Circle of Angels: The Gift of Divine Radiance

Channel: Lee Degani

Beloveds, we have always been a part of thee, but you were just not ready to accept us, to see us, for there is no such thing as separation. All that has ever been is always here. So yes, you may feel surprised that we would come. But we come on behalf of Shechina, the Divine Mother, for we are her hands, we are her eyes. She is not to be described but we are of her essence just as you are.

And when you become one and understand that essence is you as well, you are ready to accept the harmonizing gifts, the radiance, the divine radiance. You can think of it as rain. You can think of it as the golden beams of the sun, dancing upon the water. You can think of yourself in that water, in the ocean. And when you see the patterns that the sun makes on the water and the ocean floor, that is what the divine radiance is like. But it is a radiance that is within thee and when you think of it and you join with it consciously, then just as you breathe it sends a signal.

Yes, pour, bring that divine radiance. And what can the divine radiance do? You are in essence harmonizing, singing with the pure essence of the Divine Mother. And as you do that, you may change everything around you. You may take peace and bring it into the hearts of all. You may take joy and spread it throughout the omniverse. You may take a child that is crying, that is not within your physical reach and you may send him the embrace that the tears will stop.

Now, we are taking that which may be troubling you and just like a child needs that embrace, a child that is crying, so do all those what you would think of as energies, that you do not wish to associate with, so do they need that embrace. They need the embrace of this divine radiance. For when you do that, you are in the state of harmonizing and it infiltrates that which is of the lower, that which is of the sadness, that which is the pain, that which is of the anger, that which is of the grief, that which is of war, that which is of hatred, that which doesn’t understand.

So we take these things now and we bring them a little bit closer and the Divine Radiance now is embracing them, singing with them, harmonizing with them. The one that bothers you the most, the political figures, the worries, we bring them now that this radiance may harmonize and when it harmonizes with it, it transforms. And the light within every dark kernel may begin to shine.

So we leave you now with this gift, this gift of harmonization. We are not leaving thee, but we are surrounding you during the time of this circle and any other time as well. You only need to consciously connect to us and we will be there. So we do not say farewell. We say with Love, call on us.