WEF Adviser Yuval Harari Warns of Middle East Militaristic Dictatorship

By Jamie White

Globalist technocrat Yuval Noah Harari warned that the United States may soon have to contend with a rising militaristic dictatorship in Israel.

In remarks from July, Harari explained that Israel, unlike America, has no true system of checks and balances except for its Supreme Court, of which the Israeli government is trying to gain control.

“If it succeeds, there will be no mechanism that limits its power,” he said, adding Israel’s central government has been in the process of proposing discriminatory policies.

“Coalition members have already proposed numerous laws and regulations that discriminate against Muslims, Christians, women, LGBTQ people, and secular people,” Harari said. “They’re only waiting to take control of the Supreme Court, and then they could unleash this dictatorial flood.”

The removal of the Supreme Court as a check on the government’s power could lead to rigged elections and the eradication of a free press, the World Economic Forum adviser said.

“With the Supreme Court neutralized, the government could easily rig the elections, for example, by denying Arab citizens voting rights or by closing down all independent media outlets. Israel will still hold elections just as Russia holds elections, but it will become a dictatorship,” he said.

“The U.S.A. might soon have to deal with a new militaristic dictatorship in the Middle East, armed not only with nuclear capabilities, but also with advanced cyber-weapons able to strike anywhere in the world,” he added.

In a March interview with the Associated Press, Harari blamed Israel’s looming shift toward a dictatorship on its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is implementing a judicial overhaul that would give “Netanyahu’s governing coalition control over the appointment of judges and authority to overturn Supreme Court decisions.”

“If this kind of power falls into the hands of an autocratic regime, which is also a fundamentalist religious regime with expansionist aims and with this belief in Jewish supremacy, it will set the whole Middle East on fire,” Harari claimed.

Since Harari’s comments, Israel has launched a major counteroffensive in Gaza in response to Palestinian jihadist group Hamas’ attack on Israel last week that resulted in over 1,200 killed.

But the assault has put Netanyahu on shaky political ground and compelled him to form a wartime cabinet, which has sidelined his judicial overhaul plan, perhaps permanently.

“The government’s judicial overhaul plan, which roiled the nation and tore great gashes within Israeli society for the better part of a year, has thus officially been shelved for now, and very possibly for good,” The Times of Israel reported Thursday.

“The catastrophic failures of the military, intelligence community and government that enabled Hamas to carry out its savage attack have already put the political future of the current government and Netanyahu in particular in severe doubt, once the war ends.”