, it’s like, “Okay, yeah, we all kind of thought that because we’re seeing them. Thanks, government, but nothing’s really answered.”

Corbell has discussed various theories surrounding UAPs/UFO phenomena with Steve-O on his podcast. He put forward ideas on what UFOs could manifest. Apart from interplanetary spacecraft, terrestrial, non-terrestrial, or interdimensional objects, Corbell introduced a new term to explain UFOs, which is “extratemporal.” He explained that many scientists working on UFO-related projects believe these crafts utilize gravitational propulsion, a technology we have yet to fully understand. Manipulating gravity could distort time and space, suggesting that these crafts might originate from another time; hence, the term is “extratemporal.”

Corbell noted that when it comes to duplicating or reverse-engineering these non-human technologies, our current understanding of science is not up to that mark. Corbell mentions that one of the significant challenges in understanding UFOs is the limitations of our material science. He explains that attempts at reverse engineering UFO materials or craft are hindered because our material science has not advanced enough to replicate these materials accurately.

“These craft can move; they call it transmedium. From space through air without a sonic boom, they can move at speed and into the sea without disturbance, without slowing down. That’s transmedium. So the idea of how do they do that with physics? Some people say, ‘Well, the craft’s skin, you know, it’s like hydrophobic; when you go in, it just slips in.’ But really what we’re seeing is objects that appear to move in ways that our physics understands; we just can’t replicate gravitational fields,” Corbell says.

Corbell explains that some people think UFOs might be using things like time travel or manipulating gravity to achieve these unusual movements. He mentions the idea that if they can control gravity somehow, they could create a kind of force field around their craft that makes them move in ways that we cannot explain with our current science.

Corbell also talks about the way UFOs can move from space into the Earth’s atmosphere or even underwater without making a sound or causing disturbances. He suggests that this could be related to their ability to control gravity, allowing them to smoothly transition between different environments.

Skin of the UFO is alive

Steve-O expresses his view that the distinction between craft and biologics in the UFO phenomenon is not entirely clear to him. He suggests that it might be more accurate to consider that the boundary between what is traditionally thought of as a craft and a biological entity is blurry. He implies that the craft themselves might have some form of biological elements.

Corbell agrees with this perspective and mentions that many military personnel who have had close encounters with UFOs often report a strange characteristic about the craft’s “skin.” According to these reports, the craft’s exterior appears to exhibit signs of intelligence and liveliness. Corbell notes that this observation is puzzling, especially to engineers who are accustomed to thinking of machines as non-biological entities.

Corbell further explores the idea that these UFOs may be so integrated with biological elements that they could be considered a form of biology as we understand it, even though they are still functional craft capable of carrying things.

Some of these UFOs appear to be piloted by what Corbell refers to as artificial intelligence, essentially acting like drones. Others seem to carry occupants, which they refer to as “biologics” or biological entities. However, they entertain the idea that even these occupants could be some form of cybernetic organisms with synthetic flesh, essentially functioning as autonomous AI beings.

Israeli Psychic Uri Geller, who is often misjudged on social media for his bizarre posts, was a part of CIA secret programs where his abilities were used in the area of “mind projection” and possibly for national security purposes. A declassified CIA document revealed information about the “Project Stargate” that was focused on remote viewing.

He played an important role in the CIA investigation into ESP and psychokinesis. In one experiment for the CIA, Geller was isolated in a room to draw the same picture that had been drawn by another person in another room. He drew a picture of a square with diagonals. In 2017, the CIA released some 12 million pages of records, revealing details about Project Stargate.


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